Jeep Wrangler Pickup Tipped To Be Called ‘Gladiator’ Instead Of ‘Scrambler’

Jeep, it should come as no surprise (to regular readers at least), is preparing to roll out a pickup version of the Wrangler. But while we’ve been expecting it to carry the name Scrambler, the latest intel suggests otherwise.

According to the fans on the Jeep Scrambler Forum, the extended Wrangler with the cargo bed in the back will actually be called the Gladiator.

An unnamed source sent the forum staff a screen capture from the FCA media site that apparently disclosed the nameplate before it was quickly taken down. And while the image could have been doctored, the name wouldn’t come entirely out of Left Field.

As our colleagues at Motor1 point out, Jeep used the Gladiator name through the 1960s, and even brought it back for a concept (pictured) in 2005, envisioning just the kind of Wrangler-based pickup we’re waiting for here. At any rate, the forum staff seem to find the tip credible enough to announce a plan to change the site’s name to

What’s more is that the same tipster claims to have the names and codes for three Gladiator trims: namely the Sport (JTJL98), Overland (JTJP98), and Rubicon (JTJS98). Sport and Rubicon are two trim levels (alongside the Sport S and Sahara) currently offered on the Wrangler, but Overland would be a new addition to the lineup’s nomenclature, suggesting an off-road camping version – or at least a trim name evoking the popular pastime.

While we’re not privy to the internal discussions taking place at FCA US headquarters in Auburn Hills, we can’t help but wonder if the Gladiator name wasn’t chosen over the previously anticipated Scrambler handle due to the latter’s use on a type of retro dirt bike – like the one of the same name produced by Ducati, for example.

Whatever the reason, we ought to find out soon enough what Jeep will call the latest addition to its model line. In the meantime, you’re invited to sound off on what you think about the Gladiator versus Scrambler handles in the comments section below.

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  • SpongeBob99Swell

    ..Eh, Gladiator seems like a pretty cool name anyway. (even though Scrambler seems about as cool)

    Even then though, considering this pickup is being based off the Wrangler, I expected a familiar name like Scrambler to be incorporated onto this vehicle. (regardless, I am still looking forward to it once it bows in LA)

  • TheBelltower

    Dumb name. Cool jeep.

  • Mike anonymous

    While I did really appreciate the scrambler name, I do also like the Gladiator name.

    I guess we will have to wait until the LA Auto Show to truly find out for sure. (Again,. this years LAIAS is shaping up to be quite an exciting one).

  • Craig

    I’m a bit confused. So there definitely IS going to be a TWO door version? Is that right?

    • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

      I think that’s an old photo/concept… the new camo cladded ones look like 4 door to me. Of course, as always, I could be wildly wrong.

      • Craig

        I hope you’re wildly wrong! lol I also hope there is 2 door version. SO much nicer looking than the 4 door.

        • Iberian Rekluse

          Hold on…I agree… Dont get me wrong… I hope I’m wildly wrong too. I mean?… Ummmm, now I’m confused.
          2 doors are cool.

          • Craig

            I know! We would BOTH like to see a TWO door version! :o)

          • Iberian Rekluse

            Yes, exactly that!

      • Spurious Squirrel

        The picture shows hinges on the rear, suicide doors I presume, so still a four door

        • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

          I was bitten by a squirrel one time. But being a Dr, I knew what to do, so…

  • atomicbri

    Don’t care really what it’s called. Scrambler to me always sounded like a breakfast entree at your local Denny’s Restaurant or Waffle House.

  • MarkoS

    I was hoping for the return of the Comanche, but Gladiator works just fine and much better than Scrambler.

    • donald seymour

      Oh my gosh YES!

  • Matthew Raworth

    Wrangler Scrambler was always a bit of a mouthful

    • Emoto


  • OdysseyTag

    One has to ask themselves why this wasn’t made sooner

    • Galaxium

      Most likely concerns of sales cannibalization with the Ram line.

  • Bash

    Funny that many many years ago, Gladiator, the word was actually part of my email password. So this works fine with me. lol

    • Finkployd


      • Bash

        lol, Nope, but i used many passwords over the years, I forgot half of them now, but for some reason i still remember this particular one.

    • Tareti Barbosa

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  • Emoto

    The photos are from a concept vehicle from 10(?) years ago. The production units running around in camo may not be the same.

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