Peugeot e-Legend Concept Takes Retro Design Into The Future In Paris

Retro design looks to the past. Electric propulsion looks to the future. But automakers have been apt to show us they needn’t be mutually exclusive, like Peugoet has with the new e-Legend concept.

Set to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show next month, the Peugeot e-Legend is draws its stylistically inspiration from the classic 504 coupe and applies it to a futuristic form about the size of a Nissan GT-R – but with a radically different approach.

Underneath the neo-retro sytling, for starters, sits an array of electric motors and batteries to imbue the show car with 456 horsepower (340 kW) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque.

Backed by 100 kWh-worth of batteries, it’s said to rocket to 62 mph (100 km/h) in under four seconds, top out at 137 mph (220 km/h), and zip along for up to 373 miles (600 km) on a single charge. And 311 miles (500 km) of those can be unlocked with just 25 minutes of rapid induction charging.

“Peugeot e-Legend Concept is not just a technological manifesto,” said brand CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato. “This is the vision of a brand, Peugeot, actively focused on an optimistic and ultra-desirable future. For Peugeot, autonomous and electric are synonymous with even stronger sensations. Boredom will never be part of our DNA.”

The concept is also designed to run completely autonomously in either relaxed Soft mode or a quicker Sharp setting, or put the driver in control in Legend mode for cruising or Boost for a more spirited experience.

The French automaker also teamed up with Soundhound on the voice-activated personal assistant technology, and Focal for the audio system in a cabin space that adapts to the chosen driving mode.

All of which paints a picture of a cutting-edge show car, but it’s the design that will make it stand out in the City of Lights, and you can check it out now in the photos and video below.

“A modern, sharper Coupé, this ultra-technological archetype of automotive pleasure finds its deep strength in the DNA of the Peugeot 504 Coupé,” added design director Gilles Vidal. “Peugeot e-Legend Concept projects us in the near future without any nostalgia. It formalizes our approach to a Peugeot design that addresses the new technological challenges of the automotive industry.”

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  • Bash

    Brilliant! And love that logo as well.

  • Hoe

    Peugeot is creating really good looking cars, I hope they keep going this way.
    Very beautiful concept, congrats Peugeot!

  • Craig

    It sure does look like the Nissan IDx Concept. [The Datsun 510 Concept]

    • Mike anonymous

      AH, beat me by 5 mins. But yes I was going to say the exact same thing.

      • Craig

        Well… you know that they say about great minds. Of course MINE is 5 minutes faster!! haha

      • ace_9

        I don’t think peugeot is copying nissan. They both made a stylish coupe in the past and they decided to make a retro concept. Besides, the proportions and design is different. The only common thing is the sharp edged bodywork.

      • Enter Ranting

        Nissan seriously needs to produce that car. They would sell billions of ’em.

    • Did

      Many cars were looking more or less the same in that era. It was more the japanese trying to copy the European & American style than the opposite.

  • ace_9

    It looks nice, but nobody buys two door coupes nowadays (except for sports cars of course). It would be acceptable only as an expensive GT, but Peugeot as a brand is not premium enough for buyers of such cars. It’s no Aston Martin. Not even BMW/MB/Audi…

    • Did

      It’s a concept car; will never go to production.

  • Joe Langan

    Of all the brands that don’t look backwards, Peugeot is surely up there at the top; their range is especially forward-looking and untied to its past glories – so why do this?? They don’t need to use an old design and old badge to make their mark/marque

    • Did

      It’s a tribute to the original 504 coupe which celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

    • dufonrafal .

      They’re celebrating the 50 years anniversary of an iconic car while showing what the futur can be in terms of technology.

      Peugeot has always be proud of their history. For exemple, the 208 GTi is a new 205 GTi.

      That doesn’t mean doing a retro car like the 500 or the Mini.

  • Richard Taylor

    IDx is one of my all-time favourite concepts and this is indeed, very similar. But I don’t feel it’s similarity is detrimental. Now I have another cool neo-retro coupe concept in my top 5.

    • Mill0048

      Yeah, aside from the traditional three box-shape, leading edge of the hood, and headlights, most of them are distinct enough to be different. No less variation than any other car these days.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    what a lovely car!!

  • Richard Taylor

    I really like this. A lot. It’s very similar to Nissan’s IDx in its execution and inspiration but IDx was so well conceptualised I’m just thrilled there’s a European counterpart. I don’t think it’s derivative or copycat. Instead, I’m pleased that a brand who are killing it right now in the production arena, have also created something so exciting on a conceptual level.

  • PlonPlon

    Peugeot looking to the past to design the future, mmmm, I love it. Love the use of the old logo! Peugeot, is this a hint?

  • ThatGuy

    I agree 100%. It seems that most companies copy the German designs.
    Which is not bad but they lose their own special flavor in the process.

    • Julien Lachemoi

      I fail to think of any new French car that looks too German.

      • ThatGuy

        There are not many that is correct, for me the 308(current 2018) has that on the exterior, the interior is nice and has the Peugeot sparkle.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus


      • ThatGuy

        With a fair bit of ginger

  • samurai

    It’s kind of strange that Peugeot is going all in on the Mustang rearlights.

    • Did

      They’re looking similar to the original 504 coupe as well if you watch the pictures.

  • TheHake

    My gawd that’s GORGEOUS! I If HAVE to have a vacuum cleaner as a car, this has to be it!

  • Rocket

    One of the coolest concepts I’ve seen in some time. Love it!

  • Big Black Duck

    WOW…This is the car i was dreaming about making … and they just did it..make it and take my money…

  • Tinky-Winky

    Damn, what a beauty…

  • Julien Lachemoi

    Is that velvet ? <3

  • Tinky-Winky

    The angry headlight design was very typical for Peugeots of that time. You just can’t ignore this element when designing a retro Peugeot.

  • Jarosław Kotowicz

    The rear is so damn sexy!

  • ctk4949

    Thats a good looking car!!!!

  • atomicbri

    When I see concepts like these, I get sad. Yes it’s retro and yes it’s not going to be built, I love two door Coupés and makes me sad that everyone seems to now want jacked up wagons and hatchbacks in the form of SUVs/CUVs. I want style and form. I don’t like driving appliances. This concepts has a lot of soul and homage to their past. The 504 was a cool Coupé and this concept is just as cool. I love the design, the interior , just looks good. I know it won’t be built (I was also a huge fan of the Nissan IDX) but sadly it looks more and more like it will be hard for me in the near future to find a good car that’s not an SUV/CUV. Sigh…….

  • NissLover

    While I did think of the Nissan IDx concept when first looking at this, this is DEFINITELY better executed. This car is GORGEOUS!! It’s a perfect realization of the former but with modern day styling and stamping capabilities. It just looks… RIGHT! And the interior, especially the seats! I’d want something like that in my home! Beautiful! Bravo Peugeot! BRAVO!

  • Mind Synthetic

    i thought that was a 510 for a sec, nope just a french knock off

    • mihsf

      No that’s a 504 Coupé

      • Mind Synthetic

        thus me saying i thought it was a datsun

  • ksegg


  • Emoto

    Looks like a Camaro and a 504 made a baby!

  • Sjaak

    Huray for the attempt, but the new one even cannot stand in the shadow of the old one, regarding elegancy.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    i love everything about this design! (MUST keep the logo)

  • Dennis Scipio

    Wow, that looks pretty good.

  • Sohei Kawahara

    KPGC10 GT-R

  • Amazing!

  • Larry Qualls

    Oh my…..this makes me want Peugeot back in the States!!! Could be the next Mustang! Totally down for something like this….


  • SteersUright

    Definitely resembles the Nissan, but like a newer and more improved version. I like this very much, but I dont love it. Some element of the design are amazing, others are not attractive, but there’s no denying the awesomeness of those massively wide rear fenders. That said, if this came out tomorrow for $40k, I’d buy it. There is truly nothing beautiful nor unique at that price point anymore with regards to sports cars.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I’d buy one anyday. Looks really nice.

  • I like the design, it mimics the original 504 Coupe quite well, love the tiny details such as the badge. And the interior is unmistakably 70s.

    But chance of production? I would think little. I mean it’s a shame they could stretch it and make a good saloon out of it, or an EV.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Great interior. Not blown away by the retro look. Look at it next to the perfectly proportioned original. Loses something .

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