Iranian Company Reverse-Engineers Lamborghini Murciélago, Uses A Hyundai V6

The Lamborghini Murciélago went out of production in 2010, but it’s making a bizarre comeback in the most unlikely of places, namely Iran.

According to Russia Today, an Iranian company has unveiled a “reverse-engineered” version of the Murciélago SV in Tabriz. While the report doesn’t go into details, Stnews talked to Massoud Moradi who was responsible for bringing the replica to life.

According to Moradi, the project began four years ago as he and his team started working to bring the Murciélago back to life. While some of the translations are a bit rough, it appears the car’s chassis is based on the one developed by Lamborghini and was recreated using the automaker’s original data.  As a result, Moradi said the team didn’t spend “any time planning or testing the car.”

That doesn’t sound too reassuring nor does Moradi’s admission that the car’s handling isn’t comparable to the original Murciélago. Moradi also stated a “speed test was not done on this car” due to a “lack of proper infrastructure.”

While the model might not be up to Lamborghini standards, it certainly does look like a Murciélago. Moradi said the replica is the same size as the original model and uses an assortment of carbon fiber and composite components. However, it reportedly doesn’t share any parts with the original car.

That’s certainly true in the engine compartment as the replica trades Lamborghini’s V12 for a Hyundai-sourced 3.8-liter Lambda V6. There’s no word on performance specifications, but Moradi reportedly said the car can “easily reach” speeds in excess of 174 mph (280 km/h).

While the Hyundai-sourced powertrain isn’t exactly exotic, that’s potentially a good thing. As Moradi explained, the car is easily serviceable and most repair shops should be able to work on the model.

Moradi also hinted that additional engines could be offered in future as there’s plenty of room for larger powertrains. He didn’t go into details, but suggested new iterations of the car could have V8 or V10 engines.

Little else is known about the replica, but Moradi said the company could build 50 – 100 units annually if there is enough demand.

Can’t help but wonder what Lamborghini execs feel about this and, assuming they didn’t grant permission, if they will legally contest this Iranian knock-off.


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  • Mr. EP9

    So a Murciealgo SV replica with a Hyundai V6?

    And that’s something to be excited about why exactly?

  • MJack

    Credit where credit is due…looks good on the surface

  • Saeed Mahmoudi
    • Howfarr

      And they didn’t do a single bit of suspension setup, steering, geometry or any kind of testing whatsoever?

      They made a scale 1:1 model
      That’s all I will praise them for
      No engineering skill or knowledge when into this clearly
      Like most hyped things its hollow

      • Saeed Mahmoudi

        dear @howfarr youre right but this car is not for sale and its working also they take no data from lamborghini, i know it might not be very exciting but this is how most car companies were founded and i think its a step in right direction

  • Dude

    Kinda cool

  • Mark Hawthorne

    VW Lawyers incoming in 3-2-1….

    • in Iran, good luck to them.

      • Mark Hawthorne

        But there’s absolutely no market for this in Iran so they’re clearly using it as a statement of intent or capability and once they show it outside Iran…

        • Howfarr

          What capability?
          That they can make a scale model of a car that already existed by copying it exactly?

          • Mark Hawthorne

            If your asking me the point if this I’d say who knows? You’d have to ask them why because if they try and sell this anywhere they’ll get sued. But they’re clearly trying to show some level of engineering capability do one assumes they want to sell that expertise inside or outside Iran,

        • willhaven

          There’s wealth in Iran, but I don’t know that they’d spend their money on this.

    • wait a minute

      Yes somebody’s lawyers for sure but was under VW ownership in 2010? I suppose we should expect this reverse engineering in a country that has import sanctions and can’t design it’s own technology.

      • Mark Hawthorne

        Lamborghini owns the design and VW Group owns Lamborghini. So VW Group owns the design. Doesn’t matter when it was designed or who owned the business then….

  • Knarck

    Would be a cool reliable daily

  • Six_Tymes

    they cant make anything original on there own? taking lessons from the Chinese I suppose.

    • ksegg

      Hey the Chinese are at least moving away from just copying.

  • A lot of things are funny here, but when is curious, they made it as a US car. Has the front and back side marks lights.

  • eb110americana

    I should be more upset about plagiarism, but the Murcielago is out of production, and this thing is no way taking sales away from Lamborghini. I’m impressed with their ability to create such a faithful reproduction. It’s not terribly exciting until you start thinking about engine swaps like a kit car. Then the possibilities and daydreams begin…

    • Big Black Duck

      Totally agree…they did an amazing job… esp with the resources they have..

    • Mark Hawthorne

      You have absolutely no idea how IP law and brand protection works my friend.

  • baofe

    I see alot of Hyundai Genesis coupe on the interior as well. Look at the steering wheel and the guage cluster center screen.

  • SteersUright

    Great work. Wish more news coming out of Iran was of this type.


  • ksegg

    LOL what the heck.

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