Bus Driver Runs Red Light, Smashes Right Into An Audi A8

A public transport bus from the Russian city of Kazan ran a red light last month, impacting a third-generation Audi A8 D4 and dragging it onto a pedestrian crosswalk. Thankfully, there wasn’t anybody directly in their path, as one pedestrian managed to run away in time.

Yes, it was raining, but judging by when the dashcam vehicle arrives at the light, it’s clear that the bus driver had plenty of time to slow down and safely come to a halt. Instead, they chose to accelerate before reaching the intersection in order to make that left turn.

As you can see, things didn’t go as planned and the bus the bus slammed into the left side of the Audi, creating a large traffic jam, which was kind of inevitable given the force of the accident and where it took place.

Also, had this taken place a little bit earlier or later, it might have hit any pedestrian who could be waiting at the traffic lights or going through the zebra crossing. We don’t know if anyone was injured in that crash, but we hope everyone’s OK and that the Audi‘s airbags and stiff body shell saved its driver.


  • Holmer_k

    I lost my 335 that way just last month, though it wasn’t a bus that hit me. It was a little old lady in a Ford Escape driving the wrong way on a one way street.

    • Dude

      Sorry for your loss

      • Holmer_k

        Thank you. I’m going to miss it. That was the first car I ever kept longer than 3 years.

  • cooper

    Crazy part is Russia is such a zhit hole they are used to this type of accident and they didn’t even stop.

    • Raymond Chuang

      The only reason why we see these accidents a LOT in Russia is the fact over 90% of private vehicle owners in the country have dash cams. They use it to protect themselves from insurance scams and corrupt police officers.

    • Romanovich

      there are not a crazy, this is happens every day this is routine

  • Jarosław Kotowicz

    Great that any pedestrian cares…

  • DMJ

    No one cares, it’s amazing how different is that culture.
    In my city, in Portugal, we had an accident with a bus that hit a three with 12 people injured. Road closed and everyone, pedestrians and drivers helping people that were injured or stressed while emergency staff didn’t arrive.

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