Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Scoop Confirms Production Version Is On Its Way

According to a report from a few months ago, Porsche was planning on launching a production version based on the Mission E Cross Turismo concept sometime in late 2021.

Of course, those were just words back then. Now however, we’re looking directly at a Mission E Cross Turismo test car, and since the Mission E is now dubbed Taycan, it’s time for all of you to meet the brand new Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo, which is what the automaker calls its Shooting Brake models.

Spoiled for choice

The Taycan isn’t even out yet and we can already look forward to two brand new all-electric four-door Porsche models, one of which will clearly feature a more wagon-like rear end, which in turn should result in increased luggage space and better rear headroom – something many buyers will appreciate.

Another indication that Porsche won’t stick with the Cross Turismo moniker is the fact that this prototype doesn’t come with a significantly increased ride height, nor does it have body cladding for the wheel arches.

So for anybody who preferred the Sport Turismo version of the Panamera over the fastback model, chances are you’re going to like the Taycan Sport Turismo too, or at least more than you would the regular Taycan.

Scourge of the drag strip

One of the things that made the Tesla Model S so popular was its straight line prowess. We anticipate more of the same happening for the Porsche Taycan, which will reportedly feature two electric motors, combining for a peak output in excess of 600 PS (592 HP), thus allowing you to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 3.5 seconds.

The fact that you will also be able to travel more than 500 km (310 miles) between charges in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is yet another massive perk.

Expect Porsche to sell the Taycan and Taycan Sport Turismo in multiple stages of power, while all-wheel drive should be standard across the range, unless a rear-wheel drive version pops up either as an entry-level setup or a track-focused one.

If rumors are true and Porsche does indeed unveil the Taycan sometime next year (with sales commencing in 2020), then this more practical version shouldn’t be too far behind.

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Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • no25

    The shape reminds me of the Model S Shoot Brake (that never came to production). Anyways, looks pretty good with the Taycan’s styling!


  • TheHake

    That thing begs to be a proper Shooting Brake!!!

  • driv3r

    No surprises at all. Especially since Porsche showed a very production ready design of the Taycan Cross Turismo.
    Design follows the Cross Turismo design cues which itself mixed the Taycan design with the Sport Turismo styling of the Panamera Sport Turismo. I expect it to be a Sport Turismo rather than a Cross Turismo since the market seems to favor the V90 over the V90 CrossCountry, the E-Class T-Modell over the E-Class All Terrain and the A6 Avant over the A6 Avant allroad. Also it is expected that the next generation Macan will be all-electric which reduces the need of a Offroad-lookalike Taycan Cross-Something-SUV-alike-wagon.

  • RichS

    Anybody have $100,000 I can borrow that I won’t pay back?

    • Matthew Boyd


    • Astonman

      i’m checking my couch for ya…

  • MIL1234

    or a fake
    i don’t believe it
    the roof arch goes down to the rear undisturbed

  • Matthew Boyd

    Ha! Still trolling us with the fake exhaust pipes. +1 on that Porsche

    • Finkployd

      Yea on an electric car it’s a bit random


  • Mike anonymous

    well Porsche Panamera,.. it was nice getting to know you.

    They will likely ‘say’ that the two vehicles will ‘co-exist’, but we all have the feeling they will phase it out slowly and quietly. Just like Nintendo did to the DS & the Wii after the switch came out. Or just as BMW is planning to do with the 6 Series line-up with the introduction of the 8-Series.

    (I really loved the Panamera name, you will always be in my heart).

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