2019 Range Rover Evoque Looks Like A Baby Velar Inside Too

The next-generation Range Rover Evoque has been once again spotted on the roads near the Nürburgring, this time with less camouflage than ever.

More importantly, our spy photographers managed to get a first look at the interior too, and the conclusion is we’re dealing with a smaller Range Rover Velar inside and out. The influence from the larger sibling is clear on the outside. The Evoque sports a similar front fascia with sleek horizontal headlights that have Velar written all over them.

Evoque’s proven recipe gets spiced up with some essential Velar ingredients

Seen from the side, the second-generation Evoque retains the current model’s profile with a sloping roofline and high shoulders. However, the pop-out door handles (another Velar-inspired feature) make the SUV look more upscale than before.

The rear end appears to be an evolution of the current Evoque, sporting a small rear screen and high-set taillights. Range Rover Velar influences will be clearly visible as well in the lengthened, horizontal shape of the taillamps.

Buyers will no longer be able to get a three-door Evoque, and the convertible might not get a replacement either. What’s certain is the five-door body style seen here will continue as the bread-and-butter of the Evoque family.

Roomier, Velar-inspired interior

The photos might not make that very clear, but the 2019 Evoque is slightly larger than the current model, which means interior space should increase. Speaking of the cabin, the spy photos reveal a very similar dashboard to the Velar.

It features three big displays: one for the instrument panel, one for the infotainment system, and another one for the climate control and seats. The steering wheel looks almost identical to the one in the Velar too.

More space inside thanks to the tweaked D8 platform

The second-generation Evoque will use a revised version of the current D8 platform shared with the next Discovery Sport. Besides the increase in space, the architecture is said to bring improved ride quality and comfort.

Hopefully, it will shed some kilograms as well, enabling better handling and fuel efficiency. The tweaked platform will also allow the Evoque to receive a plug-in hybrid version in addition to the usual turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines.

As with the current Evoque, cheaper models will be front-wheel drive while more expensive and powerful versions will get all-wheel drive. Expect the all-new Range Rover Evoque to arrive early next year.

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Photo credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • Jason Panamera

    Land Rovers are really nice cars but they should work more on reliability and their electronics. Their double screens gets sometimes laggy or just turn off. That’s really irritating while driving and not being able to use radio or navi properly.

    • the WAOW effect these days and fashion sells more cars than reliability. And the brand is doing better now even if it’s far from good, Sooooo. They’ll probably like the others continue to make bigger screens even if useless and laggy. I hated the screens in the new A6 and the over complicated Porsche system (yet better than Audi) but I seem to be alone so it works.

  • Enter Ranting

    So, lots of cheap shiny black plastic, then?

  • TheBelltower

    Hopefully they will ditch those truly rotten 4cyl engines.

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      The decent 4 cylinder engines that JLR spent millions in developing and which sell well? Would they replace them with something that doesn’t sell well and unsuitable for the markets JLR sell in?

      • Wojtek Warias

        Well….yeah. You started your argument with “decent” engines. You’d think millions in engineering would make something better than decent ya know?

        • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

          Those who go out of their way to whinge about them can’t seem to explain what their issue is with them.

          • Wojtek Warias

            Fuel leaks, noisy, some refuse to start with no warning and dealerships not knowing why. Good enough for you?

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            Sounds like a very strange EV you are describing.

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            No, not really. I know many people who run Jaguars and Land Rovers with Ingenium engines and they haven’t had any issues.

            You’re just another BMW fanboy who doesn’t like the competition.

          • Wojtek Warias

            Incorrect yet again, you’re on a roll. BMWs newer designs suck ass. The X7 and X4 are shitshows on wheels.

            Anectodal evidence about JLR, cOoL. I know people too and yaddah yaddah yaddah. Blow it out your ass ya loon.

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            And people who make comments like yours should be taken seriously?
            Sounds like you’re on drugs.

          • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

            You just keep on proving me right. How can we take your comments seriously about JLR engines when you post rubbish like this? You’re freaking hilarious.

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