Next-Gen Lexus IS To Get Much Edgier Design Than Current Model

Lexus is allegedly moving forward with development of a next-generation IS sedan, and these renderings provide a glimpse of what the car could look like.

Almuraba says that these renderings were recently created by Japanese artists who’d been given a look at the vehicle’s design by Lexus. The speculative renderings, sourced from a Japanese car magazine, depict the IS receiving an overhauled exterior design radically different than the one we’re familiar with.

Take a look at the front, for example. While the company’s spindle grille has been retained, it has been enlarged for the new IS and incorporates a new mesh design. Additionally, a pair of overhauled headlights are found on either side of the grille, drastically altering the look of the sports sedan.

Viewed from the rear, the new IS looks even more intriguing. The taillights are new but just as dramatic as those of the current model. Elsewhere, there’s a bulging decklid, an extended bumper with dual exhaust tips, and new horizontal reflectors.

As recently as June this year, the Japanese automaker admitted that it was taking a “strategic look” at the IS and GS and had yet to decide if the two would be updated or killed off entirely. If it’s true that preliminary designs of a next-generation IS have already been shown to select individuals outside of Lexus, it seems likely that the automaker has decided that the premium compact sedan will live on.

Lexus only managed to sell 26,482 units of the IS in the United States in 2017, a dramatic decline from the 51,358 models it sold in 2014. However, it is the larger GS which is proving even less popular. If Lexus kills of the GS, it will be free to make the IS slightly larger without encroaching on sales of the bigger ES.


  • Christian

    Isn’t that a Swedish magazine ?

    • Jason Panamera

      Swedish reader brought it straight in Tibet.

      • Christian

        the text look¨s like what the children learn in school here in sweden.

        • Jason Panamera

          Hey Christian… Deus Vult ?

          • Christian

            aKbar? Kaboom?

          • Freeway

            Grow up.

    • Dude

      Arabic text is scary huh?

      • Six_Tymes

        as much as they sound when they speak. it reflects their culture. oh no, i spoke some truth, now ill get down voted, oh no….

        • Dude

          Your opinion is truth? Your head must be pretty far up there.

        • Freeway

          How so?

  • NoMan2015

    The sketches are hardly “much edgier” than the current generation, considering it’s age. The current IS was quite edgy when it first debuted, it’s just that the styling of the rest of the Lexus line-up has caught up to it. Hardly a shocking story that the next-gen would again be edgy. This is news?

    • assassingtr

      It’s more or less speculatory / fake news. The renders look current gen and I don’t think they’d do that to their next gen cash cow.

  • izzey04

    fix that front face and it be good…i dont hv problem about the rest of the car

  • TheBelltower

    Lexus ALWAYS says the same thing leading up to a model launch. It’s as if they realize that their designs are lame. Then the new car generally turns out to be a total mess just like the one it replaces. Toyota/Lexus needs to hire professional designers, and fire the ones they currently have.

    • Hoe

      Maybe the ones to get fired should be the decision-makers who approve final designs…

      • TheBelltower

        Or just clean house completely.

        • Knotmyrealname

          Wow, don’t wait for that. As far as Japanese culture goes and ‘saving face’ being the rule of thumb, that will never happen.

  • B. D.

    One of those times I literally don’t know how to feel about a car. Anyone else getting odd Acura vibes for some reason?

    • Jason Panamera

      Lexus IS giving odd vibes. Get used to it bro.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Yup, thought it was just me!

    • Astonman

      It’s the C pillar that gives the Acura vibe.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Front quarter pic ??
    Rear quarter pic ??

  • Jason Panamera

    Back looks sweet. But this front looks like some designer was thinking: ,, Okay, I’ve done it, but my boss will fire me if I don’t screw it. Hmm, let’s make front headlights more fmessy.” And this front looks like car was thinking about something.

  • Mike anonymous

    Not sure how I feel about the sides and the back, But the front of this vehicle is defiantly a welcomed change. I feel as though the original 2013/2014 IS got it perfect, but then they completely ruined it with the 2016/2017 facelift.

    This actually reminds me more of the LEXUS LF-CC Concept (which was then turned into the current generation Lexus IS), and the LEXUS LF-Gh Concept. In regards to the LF-CC Concept I actually see A LOT of similarities in the overall shape, design lines, etc. Shown on the Next-Gen Lexus IS (& As I took the time to highlight in RED, YELLOW, BLUE, & GREEN, below).

    Maybe this next generation IS will take many of the design cues from (, that were not used on) the CC concept.
    Also here are some Images of the LF-CC & LF-Gh Concepts I was referring too.

    • Nordschleife

      You sir get my gold star ⭐️. Not only did you explain you drew on the pictures.

      I am not being facetious in any stretch of the imagination. You get an A➕

    • AstonMartin

      Great comment. You highlighted two of my favorite concepts from Lexus the LF-CC & LF-Gh Concepts. In my opinion, Lexus should gave moved forward with the LF-CC design in production form as the IS. Although I’ve remained indifferent about the spindle grille, it completely worked with the LF-CC design. Glad to see there is a possibility that Lexus will return to this look for the next-gen IS. I’d also like to see vast improvements in interior quality, as the current model lacks luxury materials and needs advances in fit, finish and features as both its immediate competitors and comparably priced cuv/suv’s have improved their quality. In addition, I hope to see a true F performance sedan variant of the IS.

  • D3X

    Honestly I don’t think this is much “edgier” than the 2014 model, nor the 2016/2017 refreshed version. It’s pretty much similar in terms of design, except of the of the lines are drawn differently in variant directions; side skirt rakes up earlier into a bodyline into the quarter panel wheel arch (weird if you ask me), headlights squints differently, rear lights have more lines extending corners. What I’m more appalled with these new Lexus designs are the cosmetic appeal towards larger but fake intakes, more fake large integrated exhaust tips(with tiny 1.5″ pipes behind it, or no pipe behind at all), larger rear cosmetic diffuser, and the gawd ugly large spindle grille at the front. Clean that all up and you have a nicer “edgier” but real car.

  • javier

    so it’s going from boring and slow to gross and slow

  • Enter Ranting

    A road-going baleen whale, opening its mouth to feed on bugs.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    I’m confused Is this the new car because it looks exactly like the current one.

  • Honda NSX-R

    The rear half of the car just doesn’t work. Looks like an ILX from that angle. It’s like the front half and rear half of the car are from different cars.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    I swear to God that Toyota and Lexus are killing it with their redesigns these days.

    So far so good!

    • Nordschleife

      I’ll agree with Lexus. The Avalon’s grille I can’t get behind.

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        To be honest, I actually love the new Avalon’s grille. Sure, I can’t deny that it’s big, which was why I was to say… speechless when I first had a glimpse to it (I was like “Holy grille, Batman…” in mind)

        …but now the more I look at it, the more I’m making this clear. Let alone the grille size, I think it’s sleek, well-sculpted and proportioned, modern, cohesive, and actually looks quite fashionable yet somehow works well with the overall mature aesthetics, cohesive proportions, and (already stylish) overall design. Especially in person.

        It actually works in my book, and doesn’t seem odd like the grille on the new Camry (L, LE, and XLE trims only) to a degree, especially with how it works with the overall handsome design.

        • Astonman

          I like everything about the Avalon except for that grill – it could grow on me so I’ll see…

  • dumblikeyou2

    Oh come on. That looks pretty much like a Camry.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    edgier? it was already pretty edgy

  • Nordschleife

    The side profile looks like an evolution of the second gen model. Now that the ES is GS sized I like the IS to still be the 3 series contender. The render looks good to me.

  • S3XY

    It will have 100% hybrid range!

  • supermanuel

    The ‘writer’ of this overbaked article sounds fairly hysterical about the ‘radically different’ styling, using phrases & words like ‘drastically altering’ & ‘dramatic’. Really? It looks like an IS. It looks pretty much exactly how anyone would expect a replacement IS to look. There is nothing ‘radically different’ about it.

  • Vassilis

    This makes me sad.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I’m seeing too much Acura TL in this.

    • ErnieB


  • SteersUright

    The IS needs to be far more impressive and better looking than that. Also, the pathetically tight rear seat needs to be addressed as this is a 4-door after all. Lastly, Toyota has long suffered on powertrains, having only marginally decent engines and not a single excellent performance transmission. Their auto’s are all slow for performance applications and a proper DCT or ZF tuned as well as Alfa has, would be the only things to bring the fight to the best sport sedans.

    • Astonman

      Absolutely correct about the back seat area. The car was always a 7/8 scale competitor to the 3 Series. Never understood why.

  • ErnieB

    I don’t get the design language of toyota/Lexus.. aside from the LF and Toyota 4Runner.. their other cars just seem very very very ugly to me..

  • ctk4949

    Front looks the same to me and that rear end is terrible!!!! Why so blocky?!?!

    • Freeway

      You are aware these are merely concept pics if even.

      • ctk4949

        So I can’t have an opinion on THESE concept pics?? lol

        • Freeway

          I suppose you could. I just hope the new IS is a miniature LS. And I hope the GS will resume and be redesigned soon. With all the money Toyota has nowadays they should buy Alfa Romeo and simply rebadge the Giulia with some Lexus fit and finish qualities.

  • Freeway

    FWD? Ew. Get a Camry.

  • Obi Gadzikwa

    I agree performance is crucial.Lexus needs to up its game. However, Lexus still needs to deliver on what is know for – cause no other brand does reliability and built quality better than Lexus.

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