Ford Mustang GT Vs Genesis G70 3.3T In The Most Unlikely Of Duels

Besides the usual rivals from Chevrolet and Dodge, the 2019 Ford Mustang GT doesn’t get compared to other cars too often.

So it was only natural that this review from Canada’s Throttle House caught our attention. In the video comparison, the guys try to find out whether a driving enthusiast can make the transition from the Mustang GT to the more practical Genesis G70 without losing too much in performance or engagement.

Why would anyone in their right mind trade the Mustang GT’s iconic design, V8 muscle, manual transmission and rear-wheel drive thrills for a Korean sedan with a twin-turbo V6 engine and all-wheel drive?

This hypothetical dilemma doesn’t make much sense because few (if any) true enthusiasts will ever be faced with a choice like this. The Mustang is a car one buys with the heart while the Genesis G70, as capable as it is, remains a rational choice.

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The video does bring some interesting observations, though. For example, one of the reviewers argues that the Mustang GT is a one-dimensional car while the G70 adapts more easily to various situations.

More specifically, it’s a lot more comfortable and smoother to drive in the city that the Mustang. It’s also safer than the Ford come wintertime, thanks to its all-wheel-drive system. It can do all that and go from 0 to 60 mph (0-96 km/h) in 4.5 seconds — pretty close to the Mustang GT’s sub-4-second sprint.

But can all those daily usability advantages make up for the thunderous V8 soundtrack, superior driving fun, and strong personality of the Mustang GT? Let’s find out.

  • SteersUright

    Genesis is quite the feat from Hyundai, apparently. Shame about those looks, especially when far prettier competitors like the Alfa Giulia exist. Had Hyundai made this G70 a beauty, given how good it apparently is, this would fly off the shelves, so to speak. As it currently looks, I’d imagine they’ll have some success but nothing major with this. In fact, the Stinger remains more desirable in my opinion, despite its greater mass.

    • Mike anonymous

      I think Hyundai developed this vehicle prior to deciding to really change their focus (around the time of the introduction of the GV80 Concept). So it features what is guess you can now (or at last after this years LA AutoShow consider) last-gem Genesis technology.

      While it’s an ok effort from Genesis, I think that by the time this vehicle came out, they had already moved on but still released it because they had already invested so much into it. Just my theory on it.

      But I am sure than with the next generation (which is bound to come sometime in the next year or so (or maybe few years) the improvements will make it properly on par with the rest of the best of it’s competitors,.. or at least I sure hope.

      • bd0007

        The design for the G70 was frozen before the New York concept, much less the GV80 and Essentia concepts which showcase the new Genesis design language.

        Like the G90, the G70 should be getting some of the styling cues for its facelift; the G80, however, will be getting the new design language as an all-new model.

        • Mike anonymous

          The Current G90, G70, & G80 are all based on the same design concepts shown in the Genesis Vision G Concept & The Genesis NY Concept. Both of those concept vehicle showcase the brands older design language (which dates as far back as the 2013 Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept. So I can’t agree with you in regards to that.

          What I DO agree with you on are the Genesis GV80 & Essential Concepts (and everything else). Those are the only 2 concept vehicles to show the new ‘next-gen’ Genesis design language. Genesis will only be giving facelifts & heavy re-freshes to all of their models with this new design language, aside from the upcoming G80 & GV80 which will be completely new vehicles.

          I’m not sure wether or not they will redesign the the G70 completely or give it a complete facelift/re-fresh as it has only been generally available for a number of months.

          • bd0007

            Not really,

            The Vision G concept debuted in Aug. of 2015.

            The current G80/Genesis went into production in Nov. of 2013, and the design was frozen a few years before that.

            The G90 went into production in late 2015; so also too late for the Vision G to have any influence on its design.

            The Vision G, however, was an evolution of the design language Genesis was using at the time.

          • Mike anonymous

            The G90 & G70 were both based on the design of the Vision G & NY Concepts. The G90 Was released After the Vision G concept was revealed (and you have to account for the time it took from vehicle conceptualization, to having a full and complete concept vehicle).

            The NY Concept was designed prior to it’s reveal/release (again you have to account for the time it took from vehicle conceptualization timeline which could be anywhere from 6months to well over a year).

            G80 was already designed in 2013 & was simply refreshed.

            The G70 was based on the design on the NY Concept.

            The G90 was based on the Hyundai Genesis G Concept (which was revealed before Genesis became it’s own company/automaker).

            After this, none of the Vision G & NY Concepts will be used for any Genesis designs going forward, Only the Essentia & GV80.


            The GV80 & Essentia Concepts are the only influencers in the companies design going forward (this was stated by members of the design team). This means the upcoming G90 & (eventual) G70 will be based on this new design language.

            It is a possibility that opposed to a facelift, they give the G70 a complete overhaul, as by the time one is due, the updated G90, brand new G80, & GV80, will already be out, with the Essentia on the way, To my original point.

            The Upcoming GV80 & G80 will be the very first (fully) new, and ’next generation’, vehicles from the Genesis brand.

            …. I think we are on the same page here, are we not?

          • bd0007

            Again, the basic Genesis design language had already been established when the Genesis/G80 and G90 were designed.

            The Vision G and New York concept were evolutions of that design language, but none of the changes (mainly headlight/taillight and greenhouse treatment) ever made their way into production vehicles.

          • Mike anonymous

            That I know, yes. I would say that we are and have been on the same page. With my only disagreement being with the Vision G Concept.

            The Vision G was penned before the release of the G90 before Genesis was it’s own company as at the time it was still a moniker nameplate under the company Hyundai.

            With concept vehicles (in relation to their production counterparts) there are typically 1 of 3 things, the vehicle begins development after the concept is released, during the development of the concept itself, or before the concept is ever completed.
            The Genesis G90 was the first ‘new’ vehicle under the Genesis brand. This vehicles design was based on the Vision G Concept. (Not a 4 door production version of it, but rather a vehicle that simple took design elements from the concept itself) Just take a look at anything from the interior dashboard layout, headlights, etc. So the Vision G Concept’s design elements were used in the G90. This is something the company talked about already though.

            We agree and have agreed on just about everything accept the relation between the design of the Hyundai Vision G Concept, and the Genesis G90, I believe.

            Again as I’ve stated here and in other articles (and again this is something we both agree on), going forward, all designs, refreshes, etc,. will be pulling from both the GV80 Concept and the Essentia Concept, but those two concept vehicles only (as stated by) Genesis.

          • bd0007

            Again, note that the only real thing the Vision G and New York concepts have w/ the G70, G80 and G90 is the shape of grille, Genesis’ take on the hexagonal grille which is different from Hyundai’s.

  • Six_Tymes

    meh… predictable. 28 minutes ill never get back.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Why watch a video with the Genesis in it? I’d go for the Mustang and all its shortcomings. You can fix Mustang’s shortcomings (better drivers and better suspensions). You can’t fix the Genesis.

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