Official: McLaren Reveals 250MPH Speedtail, The World’s First Hyper-GT

Following a very revealing leak last night, McLaren has officially pulled the wraps off the new Speedtail, which is the closest we’ll get to a modern interpretation of the legendary F1.

The new McLaren Speedtail represents the next chapter in the brand’s Ultimate Series, featuring a top speed of 250mph (403km/h), courtesy of a new hybrid powertrain that produces a combined 1,036hp (1,050PS).

McLaren hasn’t revealed yet the full technical specifications of the Speedtail’s petrol-electric powertrain but the company did reveal that it sets a new benchmark for the company when it comes to straight-line acceleration; 0-186mph (300km/h) comes in 12.8 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the much more powerful Bugatti Chiron (13.1 seconds).

Every body panel on the McLaren Speedtail is made out of carbon fiber, designed to reduce drag. A pair of retractable digital rear-view cameras further aid the aerodynamic performance while a pair of static front wheel covers reduce the turbulence around the arches and allow the Speetail to reach 250mph.

The bodywork’s highlight however is the patented active rear ailerons, which operate without the need of a shutline, ensuring the continuity of the design. In fact McLaren wanted to reduce as much as possible the number of shutlines on the car and that shows.

The need for minimizing drag gave the new Speedtail that characteristic elongated rear end; the new ‘Hyper-GT’ measures 5137mm long, making it 549mm longer than a P1 and 600mm longer than a Bugatti Chiron.

The cabin’s three-seat layout features a custom carbon-fiber driver’s seat, flanked by two passenger seats that are integral to the monocoque chassis. McLaren came up with a new directional leather finish that makes it easy to slide into the seat but hold the passengers firmly in place once on the move.

A cutting-edge control system in front of the driver features high-definition displays and touchscreens across the dashboard, removing almost every physical button and switch. Controls for the engine start, the Active Dynamics panel, the power-operated doors and engage Velocity mode are mounted on the ceiling above the driver.

Velocity mode? What’s that? That’s the mode you select when you want to travel at high speeds; engage it and the hybrid powertrain is primed accordingly, the rear active ailerons tailor their angle, the ride height drops by 35mm and the digital rear-view cameras can be retracted for maximum slipperiness.

The monocoque carbon chassis is bespoke to the Speedtail, with McLaren using a new type of the lightweight material that features a titanium weave. The company calls it Titanium Deposition Carbon Fibre and it features a micron-thin layer of titanium fused directly onto the weave, giving the material a chrome-effect shimmer while retaining its immense strength and low weight.

All 106 examples of the McLaren Speedtail are already spoken for, with customers given free reign on the customisation options in order to ensure that no two Speedtails will look the same. Prices start from £1.75million plus taxes ($2.24 million in current exchange rates) and the first customer deliveries are expected to start in 2020.



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  • MIL1234
  • Bananarama

    Beautiful. I love its all-or-nothing approach to the shape. So unique and slippery (I;m sure some will call it too eco or dorky). Nice minimal detailing. all the body lines are tasteful and sculpt the car appropriately.
    The wheel combo is strange though. The front looks like a retro throw-back and the rear a modern sports car rim.

    • Ariel Torres

      The rear spoiler consists of flexible carbon fiber. The Top Gear YouTube channel has a nice video showing off the car

    • Knotmyrealname

      It’s all carbon.

  • Matthew Daraei

    Looks better than photos in previous posts!

    • Six_Tymes

      keep telling yourself that so you believe it.

      • Matthew Daraei

        Lol! just said, it looks better, but overall it looks meh!

  • Ruel Lewis

    I’m probably in the minority but,I think it looks very strange in not a very positive way. It looks like 2 different cars stuck together. I know it’s design is funtional, but I think at the expense of its esthetics. Interior could be better too.

    • jrelon

      I’m with you. Not a very “pretty” car in my opinion. Oddly enough, I think it would be a lot better looking if it drove backwards.

    • tkindred

      I agree. I actually think it looks below average.

    • Mark Hawthorne

      No I am in the kill it with fire camp. It’s a mess.

  • ron98

    I thought Senna was the ugliest mclaren

    • Mike anonymous

      I’m going to be honest, I still think it is. But I would love to see design elements from this brought over to the current (or next version of the) 720S.

      In my opinion, the very best designs to come from McLaren (post 2010) are; the P1, the MP4-12C, & the 600LT, in that order.

      • Nordschleife

        Agreed Mike. I am not a McLaren fan at all but the Senna still holds the record for ugliest to me as well.

        And to me the MP4-12C was the best.

  • Elmediterraneo

    Can’t wait to see the McLaren Speedtail against the Bugatti Chiron !

    • Some ol’ bloke

      It will win! 🙂

  • Mike anonymous

    In my opinion,. this here is the VERY best shot of the vehicle.

    I think that this is what the McLaren 720S should have looked like from the front. (I was not the biggest fan of the 650, but) I think if this design was adopted, the 720S could become (at least in my own opinion) the perfect follow-up to the MP4-12C. The MP4-12C being my favorite McLaren of all time, directly behind the P1 and the legendary F1.

    • Mark Hawthorne

      But the lights! Is it some kind of anime thing? Mclaren desperately needs to understand how to design the front of a car and this may be the worst yet.

    • Six_Tymes

      more like the ONLY shot

  • ErnieB

    Mclaren makes ugly cars seem appealing.. something about it, like the senna, speaks to me. They are not beautiful, but they are aesthetically powerful.

  • Tinky-Winky

    Looks pretty nice, though I’m not a fan of the front wheel covers and the interior reminds me of bus cockpits.

  • StrangerGP

    Looks cool only from the front. Terrible looking car otherwise.

  • Shtekeris

    Okay, this is cool. And once again it’s not that important how it looks. It’s an engineering marvel, achievement with all the aero bits. And the 3 seats, that interior, damn. And most likely, most of them will sit unused anyways. So, I considering more like an opportunity for engineers to do something wild and they did. This actually looks like a museum piece, an art object, so it’s fine if they sit unused and unmolested and not crashed. Either way, awesome achievement!

    • ErnieB

      Exactly! I see it as a sculpture.. like abstract art it will not appeal to everyone but the shear audacity of design makes it worthy of a museum. It’s just different.

  • RV9161
    • ErnieB

      Yeah, I’d get this over the mclaren any day.

    • ksegg

      I approve of this message.

  • RV9161
  • Toronado_II

    Very technical but not very desirable…

  • tkindred

    What is the benefit of the e seat interior design? Does sitting in the center offset the negatives like getting in and out. If there are three passengers, which I doubt would be often, the person on the outside always needs to get out regardless. Why not just make it a 2 seater? Seems gimmicky.

    • tkindred

      I meant 3 seat design

      • Mark Hawthorne

        Because you’re sitting in the middle as the driver. And you need passenger seats to make it a legal road car in some markets where single seaters are not allowed. And one passenger seat on one side would be odd when you can have two and make it easy for a passenger to get in on either side (or when you’re travelling with your wife and girlfriend).

        • tkindred

          Keeps the wife and girfriend arguing with each other.

    • Ilbirs

      It also eases the task for a small manufacturer like McLaren when it comes to make it legal on RHD and LHD countries.

      • Mark Hawthorne

        Far cheaper to tool for RHD and LHD than to engineer a central driving position. And all the other pinnacle cars have only been LHD so it’s not like the care about RHD markets anyway

      • Knotmyrealname

        I believe Australia won’t let you homologate a central driving position car. You can be 10mm over to the right though….

        • Mark Hawthorne

          Nor will the US.

  • homemark

    You have to give it to McLaren for simply being different. It wasn’t too long ago (8 years) they were criticised for the bland styling of the 12c. The ‘Speedtail’ is spectacular regardless of whether you love or hate the design. They have recently created a series of cars that stands apart from others in terms of detail and impact and for that they deserve huge credit.

  • ErnieB

    Those patented active rear ailerons.. holy sh!t .. wow

  • rockyroad

    simply dashing in so many ways !

  • Mr. EP9

    Considering the Senna exists, I don’t think it’s ugly at all. But McLaren is obviously going for function over form so I’ll give them that.

  • ace_9

    Not ridiculous at all. Soon there will be 5 million, then 10 and then 20+ million € cars and everybody will just write what an engineering marvel it is. Most of the people writing that will be stuck in quite poor conditions on the rest of the habitable areas of Earth still not realizing there are several individuals in the world buying these kinds of cars into their collections in their private states. I have nothing against fast or luxury cars, but this (as many similar cars) is made purely for getting some blood and drug money from the richest. It is intentionally made as expensive as possible in current situation. They simply decided to do a 2 million € and stuck any technology there to achieve that. I’m disgusted by such cars. If it would still not look expensive enough, they would just stick some logo made from nanotubes on it, just to justify the price.

    • Mike Sinyaboot ©

      Dear god. I almost feel bad for you…almost. It must be difficult waking up each day full of jealousy and complete ignorance. Do you have any idea how much it costs an auto manufacturer to develop an entirely new model from the ground up? An entirely new generation Golf costs VW in excess of $2 billion and through economies of scale, VW is able to spread that cost over the nearly 1 million Golfs it sells each year.

      ” It is intentionally made as expensive as possible in current situation” —This is such a laughable and ignorant statement. In 2016, McLaren outlined its plan to invest $1.4 billion developing new models, engines, hybrids, and electric power-trains over the course of 6 years. The Speedtails development was obliviously part of that plan and most likely cost a couple hundred million itself. It is actually rather impressive that the car only starts at $2 million. McLaren is most likely losing money on all 106 Speedtails it has sold. The Speedtail represents the pinnacle of current automotive engineering and technology. It uses the most advanced materials, McLaren developed new carbon-fiber, and hybrid power-train in the automotive market. Because of this, the Speedtail has to cost so much.

      The majority of rich people do not rely on “blood and drug money” for their wealth. They have worked hard and taken risks to start companies, become doctors, and offered society something that is valued. It is not their fault that you chose to get an art degree that has absolutely no monetary value outside academia. Those wealthy individuals spend their money on goods and services and that create jobs and allow others to prosper as well.

      Also, while the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting richer faster. Global inequality is tumbling and more and more people are being lifted out of poverty. Since 1960, global literacy is up 44%, life expectancy is plus 21 years, infant mortality is minus 14%, calorie intake is plus 700 calories daily, and height is up 3 inches. In 1971, it cost the average American worker a months wages to buy a TV. Now, it takes two days wages. In 1971, fewer than 50% of girls worldwide completed at least a primary education. It is now over 90%. Hundreds of years ago, Louis XIV was the most powerful man in the world. He would have dozens of dishes of food prepared for dinner each night and choose one. Today, a secretary has more options available for dinner each night. We have grocery stores and restaurants with better, fresher, and healthier food. The average person lives better than the Kings in the past. In the 1960s, a computer was massive and cost $1 million plus. Now, most people have vastly more powerful computers in their pockets. In countries such as China and India, millions of people are being pulled out of poverty every year.

      “Most of the people writing that will be stuck in quite poor conditions on the rest of the habitable areas of Earth”……News flash for you, if you are reading about the Speedtail, chances are that you are not in “quite poor conditions”. I didn’t realize that having an internet connection along with a smartphone or computer meant that a person was destitute. Quit complaining and get yourself a job. Make something of yourself and stop crying that people that are smarter than you and work harder than you can afford things that you can’t.

  • disqus_83g6mJmr6l

    quite an amazing spaceship! otterly futuristic & elegant while maintaining 1,036hp of brute force.those asymmetrical wheel design add true distinction & character.the interior is equally out worldly too.a design which is hard to comprehend at 1st but have grown on me completely

  • Bob

    It’s an impressive creation, nothing less than expected from Mclaren BUT it’s really difficult to look at for me.

  • Six_Tymes

    They should have just hired the original creator of the F1 back. most here knows who he is. Because this is terrible, It looks like something you might have seen in a 1960’s or 70’s popular science magazine.

  • Galvanics

    Love it. Only nitpick is the door on the left didn’t meet the front fender very well on the example in the video.

  • Mikestroh

    I’m absolutely sure this is function over form to accomplish it’s performance intentions…but I’m sorry to say this…it’s hideous.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I am awestruck by this car still.

    It is so unbelievably gorgeous, the details in the cabin, smart and symmetrical cabin layout, integrating the passenger seats into the monocoque itself. The use of cameras to keep drag down is just genius. Every bit counts.

    And then you get to the exterior…

    Whoever penned this body should get a raise. So elegant, and yet, it still exudes speed. The near seamless look of the GT is remarkable. The doors present the only really noteworthy seams in the body. And that carbon spoiler is a masterstroke of engineering by the men and women on this project. The tolerances they set for this are razor thin! I’ve even come around to those fairings on the wheels, which add to the low-drag philosophy and maintain the futuristic look of the car. The engineering of the car is stunning.

    Classy in every sense of the word. Fast when you want it to be. A true masterpiece, and the rightful successor to the F1.

    I think I’ve cracked the code as to why they’re doing so badly in Formula One right now.

  • MarkoS

    I never though the sight of a McLaren would make me laugh. Reminds me of a super car take on a GM EV1 or early Honda Insight. The tail is the only thing good about it.

  • Craig

    I wonder if hidden popup headlamps would make it possible to go even faster.

  • Chucky Dowana

    I actually love it, wow!


  • Big Black Duck

    I think it has very elegant elements of design and style…but what throws this off if the “form follows function” proportions..very 60’s conceptish

  • tedwja

    not even worthy as a desktop wallpaper.

  • I still think the interior is simply brilliant. For the design I think it’s sleek but it needs some time for me to understand it. The front somehow is a bit too generic for me. Otherwise this is an impressive car.

  • Ben

    Volkswagen really got serious about that XL-1

  • SP1966

    Ugly is the new sexy, I guess.

  • ksegg

    The Longtail is most certainly NOT the world’s first hyper GT, thanks.

  • MarketAndChurch

    In the video it looks so friggen sweet. What a body.


    As an homage to the F-1…FAIL.
    If I was of the budget…I be handing the duffel bag over to the owner of the vintage F-1

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