Thousands Of Teslas Are Parked Across The U.S. – What’s Going On?

Sales and deliveries of Tesla vehicles are finally increasing, and if chief executive Elon Musk is to be believed, the company is on the verge of turning a profit. However, not everyone is convinced.

A group who call themselves the Shorty Air Force, many of whom are betting against the success of Tesla, have uncovered thousands of vehicles mysteriously parked at facilities across the United States, including Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Armed with drones, the group has captured numerous images of what they claim is proof that Tesla isn’t being entirely truthful with its sales and delivery figures.

The New York Times reports that the Shorty Air Force was particularly active in July, when it first started to uncover hundreds upon hundreds of Tesla vehicles collecting dust. According to Tesla spokesman Dave Arnold, the facilities in question are nothing more than “logistics transit hubs.”

In mid-September, Musk admitted that the electric automaker had “gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell,” claiming that the company doesn’t have access to enough car haulers to fulfill all deliveries by the dates it has promised.

However, Guy Young from The Auto Haulers Association of America says he is unaware of any shortage of car haulers and says that there are no other car manufacturers in the U.S. struggling to ship new vehicles. Musk has gone as far as to say the automaker has started to build its own car haulers to ease the load, but did not divulge where the trailers are being built and if they will be approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Gartner auto analyst Mike Ramsey believes Tesla may have parked thousands of its vehicles across the country because it failed to set up an efficient way of delivering hundreds of vehicles a day as it simultaneously rushed to build 5,000 units a week.

“How can you not have this in place beforehand? It’s not like this is unexpected demand. They should have had logistics in place in advance,” he said.

Alternatively, Barclays Capital analyst Brian Johnson says Tesla may have built more rear-wheel drive Model 3s than it can sell. He claims that Tesla has recently been informing customers that it can deliver rear-wheel drive vehicles in as little as four weeks, whereas the all-wheel drive models will take up to 12 months.

In early September, Tesla went as far as to hold a “sales event” at its Fremont factory, where customers could browse through hundreds of Model 3s and pick one to buy. For a company that claims to be selling almost all of the cars it’s making, that’s a little strange.


  • Mr. EP9

    Oh, that’s simple. Some need to be reworked while others are awaiting delivery. Not sure the percentage is now but last it wasn’t reassuring. Anyway, there are articles about Tesla having trouble delivering many vehicles to their customers. I’m pretty sure this website ran an article about that as well.

    • Daniela Wolf


  • Jay

    Last time these were found it was cars with defects..

    • Dude

      That or cars waiting for QC checking

    • S3XY

      Lanthrop is one location where Tesla stores their cars which are in transit. No defects. Just hogwash from your fingers.

  • Dr Keijo Cat

    Smell like massive order cancellation and warranty issues.

    • S3XY

      Oh yeah? Prove it

    • S3XY

      Step. 1 Click Tesla article
      Step 2. Post random uneducated comment without reading anything

      • Mr. EP9

        So that’s why nothing you say makes sense.

  • sojournerman1

    Suck on that ice vehicle lovers and you oil shills and shorters , just trying to stir up your usual crap , we have heard this one many times , how many of the dinosaurs ice have a waiting list 300000 +/- long can’t think of any .
    Tesla model 3 4th best selling car in September just bumped Toyota of it’s 4th place perch . Suck it icers bawahahahah

    • I am for environmentally sound tech, but you should know that EV battery production, including the use of rare earths, are very environmentally destructive. The massive grab for rare earths has created huge instability and environmental destruction in Africa, including the use of child and slave labor.

      • sojournerman1

        And how much damage has pig oil done? How many child slaves are in the oil industry?
        Rare earth content in Tesla batteries namely Cobalt is only 2 percent ( and falling). How much poison is in petrol desiel etc ?? Oh all of it is poison.
        Also batteries can be recycled and the minerals reclaimed and used again ( a huge area of research to be done here)

        • I am just pointing out hypocrisy and folly. Replacing one bad thing for another.

          • sojournerman1

            Oh and Tesla is very aware of this child labour problem , hence their dilegence in understanding where the Cobalt is sourced from. Also they are working to get away from Cobalt in their batteries so to me they are doing their level best with current tech to look after this planet , the ice vehicle manufactures aren’t ( desielgate etc)

          • Well, look I admire what Tesla is doing but they are not all roses there. A Federal judge just allowed a class action suit to go forward due to abusive labor practices,.i.e., Tesla threatened workers with deportation to Eastern Europe because they complained they were working extended hours at much less than minimum wage. Also, here we go again, embracing new technologies, rolling it out in mass and without fully understanding the impact it will have. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again.


  • S3XY

    For the 99% that go by and believe any and everything that they read on the internet, this video was posted July 21, 2018

    Good job posting a 3 month old video as if it just came out

    And if any of you have the ability to read, aka use your brain to process and analyze digital text, it says in the description “Staging location for shipments to delivery centers.”

    Little strange Carpoops doesn’t know how to read.

    • Knotmyrealname

      Thanks for the reality slap S3XY. People love putting Tesla down, esp the oil cartels and their minions.

      • Mr. EP9

        Tesla gets criticized for good reason part of it due to its CEO. Stating that it’s just oil cartels and people who don’t like progress is dishonest.

        • Knotmyrealname

          So is fake reporting of an old irrelevant story.

  • Christian Wimmer

    Hmmm… probably a battery emissions scandal…

    Oh wait. :p

  • Blanka Li

    There’s a huge Tesla lot right next to the Burbank (CA) airport.

  • Cancelled deliveries? Defective models needing rework? There is no shortage of long-haul transport, so this excuse is suspicious. What are they hiding?

  • 世風 中林

    Should urge those who still on the list for 35K Model 3 refund their $$ before it’s too late.. OMG Liar Liar..

  • Jds65

    It’s not just in the US.I saw a whole amusement park parking lot full of new Teslas (most model 3s) here in Vancouver, Canada .There had to be at least 500 and this was a week ago.

    • liams92

      True, but this is because all 3 of the Tesla stores in Vancouver have nowhere to store customers cars like traditional dealerships. Everyone of those 500 cars you saw is accounted for, they wouldn’t ship an unordered car to Canada.

  • danno

    If anyone is long on Tesla stock, sell now. Q1, 2019 will be ugly for Tesla, if they are still in business in their current structure. Major debt payments coming due with no way to cover it.

  • Six_Tymes

    Maybe ELON is back on the Joe Rogan show, relax, he’ll eventually get to it.

  • Marty

    There are huge car logistic sites like this all over the world. Why would this be different just because it’s Tesla?

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