Electric Porsche Taycan Loses More Camo, Wears Production Lights And Wheels

Porsche continues the development of the Taycan, the company’s first series-production electric model, with the most recent spotted test cars losing some of their camouflage and featuring what appears to look like the final production lights all around and alloy wheels.

It’s easy to spot the stickers around the LED headlights now, which will remain close to the slim design of the concept while the rear end gets a LED stripe that runs across the width of the vehicle and is neatly tucked under the integrated spoiler.

The wheels feature a distinctive design that most likely helps the Taycan’s aero efficiency while and despite Porsche’s insisting on putting fake exhaust pipes on its test cars, you can clearly spot the flap for the charging port mounted on the front right fender.

The German car maker has been testing the future Model S rival at the Nurburgring, as their goal is to make the Taycan drive and feel like a Porsche. The Taycan will also offer a lower center of gravity than the 911, thanks to its floor-mounted battery pack.

Details about the battery so far have been scarce, with the pack to feature an active water cooling system and a pair of “permanently excited syncronous motors” that will prevent the Taycan from performance degradation, even after multiple hard launches.

Porsche promises that when their new all-electric four-door model arrives in the market, it will offer over 310 miles of driving range (500km) per the NEDC, and a combined output of over 592hp (600PS) from the two electric motors. 0-62mph (100km/h) will come in less than 3.5 seconds and if you keep your foot pinned down, you’ll see 124mph (200km/h) coming in less than 12 seconds.

More importantly, Porsche has also started rolling out its network of 800-Volt DC Fast Chargers, which the company calls Turbo Charging stations. The company says that the Taycan will be able to charge up to 80 percent of its battery in just 15 minutes when hooked up to one of its Turbo Charging stations.

Porsche has plans to install 500 stations across the US by the second half of 2019, starting from its dealerships and along major highways. Unlike Tesla, the German car maker will make its charging infrastructure compatible with electric vehicles from other manufacturers too.

Expect Porsche to reveal the battery-electric Taycan in the middle of 2019, with sales set to begin in 2020.

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Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • D3X

    Looks really really good. It’s looking more and more like the Mission E as they unveil the car. I hope that these aren’t the only wheels you can choose from though.


      I wished they redesigned the headlights, they look pretty weird in my opinion. The rear end on the other hand is so good looking

    • botornot387

      And better so, those fake tailpipes better just be there for camo RN.

      • D3X

        I think it’s part of the disguise so it’s not blatantly obvious to people not following the Taycan to know that it’s 100% EV (although it would sound like it, or lack their of). The Porsche company I know wouldn’t make fake tips for an EV.

  • Carmelo Van Cabboi

    Why the rear pipes?

    • XtremWize

      To create confusion…

      • Gregger1

        See…..it worked.
        With-out a doubt the most common question across every forum and discussion page…..funny.
        The ‘second place’ for most common question……..”why do they have all that tape all over everywhere on the car”?

    • S3XY

      To get you talking

  • nastinupe

    This thing looks small. Like BMW 3 Series small. I don’t like that. It needs to be Panamera sized. In fact they should have just introduced an all electric Panamera.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Smaller is lighter, faster, more eco-friendy. Why build a whale when you can build a car?

      • nastinupe

        Because it’s a sedan meant to move people, not a 4 door coupe. The Panamera isn’t really that big, trust me. The Toyota Camry has more rear leg room.

        • Matteo Tommasi

          In europe, the panamera is a whale, the 3-series is not that big. We clearly have different point of wiew

        • Kagan

          Well it is a 4 door coupé not sedan.

    • I have a feeling that because Mission E to test the water, maybe in future we can see electric Panamera, since Mission E basically filled up what Pajun supposedly be.

    • S3XY

      Smaller the better. Leg room? I’m in the driver seat pal

    • exeptor

      I actually prefer to see smaller Porsches. Somehow the newest cars are too big, in width especially. It looks more aggressive, but somehow not pretty. I think that Tesla Model S is quite a big car indeed and if someone manage to make a car with similar characteristics but in a smaller package this will be quite some achievement (at least aesthetically).

      • nastinupe

        Well that’s the issue. It’s Model S priced with Model 3 proportions. The Model S is between a BMW 5 and 7 in size. This is between a BMW 3 and 5 in size. I thought that it was going to be larger.

  • lagunas3ca

    Shows just how ugly the I-PACE is when you compare the two in picture #3.

  • Elmediterraneo

    According to sources in Germany, Porsche will keep the same naming hierarchy as petrol models for the different power levels : Taycan, Taycan S, Taycan GTS, Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S.
    From 300 PS of the Taycan to + 600 PS for the Taycan Turbo S .

    • Mike Gonzalez

      I think it’s dumb to use turbo for a car that has no turbo at all

  • Mike Gonzalez

    the wheels are terrible…

  • Gregger1

    2015 Mission E was incredible.


  • First out of many assaults for Tesla, the competition is getting tight.

    • S3XY

      Lol. Just the prototype bud. Porsche’s competition will be with Jaguar. Taycan is no competition for Tesla.

      • D3X

        Uh… Porsche refinement is well-known in the industry, something Tesla severely lacks.

      • We already know about you really, couldn’t care less.


        A prototype lol…

  • MarkoS

    What’s with the charge port cut-out slicing into the side vent chrome? Lets hope that is a preproduction oversight.

    • neil

      I think the side-vent chrome is just a photo-realistic stick-on vent as part of the disguise. The real vent is just behind it, partially hidden where the door meets the front wing/fender.

  • S3XY

    The 3rd automaker to make an attractive EV

  • exeptor

    Horrible wheels! So cheap looking. Also I can’t understand why they keep this “rear pipes” – currently everyone knows what they are looking, why trying to “trick” us.

    • Kagan

      Don’t see it as trick just design.

      • exeptor

        If this appears in the production version it will be the single strangest decision Porsche has ever made 😁. And it will be on the top of the fake exhaust pipes.

        • Kagan

          I think mant people like that way. It is about looks.


    Dude, I was criticizing it’s looks based on the headlights of the Mission E and Mission E Cross. These spy shots show exactly that underneath that plastic film the exact same headlights of those concepts.

    I believe the Mission E Cross had those four headlights pieces per each side stuck into one big headlight, looking still ugly though.

  • Dennis James

    Looks perfectly sized and adapted to the electric powertrain which affords more cabin space.
    And 80% in 15 minutes comes quite close to what would make consumers switch to electric. I mean, even filling a tank in a gas station takes at least 5 minutes.

    Good job ! Around 5 years too late, though.


      Better later than never 😉 In my opinion this will be the first proper electric car ever build. Car for the drivers, not for people who just want to commute.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I wonder how well these will do in sales compared to Teslas…looks great

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