Ferrari 488’s Bigger Mid-Engine Hybrid Brother Caught On Track For The First Time?

Ferrari has been working on a brand new supercar with a mid-engine layout that will be positioned above the 488 GTB in its range.

Our dear reader Mahmud sent us a set of spy shots that first appeared on Instagram, showing Ferrari testing a heavily covered test mule on the Fiorano track. The car was initially thought that it was the replacement of the 488, but an unnamed Ferrari insider confirmed that this is the company’s new mid-engine model on a Ferrarichat post.

Last September, Ferrari announced that its future lineup will include a “two tier mid-rear engine product range”, so this could be our very first look at the brand new hybrid Ferrari model.

The test car was spotted on October 18 at the Fiorano track and according to the insider, it wears the finished production bodywork under the covers. Ferrari has also reportedly finished work on the interior too, which means that a reveal is imminent in the next few months.

At this point, we still don’t know what kind of powertrain the new mid-engine Ferrari will use; some rumors say that it will employ a hybrid twin-turbo V8, which sounds plausible since the 488 replacement is also reportedly going to get a hybrid V6. However, nothing is certain at this point.

Ferrari has confirmed it’s working on a new V6 engine family, as well as “Turbo Hybrid” powertrains that will offer 394+ hp (294 kW / 400 PS) per liter and zero turbo lag.

Next-gen Ferraris will come with an overhauled interior too, as their cabin will feature an innovative instrument cluster and a head-up display, a new steering wheel and a cutting-edge infotainment system. The Italian supercar maker wants drivers to keep “eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel”.

The 488’s hybrid big brother could be revealed before next year’s Geneva Motor Show, so stay tuned for more information.

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  • Elmediterraneo

    That prototype sound like a Biturbo V8 so I think it’s the 488 replacement. But according to what I’ve read from their latest roadmap presentation I guess that their future line up will look like this :
    – Front engined GT convertible (Portofino’s replacement) V6 or V8
    – Front engined GT coupe (GTC4Lusso’s replacement) V8 (maybe V12)
    – Front engined Purosangue (SUV) V6 or V8
    – Rear mid engined supercar (488’s replacement) V8 hybrid
    – Rear mid engined supercar (812’s replacement) V12 hybrid

    • Belthronding

      after reveal of purosangue ,ferrari wouldn’t need any more 4 seater,so i am expecting something literally looking and feeling like a REAL GT with 2+2 layout.

      • Elmediterraneo

        That’s exactly what Ferrari told. They want to make their new GT elegant and cut off the ties with Montezemolo’s weird experiment known as the FF/GTC4Lusso. Montezemolo didn’t want to make an SUV so he had the idea of turning a GT into an ugly hatchback. Now the Purosangue is here for those who wants a practical Ferrari. But a 4 seater GT has always been part of Ferrari’s tradition and thanks to the Purosangue the GTC4Lusso’s replacement will be as good looking as a 250 GT Lusso or a 612 Scaglietti.

        • Belthronding


        • donald seymour

          Hey, hey …. I like that hatch back.

    • Dude
      • Elmediterraneo

        That’s just a GTC4Lusso in post-production test around the factory before its shipping.

        • Dude

          oh lol

  • Elmediterraneo

    Why I think that the 812’s replacement will drop the front engine ? Because :
    – Ferrari said they’ll make another rear-mid engined model above the 488’s replacement and based on its aluminium platform
    – the SUV Purosangue based on the Portofino’s and GTC4Lusso’s replacement is now here to make the front engined platfrom profitable and boost their sales and attracts more customers.
    – in 1996 the decision to make the 550 Maranello a front engined was for praticallity, now the Purosangue is here for those who wants decent boot space.
    – the Purosangue’s presence in the line-up will also allow the GTC4Lusso’s replacement to ditch that ugly shooting brake hatch and be that elegant 4 seats GT that the 456 GT and the 612 Scaglietti were back earlier.
    – Ferrari doesn’t need a V6 mid-engined sportcars because it won’t sell that much. A sportscars customer wants a V8 or V12. This engine will be here to boost their sales on front engined GT’s and Purosangue.
    – the Lamborghini Aventador is making the front engined Ferrari’s look like an old man’s GT
    – Ferrari can’t rely on only one model to develop the 488’s replacement rear-mid engine architecture
    – The next hypercar will be a complete different model and based on a full carbon monocoque like a LaFerrari.

    • Javokhir_Sam

      I agree but then we also can consider the elimination of GTC4, because for those who needs 4 seater practical car there will be Purosangue. With V12 option as well.

      • Matteo Tommasi

        They announced the new “456 GT” type car to replace the gtc4 with the “not suv” suv

        • Javokhir_Sam

          Did not know about this announcement. Thanks. We will see then.

  • Belthronding

    it should be 488 replacement,
    if it is not,then we might be looking at mid engined 812 replacement since 90s.
    btw, i would be happier than ever to see another mid engined ferrari, the reason is not being mid/front engined,but i am not really fan of front engined ferraris (like FF, GTC4,California)

  • Matthew Boyd

    Can anyone else confirm this? That it’s a new model for Ferrari and not the successor to the 488… I read the blog post but…come on…it’s a blog post

  • Vitor Meireles

    It has been a while since they said that Ferrari will make a new V6, but I also believe that already has a hybrid V8 on the way. After all, in Alfa Romeo plans have a mid-engine successor to the 8C with 700+hp and there is no other possible configuration for this car other than that. The 8C sucessor should even share a lot with this Ferrari and can’t developed alone without the cavallino rampante help.

    I think it makes more sense for the successor to the 488 to use the hybrid twin-turbo V8 and Ferrari to introduce a new car with a hybrid V6 engine. At least it wouldn’t feel like they were downsizing the current 488. It depends on how they will market this Ferrari V6. Or you get a name like Portofino, or if the engine is larger than 3.0 liters you can follow the nomenclature of 488 (capacity of one cylinder), like “Ferrari F496” (496 * 6 = 2976cc).

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