Watch In Amazement As The New Porsche 935 Tests At Monza

Shortly after the stunning, new-age Porsche 935 was presented at the Rennsport Reunion in California, a prototype has been filmed testing at Monza.

Whereas the car presented to the world came complete with a stunning Martini livery, this 935 prototype was simply painted matte black. It sounds largely identical to the road-going GT2 RS on which it is based and also appears very, very fast.

Like the GT2 RS, the new Porsche 935 has a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter flat-six pumping out 690 hp. Unlike the road car, the 935’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and limited-slip differential have been optimized for racing and should make the car even more rapid around a racetrack.

The 935’s all-new body is crafted almost exclusively from carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) that limits the vehicle’s overall weight to just 3042 lbs (1380 kg). Porsche hasn’t released downforce figures for the car but we suspect it has more downforce than the GT2 RS while its new slippery shape may also lower drag.

Unfortunately, the new Porsche 935 cannot be driven on public roads and is restricted to circuits. Nonetheless, the reborn 935 is sure to become one of the latest must-haves for car collectors around the world.

Production will be limited to just 77 units worldwide and in Europe, pricing has been set at 701,948 euros, a cool $815,000 at current exchange rates. Those in the United States looking to pick up the new 935 will be able to do so thanks to Porsche Motorsport North America. U.S. pricing will be announced at a later date and deliveries will commence in June 2019.


  • Zandit75

    Hmm, the McLaren Senna has a fight on it’s hands for ugliest supercar!

    • donald seymour

      Bruh for real? Laugh out Loud.

      • Zandit75

        Yep, U.G.L.Y.!!

        • donald seymour

          Okay, cool. We agree to disagree.

          • Zandit75

            Porsche’s don’t do anything for me in the first place, but this looks like a 5yo designed it. Maybe with some livery on it, it may look better, but those overhangs at either end are too out of proportion. I still think the Senna is the worst looking at this point.

  • Wow the sound is amazing, I think it would be blast to drive.

  • MIL1234

    Batmobile !

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