2019 BMW 3 Series G20: This Is It!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the all-new BMW 3 Series G20 in all its glory, courtesy of the automaker’s leaked car configurator.

Picked up by the BimmerPost forum and brought to our attention by reader Al, the configurator shows various models in the 3 Series lineup, including the range-topping M340i, the M Sport Package, the Sport Line, as well as various interior configurations.

Our first impression is that the G20 looks better proportioned than its predecessor, as well as more aggressive. That has a lot to do with the front end that features a new design for the headlights (available as LEDs or with laser technology) and a more sculpted bumper. The flatter taillights are quite different from those of the predecessor model as well, helping make the car look wider.

Viewed from the side, the longer wheelbase is quite obvious, and it contributes to giving the car a more elegant profile. The M340i and M Sport Package cars shown in the gallery display the most aggressive aero kit, with large side intakes in the front bumper and creases that flow from the headlights.

The models also feature sharper side sills and a vented rear bumper with two round exhaust tips (330i M Sport Package) or trapezoidal exhausts (M340i) on each side. Finally, there are four new exterior colors available: Dravit Grey, Tansanit Blue II, Citrin Black II, and Vermont Bronze.

As for the interior, we get to see the 12.3-inch configurable digital instrument panel once again, the 10.25-inch central touchscreen display, the new sports seats, the new controls for the climate control area, and the new steering wheels.

Overall, the cabin appears to be a big step forward, both in terms of design and quality. Curiously, there’s no gearshift lever on the center console for the models equipped with the Sport Automatic transmission. However, we can’t spot any transmission buttons either, so this one remains a mystery for now.

As always, one would have to spec the optional appearance packages to make the 3 Series look its best, but the lower-spec Sport Line model doesn’t look half bad. Stay tuned for more on the G20 3 Series as its official reveal is just around the corner at the Paris Motor Show that starts tomorrow.

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  • Youssef

    What’s with BMW and ugly looking plastic bumpers these days?

  • Mike anonymous

    I’m sorry to say, but (at least in my own personal opinion) nothing (from BMW in this price range) will compare to the Original 2012 – 2015 PRE-FACELIFT 3-Series with the full crystal circle “Angel Eye” headlights. (shown in it’s “M” Variant below).


    I feel they took some of the magic away when the gave it a facelift for 2016. But with this generation that excitement is really lost (to be honest this new version (especially in the back, but not to forget the front) looks more like a Lexus than a BMW), and (for me personally) it seems to be the least exciting variant of the 3 Series this century, and I truly mean that, at least (and including all models) 2002 – 2015 (both the coupe and saloon).


    • S3XY

      Best looking BMW’s

    • I have a 2016 which I’m thankful for since I didn’t deserve it – but yeah I think I like these pre-facelift lights. I don’t even have the current version of the hall or angel lights.

      • Steven

        I HAVE A BMW

  • Alex

    What’s up with those mirrors being different colour? Very odd contrast. As for the rest…I dont know. Styling seems to change so slowly it feels like there isnt much new going on here.

  • Jureck

    Hm, rearlight look like Lexus, the Headlights like Peugeot and the Interieur reminds me at the W212 E-Class. Was hoping for something better, especially the in the Interieur after the good looking Z4 Interieur.

    • Jake

      Was just thinking the same, good on them for doing something a bit more revolutionary at the rear – easily mistaken for lexus from directly behind though. Also saw the hint of Peugeot where the lower of the headlight and bumper meet

      • Jd A

        You are a moron Jureck Design elements are exactly the same like in new 8/Z4. And you are blind also. Why I have to read such stupid comments here from blind morons.

    • Van Hammer

      But, wasn’t the L shaped taillight a classic BMW design theme, long before Lexus came along? Anyway, I’d rather wait to see the car in person – so far, it looks fine.

      • Jureck

        That’s true, but the overall Design of the Rearlight looks very Lexus RC like. Sure, cars almost always look very different in peraon than on such renderings

    • I think overall the car is very pretty (especially those Lexus-esqe rear tail-lights) but it also has alot of ugly touches too which are dumbing down the whole design. Interior is getting there but seems, dare I say, out dated when compared to Mercedes. Heck, even the new 508.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Where has the gear shifter gone from pic 26 onwards?

    • Adi

      Probably a configurator glitch. Also the storage cubby cover is missing.

      • Knotmyrealname

        Possibly, as the ‘P’ is still showing in the cluster.

  • Interior looks surprisingly solid for a BMW.

  • StrangerGP

    the front of the car looks too busy, just like in the new Z4

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Ur right
      Front end has too much going on, rear is Lexus-like

  • Janar Siniväli

    The door handles look like Mercedes and the rear lights remind me of Lexus. The front bumber is like some aftermarket tuining bumper for japanese cars. I like the preset exterior more than the new one. Of course there is a chance that in real life it will look better.

    But the interior is an improvement. The wooden/metal panel that was cut in half above the glove compartment in the present model really disturbed.

  • Toss

    Finally BMW throw away the gear stick.

  • salamOOn

    overcomplicated front end….

  • fgclolz

    Sorry, it’s still the E46 or E92 for me. Slightly biased with E92 since I own one.

  • Elmediterraneo

    The exterior might be a little bit unusual for a BMW but that’s part of the design changes introduced by the 8 series.
    But finally a fresh and new interior and for the first time in 3 series’s history an electronic parking brake.

  • parsecus
    • donald seymour

      You actually went there? Okay, I admit it does have a slight similarities. But what car doesn’t.

    • Alx

      Yes, and far better resolved design at Peugeot.

    • Rivaldo

      E46 coupe face lift was similar, more or less, headlights

    • DetrinKD

      Oh wow, I usually hate the “looks like” comments with a passion… but yeah there is a similarity there. I think the Peugeot is executed better.

    • Ruel Lewis

      Beat me to it. Like did no one in the design department realize this?? Now all I see is a peugeot. I get theyre trying new things but somethings should not be touched like the grill which they stupidly decided to connect. Now they look like kias and peugeots and not their own identity.

  • Wow, that doesn’t look good. First, the conjoined kidney grilles are making this car look like a Kia.The two swooshing lines on the side may be meant to provide some excitement but fail miserable. Then the rear lights look like they’re lifted from the Lexus IS350.

  • donald seymour

    Genesis G70 actually killing this trashy face. Boooooring!

    • Rivaldo

      Sure, G70 is ten times more beautiful 🙂

  • iea96

    Well that’s underwhelming

  • Alx

    I had much higher hopes, and now would go as far as call it a design catastrophe! Not that that will stop it from selling remarkably well, but then again… eek.

  • Hoe

    For me, not that bad, it is like they tried to move forward but I think the car looks some confused with design elements from Peugeot and Lexus. The volumes and base are ok though.

  • Tinky-Winky

    BMW, please hire new bumper designers ffs! The M-trim on every car from recent years has looked atrocious.

  • ksegg

    The E90 3er is IMO, the ugliest 3er ever created.

    The base F30 was not exactly pretty either, with its bizarre pinched front nose, but in F80 M3 form, man was it pretty.

    The G20 is for some idiotic reason…..an odd modern reincarnation of the E90. Fat, bloated, and ugly.

    WTF BMW?

    Make another E46 you fools, not another E90.

  • Undisputed Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Holy shit! What a comeback and it is nice inside and out! The full LCD or TST speedometer and infotainment system are on point! The interior is nice and the shape is nice!

  • LJ


  • klowik

    The way the front bumper protruding is a bit weird, I suppose they will fix it in the next facelift. But the styling is only slightly evolutionary. I think Lexus would gripe about that they should have those the tail lights.

  • it is sad for BMW: stopping with the crease and fold craze on the side was already introduced on the market by Mercedes. The 3 series is less appealing than the C class.
    plus the tooth on the headlight is a Peugeot design cue.

  • erly5

    No surprises here with the exterior design, similar profile with a tweaked front and rear. The interior looks much improved and glad to see the intuitive i-drive controller still present as well as proper heater controls.

  • DMax

    Ze Germans are having tough time designing their cars lately.

    • KidRed

      Audi and Mercedes are killing it. BMW just took a sizable misstep IMO. Sad as I’m looking to move on from my 335i next year.

      • Bob

        I don’t know… not feeling Audi design lately myself. Only the A3 and the Q8 do it for me somewhat. Merc’s very recent design language (CLS, A-Class etc) isn’t really a thing for me either. Mine is just an opinion though.

  • Antonio

    A strong design. I really like this 3 series. Hope the 4 series is even more aggressive and inspired in the 8 series.

  • KidRed

    Man, I’m so disappointed. I guess I’ll be moving on from BMW. I just can’t-not that frontend, not that rear and not that interior.


  • Mr. EP9

    Wasn’t expecting much to be honest.

  • An Existing Person

    Not sure how I feel about it. The body shape after the rear doors are very reminiscent of the C-Class, and the tailights are very Lexus. The interior is typical BMW. It’s not a bad design, but the spy shots appeared much more promising than what they just gave us.

  • Sybill Julian

    it looks like a major facelift

  • DetrinKD

    I’m going to join the underwhelmed crowd… make that VERY underwhelmed. Some of the details seem a bit weird… like what is going on with the rear fenders just before the taillights. Also, I feel like it looks a little “cheap” from the rear and the front bumpers are overdone. The interior… was expecting more. Underwhelmed again…

  • wonderdallas
  • Honda NSX-R

    I like it

  • dumblikeyou2

    Aside from the rear-end being mistaken for an Acura TSX A-spec, it’s not horrible. The interior is decent too. On second look, it actually looks too similar to an Acura TSX A-spec, especially with the blacked-out wheels and cobalt blue paint.

  • Jason Panamera

    Front looks awesome, better than 5 series. Backlights remind me of lexus. Interior is nice, but I don’t know if in terms of design it is on the level of c-class. Just my humble opinion.

  • I do like the interior. I have a 2016 328ix. Improved in my opinion.

    • Steven

      I HAZ BMW

  • SteersUright

    Not even remotely a beautiful automobile. That said, it looks nice enough, particularly on the inside. The days of simple, understated, elegant BMW “executive” design, are clearly looooong gone. Today’s BMW design language is up there sharing the same orbit as the Koreans and Japanese which seem to adhere to making their cars as quirky, weird, and ungainly as the wind-tunnel allows.

    • David Krznar

      This! (I agree with everything except with: “it looks nice enough” haha)

  • David Krznar

    I am so dissapointed 🙁 I was actually willing to replace my gorgeous F10 with a 3 series after a boring, plain, non-elegant G30 was revealed.
    I was looking forward to see the new G20 so much. MX40d would be nice to have I thought.

    But this design is so bad. Too much detail on the front bumper. The holes are too big on it. The car looks bloated…

    Every artist and their mother photoshopped a better looking 3 series in the past year…

    I guess it time to find a new brand after 15 years 🙁

  • Lucas Mattos Azevedo

    Are those Lexus taillights?

  • assassingtr

    What moronic design manager squeezed that turd through? That’s almost as embarassing as that Vision iNEXT concept. Hopefully someone with taste stops him before it’s too late.

  • Nice as it should be!

  • Nordschleife

    Something about this being camouflaged gave me promise but seeing it in it’s full glory I find myself underwhelmed. It’s silhouette reminds me of the last gen C-Class and the design of the front bumpers honestly give me pause. I have no doubt that this car may look different once on the streets but I am frankly unimpressed.

  • BlackPegasus

    I’m gonna go against the grain and call this new 3 series a breath of fresh air. The virtual gauge cluster and the dash was totally unexpected. And the slimmer rear tail lights gives it a wider stance reminiscent of the new X4. This may make my shortlist for 2019. ??

  • Brabusbus

    I think it looks cool, but for me it just major facelift F30. It seems BMW have run out of ideas for G series generation.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Overdone front valences but otherwise, a nice looking car.

  • Larry Qualls

    Amazingly , the things that i like about the car are the “Lexus like” features. One, the seat design, and the Taillights! The interior is nice. …..
    Everything else is why I really dislike the 2012 – current 3 series.

  • BlackPegasus
  • Newswire: The cooperation between BMW and Toyota is moving beyond the Z4 roadster and Supra coupe, and will save millions of euros in synergies starting with a large purchase of Lexus taillights, thus saving vital resources in design and development by BMW and helping Toyota amortizing with production costs.

  • Tom

    …. ooohgott, hmmm… not my car!!! Is anyone out there, who knows, when this car get’s its face and ass lifting? 😉

  • Olaf Johnson

    I see too many cues of the Lexus IS250 in this car with a smidgen of Audi!

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