2019 Lexus ES 300h Looks To Make A Name For Itself In Europe As GS Replacement

If you live in Europe and you’re in the market for a new premium sedan with some Japanese flair, the 2019 Lexus ES is a great place to start, as it’s getting ready to replace the GS as the automaker’s defacto mid-size offering.

It’s already been priced in markets such as the UK, where you can land the brand new ES 300h version from £35,150, which in the U.S. amounts to $41,310. Order books open this month, with first deliveries scheduled for January of 2019.

Lexus brought multiple new ES 300h saloons to this year’s Paris Motor Show, showcasing different specs, with the main attraction showing off its chrome Spindle grille plus other chrome inserts, both at the front as well as at the rear fascia.

Powering the ES 300h is the Japanese automaker’s fourth-generation hybrid powertrain, pairing a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol unit with an electric motor. Peak horsepower is said to be 215 (218 PS), while its combined fuel economy is rated at a very impressive 60.1 mpg UK (4.7 l/100km).

Can the new ES succeed in a segment dominated by the likes of the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class, Jaguar XF and the Volvo S90? As long as Lexus’ expectations aren’t to actually move more volume than their rivals in Europe, it just might. Besides, the starting price for the 300h is less than that of a diesel-powered entry-level Mercedes E-Class – although on paper, their fuel consumption figures are very similar.

Still, pushing its diesel-powered rivals out of the way could be a solid strategy, seen as how both the industry as well as governments have started leaning more towards petrol, hybrid and EV models.

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Image Credits: Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink for Carscoops | Lexus

  • Jason Panamera

    I like it but on the other hand I got a feeling that Lexus could put more effort in the interior design.

  • Trackhacker

    The ES interior feels like a Camry interior

    • MP4-12C

      Because it is a Camry, with slightly better materials inside and a Lexus badge on the grille.

      • ksegg

        That’s actually not true.

        It’s based off an Avalon.

  • Craig

    Three times the MPG as my car. I could live with that.

  • botornot387

    Could this succeed with the likes of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Jag and Volvo for that matter? Short answer is no. You won’t be able to move someone over from one of those brands without a convincing product, which this is not. It’s a shame this is replacing the GS. Lexus should have continued with a modular platform underpinning all of its RWD Lexus vehicles instead of this.

  • IFDU

    If Lexus plans on replacing the GS with the ES officially, why not just make the ES standard with AWD? At least with the standard AWD, you’re not completely stuck with idea that it can’t be somewhat competitive in that aspect. That’s also the cheapest way to “replace” the RWD GS as well.

    Isn’t AWD on the UX hybrid standard anyway? Mind as well start with this segment too.

    • ksegg

      Exactly my thoughts. The fact that the ES is wrong wheel drive is off putting.

      Why do luxury manufacturers even mess with FWD anyway? It’s for economy cars, not luxury vehicles.

  • Joe E

    So interesting to see the shift away from Euro sports sedans as the “king” of all vehicles around the world – where you have every OEM scrambling to put out such a vehicle. I mean, now we are to the point where Lexus doesn’t even bother offering a Euro sports sedan (the GS) in Europe!


  • StrangerGP

    Looks like a Camry.

  • Lexus ES,
    Mazda Miata,
    Honda Typr R,
    Nissan GTR,
    Lexus LS

    One or 2 of these cars will soon join the Infiniti, Honda and Renault.

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