Bus Plunges Off Bridge After Angry Woman Attacks Driver In China

A shocking accident happened in Chongqing, China on Sunday when a bus plunged 50 meters (164 ft) off a bridge into the Yangtze River. All fifteen people on board died.

The sad and disturbing truth is that the crash could have been avoided had it not been for an angry passenger attacking the driver.

Security footage from the bus shows a woman hitting the driver who then strikes her back moments before the bus fell from the bridge. As the driver got distracted by the passenger, he lost control of the bus. The vehicle entered the opposite lane and smashed through the safety barriers, landing in the river.

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According to the police, it was the fight that caused the crash. Angry because the driver had refused to make a stop, a 48-year old woman hit the driver with her mobile phone. Another footage from a nearby vehicle shows the bus swerving across the other side of the road, colliding with an oncoming vehicle and then smashing through the guardrails and falling into the Yangtze.

Unfortunately, the huge rescue operation that included teams of divers, boats, and cranes found no survivors. The bus was pulled out from the bottom of the river, 71 meters (233 ft) below the surface.

The shocking crash was a deadly mix of road rage and distracted driving. Most social media comments from China blamed the passenger for the crash but others said the driver aggravated the situation by fighting back.


  • Kaido Alex

    I hope the driver in the red car is fine.

  • LJ

    Navigation: “Your destination is on the left.”

    • OdysseyTag

      You’re wrong for this lol

  • DetrinKD

    Am I the only one that thinks that the swerve he made was unnecessary? He had nothing to avoid and the bus was not out of control… it almost seems intentional… He didn’t even attempt to correct it.

    • Merc1

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. It’s very weird to say the least.


      • DetrinKD

        Disturbing, I would say.

    • sidewaysspin

      It appears he got angry with the woman smacking him and impulsively killed himself and everybody else.

      • alexxx


  • Craig

    With very little doubt…. he intentionally drove the bus off the bridge.

    • DetrinKD

      I agree. They need to reevaluate this situation.

    • Bill Nguyen

      That’s what I thought but they have video and audio from the inside of the bus as well.

      • Craig

        What did you learn from that?

        • Bill Nguyen

          That it wasn’t a suicide attempt like some people are suggesting.

          • Craig

            So did she grab the wheel or pull him out of the seat? A bit confusing.

    • alexxx

      Yes…yes…thanks Sherlock…
      He just waited for good opportunity (in angry woman) to do that.He was waiting to do that all his life.

      • Craig

        I don’t know if you’re agreeing with me. Or not.

        • alexxx

          Obviously…I am not…
          Sherlock …
          Your sentence suggests that he was planning that.

          • Craig

            Now that I know. I’ll say what I was going to say. The next time you plan on posting a comment – eat something and get that blood sugar stabilized. Because otherwise you will continue to come across as an ignorant jackass.

          • alexxx

            Tnx for advice….Sherlock…
            I am surprised you didn’t get it the first time I replied. Being so insightful and all…
            “Crazy woman hit the driver with phone and in a blackout moment he killed himself and others”…

          • Craig

            Go away.

          • alexxx

            Don’t think soooo…..
            Nice talking to you…☺️

  • Jay

    This really sucks. I would’ve just pulled the bus over and called in a supervisor to get them off the bus.

  • Aven

    The result is everyone dead in the river.

  • salamOOn

    why the hell there are no guard rails?

    • Althea Later

      I know!!!! With so many buses and trucks in China, you would think they’d make the bridge have stronger outer walls!!! But they are stupid and shortsighted just like in so many other places.

    • tkindred

      I am always afraid to cross bridges in China because many lack barriers

  • DetrinKD

    That crossed my mind as well. There’s no reason for that bus to drive off the bridge. The fact is the steering input he made was when there was no exchange between him and the lady. He had both hands of the wheel and eyes on the road. He swung that wheel with intent and there was no panic in his body language. They need to reevaluate this, seriously.

    • Liam Paul

      I thought the same but if you look at 00.8 almost 00.9 he is turning the steering wheel back toward the right side, look at the part where a airbag would be, you can see it turns back toward the right. I thank when he jerk his body to push the woman away, his hand yank the wheel left and by the time he realized it at 008.009 he try to turn it.

      • brn

        Liam, I want to believe your theory, so I watched it again at half speed. The turn was hand over hand, making it look intentional. When he turned back, it seems to be for the purpose of straightening the path off the bridge.

        It really looks like an intentional act of driving off the bridge. I hope I’m wrong.

  • DetrinKD

    Wow, I missed the pedestrian that was almost taken out!

  • Jay

    I see what what ya did there. It’s a bit too early though.

    • ksegg


  • Tumbi Mtika

    He just turned off the bridge. Just like that. No hesitation.

    He deliberately killed everyone.

    • Bo Hanan

      HE did not cause this. The F-ing emotional female did. She did what many females do and got lost in her emotions giving little regard to the safety of others never mind her own. Don’t be a pu$$y and defend the female just because.

      • ChrisInIL

        Wow. Her “emotions” caused her to hit him with a phone. It probably didn’t even hurt.

        What’s your excuse for him driving the bus off the bridge intentionally? He was really a she?

        What are you compensating for by bashing all females?

        • Bo Hanan

          He was defending himself from her attack and lost control. Are you suck (freudian) a girl that you defend females no matter what harm they cause? Get this- the potential for the accident never would have been if the bitch had better control of her faculties. Man up girl!

          • Holmer_k

            Lost control? Maybe you should watch the video again. He swung the wheel hard over a full turn. He never leaves his lane before turning that wheel. He didn’t loose control. He turned purposely.

          • ChrisInIL

            What part of defending himself from her “attack” required him to intentionally turn the bus to the left?

            I love it when there is proof right in front of people’s eyes, but their own ego and stubborness requires that they defend their faulty positions no matter the facts.

            Do you realize how profoundly ignorant you sound when you condemn an entire segment of society just to deflect from your own flaws? I’m guessing since you doubled down and did it again, the answer is no.

        • Mike anonymous

          I just wanted to point out a that in regards to him getting hit with a phone you said “It probably didn’t even hurt”. Most if not almost all phones consist of some METAL. If you watch closely he was hit in the head with the phone at full force.
          I’m not sure if what kind of phone you have, but throw it at your wall ‘full force’ and I am sure (unless that will is made of metal), it ‘will’ dent & damage your wall.

          It’s very clear the man was trying to defend himself.

          If your watching the road, the vehicle clearly was beginning to swerve when he got hit in the head, and he was trying to get he away from him so he could steer the vehicle properly (barely able to focus on the road).

          Now you could say the man could have hit the brakes, but we should put ourselves in the positions of these people. There are faults and mistakes on both sides, but this is the ultimate fault of the woman. (not all women or men or PEOPLE are like this, but) She instigated the confrontation, without that instigation FIFTEEN people would not be dead.

          • ChrisInIL

            Defending oneself does not require the intentional turning of a vehicle at speed.

          • Mike anonymous

            I doubt that you have a license to drive a bus, I doubt you’ve been hit by a metal object on the head, and I doubt you are, were, or could put yourself into that persons position. (Also if you watch the vehicle, the bus had already been drifting over before the turn was made). I won’t go into the timing or math of how busses work and why they’re different from cars, or how time works itself (unless you on those last to need me to do so for you), and I’m not most certainly not going to ‘try’ and defend the man or the woman in this situation….

            I (REALLY) think you should read what I stated again (especially the final paragraph, if anything at least the last sentence),. nothing more needs to be, should be, nor can be, said.

          • ChrisInIL

            If nothing more needs to be said, why did you say it?

            I knew you would try to defend your failed position, which stands in contradiction to the facts right in front of your nose – that’s why.

          • Mike anonymous

            If you tell a joke… expect people to maybe laugh.

            If you watch a sad film… expect to maybe be sad.

            If you hit the driver of a bus with a metal object (while he’s driving,.. which in China can actually get you arrested)… expect things to maybe not go (or end) so well.

            Just read it again buddy. I’m not here to get into an argument with yourself over simple facts (if at all). I don’t feel happy about the situation and it’s unfortunate and SAD… FIFTEEN people have died.

            Let’s keep things nice here. Hope you have a good day ChrislnIL.

          • ChrisInIL

            Please explain how hitting the driver of a bus with a metal object should EVER result in the one being hit murdering 15 people.

        • alexxx

          Soooo Einstein….are you saying it’s ok to hit drivers while driving? If her emotions were not at fault,what was it?
          If she accepted that driver wasn’t going to stop and did nothing,do you thing the accident would still occur?
          The driver shares the responsibility of course,but the woman is guilty here.

          • ChrisInIL

            Really? The driver, who is in full control of a bus full of people “shares the responsibility”?

            Your postulating and straw men and redirection are clear indicators you don’t have the slightest grip on reality.

            This driver turned the bus to the left, and drove off a bridge. It is irrelevant if you and the others here out of touch with truth don’t believe it, or see something else.

          • alexxx

            You didn’t answer me the questions I asked…and that’s because you have no answers….that speaks for itself…

          • ChrisInIL

            You didn’t ask questions. You presented statements posed as questions.

            “Are you saying it’s OK to hit drivers while driving” I never said anything of the sort, but you attempted to project this position onto mine.

            “If she accepted that driver wasn’t going to stop, and did nothing, do you thing the accident would occur?” You’re speculating, and once again trying to project this position onto mine.

            The driver is responsible for this crash and the evidence shows that. You and several others here choose to ignore the facts right in front of your noses.

            Finally, your attempt to denigrate me by calling me “Einstein” is a bit childish.

  • haji

    Why did the driver make that sharp steer to the left?? If he wanted to stop he’d put the bus on the right and/or applied the brake. He did neither.

    • alexxx

      Go and ask him.

  • john1168


  • Paul

    That was just plain stupid.

  • tkindred

    I hate going across bridges on the bus in China. I’m always fixated on the minimal railing they use. Is the railing even meant to redirect an arrent vehicle? Doesn’t seem so. I’m always afraid of the bus driving off the deck.

  • ChrisInIL

    Tumbi wins the internet!

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