Terrafugia Begins Accepting Orders For World’s First Flying Car

Terrafugia has finally started taking orders of its flying car, dubbed the Transition, Autonews Europe reports.

The Terrafugia Transition was first shown to the world in 2010 but has struggled to take-off (pun intended.) Spurred on by Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group acquiring the company last year, Terrafugia says it will commence deliveries of the Transition in 2019, almost a decade after its original debut.

Pricing for the flying car hasn’t been disclosed but the company set pricing at roughly $279,000 a few years back. This figure has likely changed, however.

We’d prefer a Lamborghini for the money. Wouldn’t you?

When operating in flying mode, the Terrafugia Transition runs on normal automotive gasoline, can fly at speeds of up to 100 mph (160 km/h) and has a cruising range of 400 miles (643 km). When operators of the Transition land, they will be able to press a few buttons and the vehicle will transform into a ‘car’ in less than a minute. On-road performance details remain unclear but Terrafugia claims it will be capable of driving at highway speeds.

Terrafugia says it has logged hundreds of hours of flying time in its various prototypes.

Despite all of this, it remains unclear just how popular the Transition will prove to be. While flying cars were all the rage in science fiction films and books a few decades ago, the usefulness of them is very much up in the air. It also seems likely that the Transition will prove severely compromised as a road car, undermining the entire point of having a flying car.

If we were to have a guess, the only personal flying vehicles which we think have a future will be those used by ride-hailing companies.

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  • Mike anonymous

    For goodness sakes your not a real car,. gah,..ugh,.. your a plaaane.

    In all seriousness, can we please stop referring to these things as “flying cars”,. They truly are not, (if anything they are deathtraps,.. but I guess so are cheeseburgers if you eat enough). Some plans do have folding wings, most (if not all) planes have wheels, and not everything that drives on the road is a “car”. It just so happens that ‘this’ plane is small enough to fit onto a road.

    Flying cars are ‘cars’, that can ‘fly’. This a simply a plane (/flying contraption) that can fit onto the road.

    • supermanuel


  • Mr. EP9

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this company goes under without delivering a single model. But hey, if the Chinese are backing it and accepting orders than that must mean they are on sound footing. Nah, this sounds like a scam.

  • Callanish

    Soon to be followed by first death in world’s first flying car.

    • carsmofo

      Exactly. You cant afford malfunction on a flying car since “safely pullover” is not an option.

    • IndigenousTokolosh

      My thought exactly, especially with GEELY managing the Co. Geely are known for budget entry level cars, not a thought you want crossing your mind travelling at altitude.

  • We got this every year, all sorts of flying car company open up order books promising it to get delivered within 1 year. While this is an interesting technology, I’m just bored hearing it.

  • salamOOn

    that is not a flying car, its a driving plane….

  • Dude

    These things have always been pointless to me. Something like this (pic) makes a lot more sense. Efficient, convenient, electric flight. Not sure why anyone would put money towards a driving plane but I wish them the best. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b95d6b092835b0f1043aceb682dc035992b7603d15e3edfb39f748e67908037.jpg

  • Van Hammer

    Flying car? This is more like a highly modified or weirdly designed aircraft. Now, Doc Brown’s DeLorean – that was a flying car.?

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