BMW 8-Series Makes Its Long-Awaited Motor Show Debut

It’s been nearly four months since BMW first revealed the new 8 Series online, or what seems like an eternity. But this is actually the first time it’s been shown at a major motor show.

The 2018 Paris Auto Show, to be both obvious and specific, where the focus of the Bavarian automaker’s display has been more on the new 3 Series sedan. And little wonder, considering how vital the compact sports sedan is to the company’s sales. But the big coupe is at least as exciting. And we’ll tell you why.

For starters, the 8 Series naturally sits higher up in BMW’s lineup, of course. And it also packs more of a punch: where the 3 will offer an array of four- and six-cylinder engines, the M850i boasts a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 kicking out 523 horsepower (390 kW) and 553 lb-ft (750 Nm) of torque – nearly twice as potent as even the 330i that will, for the time being, serve as the top version of the new sports sedan.

It also gives the marque beloved by so many enthusiasts the world over a proper challenger to the likes of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, the Lexus LC, and even (we dare say) the Aston Martin DB11. And that’s some heady territory, to be sure.

But more than all that is the spirit which the new flagship coupe evokes. While it essentially replaces the outgoing 6 Series, the new 8 Series revives a nameplate (and position in BMW’s lineup) we haven’t seen since the 1990s when the famously shark-nosed E31 model was last produced.

That in and of itself makes the arrival of the new 8 a cause for celebration, even if BMW is popping more the champagne corks this week for the launch of the new 3. So pour yourself a glass of bubbly (or whatever your poison) and delve into the live pics in the gallery below.

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Live photos by Guido ten Brink for SB-Medien

  • Ilbirs

    Not only gorgeous but also practical, as I saw on the rear seat that folds flat and 50-50.

    • Christian

      You know what that is good for dont you, you dirty minded guy!

  • Tabs Luther

    pretty damn close to concept compared with the travesty that is the z4.

    (I blame that too short wheelbase, supra too)

  • Mr. EP9

    That’s just the M850i xDrive which we have already seen. How about the base version of this car? What about convertible for that matter?

    • Christian

      I haven’t seen it before!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It’s just…not as sharp as the concept was. It feels too soft, it melts back into itself instead of striking forward, like the concept. It’s a decent looking car, but when you look at that concept, they missed such a great chance to make a really compelling sports coupe agressive and low like the concept – the perfect yin to the S-Class’ yang. This is probably the one that hurts the most for me, even more than the Z4.

  • DM

    Love the car, absolutely love the interior, this is what BMW should have been doing since many years ago. The interior looks very BMW, very minimal, but it has character now, it’s not just buttons and black trim splattered all around. The new 3 series, Z4 and 8 series are really a step up for BMW.

  • LJ

    Drove next to one on i90 just outside of Chicago last week. Had manufacturer plates on it. Stunning in person.

  • getoffme

    Looks very good but the interior is nothing special…


  • Vassilis

    Looks so good from the front 3/4.

  • Andor Ivan

    12 cylinder engine coming soon in the grand coupe

  • The front is really nice, but now I wonder some triple test with Conti GT and LC500h.

  • TB

    Stunning…absolutely beautiful..!!

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