Speeding Car Smashes Into Truck, Occupants Lucky To Survive

A shocking crash took place last week in Ukraine, when a truck driver made an ill-advised left turn directly into the path of two speeding vehicles.

One of the two cars was traveling at 211 km/h (131 mph), which is well over any speed limit in the country where you can’t go over 130 km/h (80 mph) on the motorway. While the vehicle that ended up impacting the truck wasn’t going quite as fast as the cammer, they were still clearly well over the legal limit.

It goes without saying that the truck driver shouldn’t even have considered making that left turn without being absolutely certain that no other cars were being put at risk.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and the dark-colored wagon, which looks like a VW Passat Variant, ended up smashing right into the side of the truck, seemingly impacting the rear wheels – which in turn may have been what made this accident survivable.

Going so fast on a public road, at night, is not something we’d recommend, as it gives you much less time to react to an unexpected situation. In the end, though, while they were definitely speeding and endangering themselves, the blame lies with the truck driver, who simply shouldn’t have made that maneuver. The fact that the occupants of the car survived such an accident is almost a miracle!


  • Shtekeris

    We should focus more on “Speeding car smashes into truck, luckily truck driver is alright” as car driver got what was coming for him and no one should be sorry for him.

  • chumaxa .

    You know it flashes when you actually press it hard and goes to emergency stop ? …

    • Miknik

      Wouldn’t that be the emergency indicators switching on when braking hard?

    • Craig

      Since when?

      • Wandering_Spirit

        Mid 2000s, some cars had two levels of stop. Normal if you brake with normal intensity and it flashes if you brake really hard. I am not sure it’s in all models/brands. But the Brera i drove had that system. My Alfa GT didn’t have it.

        • Craig

          I appreciate the info. Perhaps just a European thing.

          • Adilos Nave

            Seems like it should be an “everywhere” thing. I recall the BMW 7-series featuring varying level intensity brake lights. I bet if these were implemented across the board that it would help cut down on traffic jams caused by people over-reacting and fender-benders.

  • Miknik

    The blame is with the truck driver when an idiot does 210kph on a road with intersections, likely in or around a city? Really?

    • Vassilis

      Yes. Really. Obviously the car driver shouldn’t be speeding but what the truck driver did was murderous.

      • Miknik

        You do realize that if you see 2 lights in the distance, and you start turning, and then the lights close up at probably 4 times the speed of what is legal there and you are probably expecting, it is hardly the truck driver’s fault? (these intersections on dual carriage ways have usually a 50 to 70 km/h limit, more often 50 than 70) Also the car was braking very late, so likely not concentrating in addition to speeding excessively.

        There is a fine line between the regular speeding nearly everyone does occasionally and racing on public streets. I have zero pity for anyone mistaking a public road for a track day getting injured or killed, only for those they take with them….

        • Vassilis

          I do yes. One could argue though that when you’re about to cross a motorway or an A-road at least and you see a car coming you should be able to judge how fast it’s coming and how long it’ll take you to cross the road with your vehicle. Even if the VW driver was doing half that speed he would probably still have to brake heavily.

          To be clear, I understand your point. I never go more than 20-30 km/h over a logical speed limit for the reason you mentioned.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    That truck driver should end up without a licence for doing what he did. That manoeuver is crazy considering the real speeds many Europeans and Russians often drive at on those roads. And he should have known very well.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Darwin missed this one. Don’t worry though, I think there will be more opportunities.

  • Craig

    That was a Vauxhall. I wonder if any ‘American’ cars have it.

  • Paul

    Both drivers were at fault. The truck for the stupid turn and the car for going so fast it couldn’t avoid it.

  • Tim Gardner

    I don’t think emergency brake assist would have stopped it in time. Anything short of throwing an anchor out the window would’ve stopped that impact. Would’ve helped if the truck had side lights as they would’ve seen it earlier. They’re lucky modern cars are so much safer, though they probably ate through straws for a while.

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