Company President Says Select Markets May Get A Lexus Minivan

While SUVs and crossovers are proving to be the go-to for family buyers in North America, big minivans remain popular in certain areas around the world, particularly Asia.

With this in mind, Lexus may soon launch a luxury minivan to cater towards these buyers.

Speaking with Auto Industriya, president of Lexus Manila Raymond Rodriguez commented that “it’s only a matter of time” before Lexus launches a luxurious variant of the large Toyota Alphard minivan. “A Lexus version of the Alphard is actually on my wish list,” Rodriguez said.

According to Rodriguez, a Lexus version of the Alphard could help the automaker snatch sales away from Mercedes-Benz which sells plush van models across Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

In areas across Eastern Europe and Asia, vans like the Toyota Alphard are frequently used by chauffeur and limousine companies. They may not have the allure of class-leading luxury sedans, but their increased size allow for ample levels of space for rear-seat passengers.

If Lexus were to release a version of the Alphard, it would inevitably feature a series of exterior modifications to distinguish it from its more affordable Toyota sibling. However, most of the alterations would probably come in the cabin, where Lexus would fit new luxury trimmings, premium materials, and the latest in high-tech features.

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  • TheBelltower

    Good gawd almighty! What the… is that?

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      The Toyota Alphard… (not sold here in NA)

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    So a luxury version of the Sienna…

    …this may be shocking to others for me to say but… bring it here in NA!!!

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      Mercedes should up their game with the NA-spec Metris then after all..

      …because I think Doug said it best about that thing.

      • Honda NSX-R

        I think a Lexus or luxury Mercedes Metric van would be cool, but that’d never happen in the US because there’s still a stigma attached to vans in the US.

      • Jay

        That’s because that’s the base metris. They have no intention on bringing the top spec Metris. The odyssey still has more practical features. The metris is just more luxurious.


        mercedes should sell V Class in the united states

  • MIL1234

    you need a big fake grille to cool that V8

  • NASTY.

  • vvmdrf

    Knowing Lexus, they’d make it even uglier.

    • Knotmyrealname

      The front bumper fascia already has an aperture to suit a Lexus grille. Seems a no brainer (literally).

  • PK

    why would japanese luxury automaker wants to make a minivan? they don’t have the history or heritage to produce such a thing. leave it to the mercedes benz in that category.

    • Errr…. they made that way before Mercedes did? They never really export it to Europe or NA so it’s not surprising.

      • PK

        or maybe mercedes do it better.

        • Because it’s not exactly common thing in Europe or NA. In Asia this kind of category has exists since the 80s.

          • PK

            i wonder why it’s not a worldwide to them then.

          • I think because of culture, in Europe van is mostly for cargo and delivery. MPV only being popular in the 80s and they are more of a people carrier.

            Meanwhile in Asia van is also way to getting people around, in some parts where the road is not really good the tall Minivan can go through it. That includes people who are wealthy enough to buy a luxury saloon.

            So the Japanese manufacturer start to make a luxurious version of their van in the 80s, and it really stick until now. In Asia they are alternative than a saloon since they are meant to be chauffeured, SUV has a hard time for this because they can’t compare with the van size.

          • PK

            ok that makes sense. i still prefer european vans tho.

  • Paul

    OMG!! That’s hideous and it needs torched.

  • Six_Tymes

    HIDEOUS Design is in apparently in some countries. This thing is down right disgusting.

  • It’s surprising why they haven’t made this in ages, luxury Minivan is popular in Asia and Lexus brand one would cater for those customer.

    Also with the popularity of tricked out van in US, would it be make sense for them to offered that in US?

  • Knotmyrealname

    Alphard..? Is that a word mash of ‘alpha-retard’?

  • Dude

    They probably should. In the US that’d make so much money. Most minivans sold here are high trim models.

  • Brabusbus

    I’m curious about what Lexus did to Alphard, even now Alphard is far more luxurious than Sienna.

    But I’m not sure the Lexus design language will match in boxy minivans like Alphard.

    • What about LX 570? that thing is like the stand out among other Lexus line.

      • Brabusbus

        Well, to be honest the LX 570 is the weirdest Lexus design. With a boxy body and combined with a sharp look it doesn’t seem like a good recipe.

        • Because it is a Land Cruiser, like my explanation why luxury Minivan is popular in Asia, it has similar reason why Lexus decide to redesign a Land Cruiser.

          • Brabusbus

            That’s make sense, there is still a market for luxury minivans, just like a luxury SUVs.

            But like what I said, I’m not sure the sharp shape of the Lexus will match Alphard’s boxy shape.

  • Mike

    That minivan is the ugliest thing I’ve seen in a while. Looks more like a Cadillac than Lexus. SMH.

    • Wandering_Spirit

      In real it’s not so ugly. It also conveys a certain sense of dynamicity. But A) In Taiwan it costs almost 3 million NT (around 100k USD) and B, it’s really huge. It’s normally used by corporate people to haul staff around. Cheaper VW or else are used for other purposes. I don’t like these vehicles in general. But if you put in side by side with others in the same segment (VW etc.) it looks better for some reason. I just don’t get how can Lexus make it better, apart from the badge a few options and a steep increase in price. Seen in real, it is really missing nothing.

    • It really nice if u see it in flesh. We have a tons of this and the previews gen in Malaysia.
      Its big (square) and tall too.
      If u put this car beside the new Carnival/Sedona, this car is taller and wider but a bit shorter. But the space was enormous for middle and rear passanger.

  • man

    Does it come with a Lexus brand vomit bag.

  • Can they at least add some cool infotainment system and more luxurious interior?

    • Wandering_Spirit

      In Taiwan they all have that stuff. Even older taxies have displays on the headrests. Newer cars come fully equipped with that stuff. As to adding up to the interiors….i don’t know…what i saw looks already pretty good, if you like those cars. Maybe adding some bling inside and some chrome outside, a slightly different grille etc. But i don’t see it as very improvable.

  • So,much luxury ! I want one ! 🙂

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