Corvette Owner Goes To Dealership For Airbag Fix, Gets Video Of Employee Hitting 90+ MPH

The Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder has struck again as it caught a dealership employee taking a ride in a customer’s car and hitting speeds in excess of 90 mph (144 km/h).

In a video uploaded to YouTube by owner Jon Martin, you can see a Tyler Chevrolet employee back his Corvette Z06 out of the service bay and then go for a spin around Niles, Michigan. The clip isn’t very interesting until about six minutes in, when the driver floors it and quickly jumps from 44 mph (70 km/h) to about 86 mph (138 km/h).

After slowing down for a pedestrian, the driver haphazardly drifts into the oncoming lane and then hits speeds of 58 mph (93 km/h) after passing a speed limit sign that says 45 mph (72 km/h).

After a few more minutes of typical driving, the Corvette pulls onto a main road and then speeds up to at least 90 mph (144 km/h). The driver then slows back down and eventually returns to the dealership.

So what repairs mandated this test drive of a customer’s car? Reportedly a simple airbag recall which only required the installation of new software.

Jalopnik reached out Tyler Chevrolet’s service manager Dale Patzkowsky who seemingly downplayed the incident. He told the publication the company routinely test drives cars after servicing and will drive them fast to “warm up the tires to make it ride smooth.” The latter statement sounds like BS, but Patzkowsky did acknowledge the speeding was excessive and the tech who drove the car has since been punished.

The incident seems pretty minor, but the car’s owner apparently isn’t happy with the dealership’s action or response. That’s understandable, but the owner seems to have taken things overboard by reaching out to the Niles Police Department and trying to get the driver in trouble for speeding, reckless driving and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The department reportedly didn’t think there was cause for pursuing the unauthorized use of a vehicle issue, but seemed open to looking into the speeding and reckless driving side of things.

Martin also reached out to Chevrolet which is reportedly looking into the incident. However, it doesn’t appear that anything will change the situation at this point.


  • chuck2

    2 tools in this article or 1 and one DA. 🙁

  • Blade t

    This is no surprise. .reminds me of vik from rdbla lol..

  • brn

    90mph on an open road? I do that weekly with a family sedan.

    Don’t tell anyone.

    • Craig

      Too late!! I told my mom.

      • brn

        and then she told my mom. Thanks a lot.

        • Craig

          That’s women for ya! lol

    • Jay

      I have a friend who does this in there work vehicle. Don’t tell their boss.

  • pcurve

    man, don’t tell me Jack Daniel vw

  • Craig

    But why not? He was not given permission [i.e. ‘authorized’] to drive the customers car at such highs speeds. The police are wrong here.

  • karmat

    Unnecessary to go to the cops and post the video online. Really, you want the guy potentially fined and fired? You need to drive the car after you do work like that to make sure the airbag light stays off. He wasn’t abusing it, just acting like a car guy.

    • rodriguez256


    • Bob

      The employee was irresponsible.

    • Stoffers

      If doing 90 is “just acting like a car guy” then “just acting like a car guy” means breaking the law.

  • Mike Cronis

    Meh. Brief acceleration. Shrug.

    • siXiz

      GM should take back this a-holes car because this person is clearly not mentally mature enough to be driving. What a finger crybaby.

  • jriley9922

    who cares? I have a c7z… i would not give 2 sh#@s if a tech lugged 4th gear from 2k rpm to 4k rpm. This is insanity that this is an issue. Clearly the owner (like most corvette owners) is an older gentleman and babies the car… heaven forbid that it ACTUALLY built boost onetime!
    If he wrecked it, melted the rear tires, sat it on the rev limiter for extended time, or test drove it without permission… that’s a different story. He had 3 seconds of mild enjoyment without doing ANY damage… and at no point was he being an idiot about it.

    • Axel Cortez

      Why abuse the car or go over the limits of the law? in fact why drive the damn car if it was just a sw update, it is not your property

    • Travis

      Hey man, do you mind if I borrow your car for a bit to beat the shit out of? I mean, if you dont mind? I know what you are trying to get at here, but lots of us work hard for our toys and nobody should be doing something like this. Lugging or not, he should get his own car or at least permission..

  • Mythblaster
  • brn

    If you watch the video, it’s hardly a joy ride.

  • ErnieB

    Maybe I am in the minority but I wouldn’t have cared..

    • Jay

      Im with ya. Unless they crashed it.

  • Krisnadi Imam

    that idiot was supposedly test the damn airbag. to see if it works of course.
    what part of deployed on impact that didnt understand? speeding alone wouldnt cause it to deploy, find a tree or a pole will ya!
    geez kids these days, cant get single things right.

  • Paul

    He should count his blessings that the car didn’t need another airbag fix and other repairs too after this stunt.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    What i see is a very safety aware driver who, for less than one second reaches 84 MPH on a low traffic stretch of highway with plenty space and in full safety then, after testing the car, it takes it back to its place, after a short drive with an average speed of 45/50 mph, which is normal i assume.

    Give him a break!

  • Joe Mosely


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