18-Wheeler Crashes Into School Bus In Texas, Injures 10 Students

Earlier this week, an 18-wheeler smashed into a school bus near Austin, Texas, injuring 10 of the 20 students on-board. Authorities are said to be still investigating the matter.

The footage comes from the surveillance cameras found at a gas station near the accident site, and based on what we’re seeing, it appears that the school bus had a clear green light. However, ABC News reports that the truck driver claimed he had a yellow light, which we find highly unlikely.

He also claims that he tried to stop, although it’s obvious that any attempt to do so came when it was already too late to actually avoid the impact.

Unfortunately, 10 students had to be taken to the hospital, 8 by ambulance and 2 by their parents. The bus driver was also hospitalized, according to the Bastrop School District twitter feed, however the extent of his injuries remains unknown.

“District staff were on hand at the scene and at the hospital to support students and their families, and we will continue to provide counseling and support upon students’ return to school. We would like to express our deep appreciation to first responders and law enforcement who were on the scene so quickly giving care to all those involved. We also appreciate the outpouring of support from our campuses, community members, and neighbors who have expressed their prayers and support this morning,” said the school in an official press release.

All of the students’ injuries were described as minor, which , all things considered, is extremely fortunate.


  • Callanish

    The thing here is that Texas in 2017 passed a mandatory law for seat belts on new school buses, but no requirements to retrofit older buses with them. I’m just wondering if this was one of the newer buses, because if those kids only suffered minor injuries from an accident like this, and it was because of one of those newer seat belt buses, I think this would be a helluva example for why all buses should get them.

    • Liam Paul

      Well a few things to keep in mind, every full size regular ED school Bus can carry from 64 to 84 passengers which is 3 kids per seat and drivers in cars will need to remain calm while the bus driver leave the stop arms out as he or she fasten each child into a seatbelt on the bus so a 2 min bus stop could turn into a 5 to 8 min bus stop and we need to know how will every child be removed from the bus in a emergency should the bus catch on fire, 84 seatbelts with one adult trying undo all the seatbelts of small children to get all the kids out seems to spell doom to me . As you can see in this video, school buses are already the safest vehicles on our roads and no this is not a new bus, the hood of this bus is a older IC hood that is no longer made. Things you can do to help insure your children safety on a school bus is remind them to stay inside their seat and not to stand up on the bus. If you look at a school bus seating, it is compartmentalized and the seats act like a egg carton to protect the children but they must stay in their seats sitting bottom to bottom back to back, teach your children when on a bus, to never stand up while the bus is in motion, to never lean their bodies in the aisle, to remain in their seats till the bus comes to a complete stop and the drivers applies the parking brake at a bus stop. I am sure in the future some smart seatbelt manufacturer will come up with a seatbelt that can take care of the above problems but until then remind your children to stay in their seats, bottom to bottom, back to back. BTW if that 18 wheeler had hit a car, suv, minivan, it would have been far worse and maybe involved deaths.

  • Paul

    I heard late today that the school bus’ brakes failed. At any rate still a tragedy and sad for those injured.

    • Some ol’ bloke


    • Galvanics

      If it was a mechanical problem, why did the driver make false excuses (the light was green for quite some time before impact)? And why wouldn’t he blow his horn to warn the bus driver and other traffic?

      I smell a rat.

  • kachuks

    This could have been much worse.

  • E Gold

    3 cheers for the bus driver, bus driver man!

  • E Gold

    RE: Sir Liam
    3 cheers for the bus driver, bus driver man!

  • charlotteharry57

    We have an epidemic here in North Carolina with school bus crashes. 3-4 here in Charlotte yesterday alone. Something is wrong. Possibly drivers too dumb to even operate a scooter? I’m not placing blame to the driver of the bus in THIS crash, but come on!

  • Marc Gruben

    Watching the video, 5 full seconds passed from the moment the light turned green until the truck hit the bus. Truck driver is 100% at fault, whether it was due to mechanical failure or driver error. Thank God the injuries weren’t more severe.

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