Tesla Model S Driver Ignores Autopilot Warning, Rear-Ends A Nissan SUV

Until cars will be able to function completely on their own, having obtained Level 5 autonomy, there will always be a need for a human behind the wheel to make all the important decisions.

True, there are already semi-autonomous systems out there, but they are far from self-driving even if they can perform certain operations. Better think of them as safety assistance, because that’s what they really are.

Unfortunately, the driver of a Model S and their passenger (a husband and wife) put too much faith in the car’s Autopilot system that, despite its name, does not possess Level 5 autonomy and requires the driver’s attention, as Tesla has stressed many times.

Even so, the system warned the driver of an object right ahead, but he did not react. This resulted in the Model S driving into the rear of a stationary Nissan crossover at around 45 mph, noticed by the female occupant of the EV at the very last moment – way too late to actually do something about it.

The dashcam footage was uploaded to YouTube with the following statement from the cammer: “We weren’t paying attention [at] all. We were too focused on the chaos around us and didn’t even hear our car warning us of the obstacle ahead. As you can see, we rammed right into the parked car going about 45 mph. I haven’t heard words like that come from my wife’s mouth in the 20 some-odd years we’ve been married!”

Be that as it may, there’s obviously no excuse for taking your eyes off the road like that in order to focus on your surroundings. Adding insult to injury, the driver declined to take action despite the Autopilot chiming and warning him, as it should.

At least they should be grateful that they got out alive, and that the Infiniti that was following them didn’t crash into the back of the Model S.


  • Bentley & Rolls Royce owner

    This does not surprise me at all. Another Teslidiot.

  • Andrew Riles

    Once again, neither the driver or the car applied the brakes….its becoming a theme with these accidents….

    • TheBelltower

      Teslas don’t apply the brakes unless either ACC or Autopilot are engaged. It just shouts at you. I think they are now offering full braking intervention with the latest update.

      • datCubanguy

        You would think that after the first shout,the tesla car would be like”F×+k this,I’ll break mi self you wankers”!..but no,it shouts only,what kind of smart car does that?

        • Jay

          Technically it did break itself, Maybe they should program them brake themselves to go along with the tone.

        • TheBelltower

          True. They should have offered it years ago. The IIHS complained about this earlier in the year. Which is probably why Tesla is upgrading the cars with an over-the-air update this week. Hopefully I will get the update to mine before this weekend.

  • Mr. EP9

    People like these shouldn’t even have licenses. It’s quite obvious keeping your eyes on the road is too much to ask for some Tesla drivers.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Keeping your eyes on the road is too much to ask for some drivers, period.

    • Psst

      Eyes aren’t the problem. It’s lack of a driver keeping his mind on the task.

  • Jay

    My car has this warning tone whether cruise control is on or not.. the driver should have been paying attention to hit the brakes.

    • Psst

      My car doesn’t have any form of collision avoidance except the driver. In +50 years of driving amidst morons, a I have never rear- ended another vehicle. “Don’t be a bumper-humper, mind your interval.” isn’t rocket science.

      • Jay

        Agreed. It’s like they don’t remember the three second at the least following rule..

  • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

    Putting lives at risk because of their own idleness. Let’s hope they got a ticket.

    • mihsf

      More than a ticket please. Loss of driving licence for a few months for reckless driving seems more appropriate.

      • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️


    • Psst

      There is a new category of non-punitive non-ticket issuance for “inattentive driving”.

  • Callanish

    This autopilot sh it is turning people into selfish ignorant lazy drivers.

    • Knotmyrealname

      You think they weren’t that way before? They can’t even read and understand basic English, let alone follow any instruction.

    • chamby


  • дапвт

    So they rammed into a car by not paying attention. Then they were dumb enough to admit guilt immediately. Enjoy being dropped by your insurance, lol.

  • Trocadero

    You would like to think the red and blue lights on the police cars would have given them a clue something was happening that the driver might need to deal with. Like stop!!!

  • Bash

    Well, at least the respond time of the cop is ridiculously short, as they already on the scene, not one, but two!!

  • vvmdrf

    Any modern collision avoidance system would have stopped at this speed.

    • D3X

      Agreed, very surprising that Tesla hasn’t activated this, meanwhile every other manufacturer has already added Auto Braking collision mitigation.

  • Ronald Roman

    So, you see flashing lights and police stopped at the side of the road and you STILL use Autopilot? Idiots!

  • ksegg

    It never ceases to amaze me that most people, while driving, do everything BUT drive.

    This isn’t just a Tesla problem, this is a we’re surrounded by morons with motor vehicle privileges problem.

    Tesla just makes it much, much, easier to be a complete imbecile, since owners think they can eat a salad while catching up on news on their way to work in their car.

    • Psst

      Complete imbeciles don’t need Tesla’s to be deadly. I’ve seen them speeding done the road, weaving in and out in EVERY type of vehicle from junkers to $$$ SUVs and sports cars.

      The solution isn’t AIs that help imbeciles survive, but the opposite. Have AIs run driving tests in the cars and
      allow unsafe drivers to expire ASAP without injuring others. Maybe the survivors will become collectively more INTELLIGENT.

  • wait a minute

    It seems they are paying attention, at 0.45 the female voice says “i wonder what’s going on here’ referring to the cars ahead. It might be a case of ‘rubber necking’ and over reliance on cruise ctrl.
    Or course the stationery driver is a fool for stopping there, but drivers today need to spend a bit more time concentrating on driving and a little less time relying on driver aids. Airline pilots rely on autopilot but are constantly to monitoring systems and check their whereabouts.

    • Hans_Remore

      passenger 1: “i wonder what’s going on here?”
      passenger 2: “idiots that can’t drive.”
      passenger 1: “plebs.”


    • Psst

      In most states if you see an emergency vehicle on the roadway you are supposed to slow down. The vehicle ahead of you can see what you cannot and ALWAYS has the right of way over you, by virtue of Newton’s First and Third Laws. Vehicles at rest will tend to stay at rest unless their drivers decide to move them – or you rear-end them. If you hit them there will be consequences for you, unless you are Knight Rider.

  • Tumbi Mtika


    People like this need their licences cut.

    • Knotmyrealname

      …If you ever need to find them, they’ll be in your local Tesla dealer’s showroom.

  • Richard Alexander

    I read somewhere that the airbags are made out of the same material as Elon’s wig.

  • Alex

    Too bad that “Functioning Brain For Owner” and “Common Sense” are not on the standard equipment list when purchasing a Tesla.

  • chamby

    Tesla: when you have more money than brains.

  • Psst

    The Infiniti not rear ending them doesn’t surprise me, nor do the rubbernecking morons in the Tesla.
    There are cars less “smart” than a Tesla that respond to obstacles in front of them by braking sooner than a driver paying attention can react.

  • Psst

    Only in the US do we have high speed Interstate Defense System roadways without shoulders and let people go for years without having demonstrated that they can drive adequately in real world traffic. IMO, every vehicle that requires repair of a fender, bumper or lamp should be ticketed requiring repair, and require a road test for drivers licence renewal.

  • Pacemaker4

    As a skydiver… isnt time for pilotless planes?

  • Knotmyrealname

    I prefer to think that lazy inattentive drivers gravitate towards self-driving cars.

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