eXS KickScooter Is SEAT’s Cheapest New Ride At €599

Ford bought an electric scooter company, GM is the latest automaker to develop an ebike and Seat has unveiled its first electric scooter. Okay, what is happening here?

Well, automakers have started to realize the number of car buyers is shrinking, especially among the young demographic. In Europe, for example, Seat says there are now 20 percent fewer customers under 30 committed to buying a car.

Traffic jams, the lack of parking spaces and reduced emissions zones in city centers are taking the fun out of driving and sales numbers reflect that. That’s a sign transportation needs are changing, with last-mile electric urban mobility gaining ground in recent years. This is why Seat has chosen to build the eXS KickScooter.

Seat describes its electric scooter as “a perfect micromobility solution for users who want to get around the city in an efficient and sustainable way.” Designed exclusively by Seat, the eXS features electric technology from Segway’s ES2 model.

The eXS KickScooter can be used to cover the remaining distance of any trip, especially in places that are difficult for cars to access. The battery/motor combination gives it a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and a maximum range of 45 km (28 miles). If that’s not enough, customers have the option to fit an additional battery that increases range.

The electric scooter has large 8-inch diameter wheels, as well as front and rear suspensions for smooth handling and comfort. Other noteworthy features include front and rear LED lights, customizable ambient light, an LCD screen, cruise control, and an anti-theft deterrent.

The eXS will go on sale from €599 ($680) in December 2018 at all Seat dealers in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Portugal. The rest of Europe will have to wait for 2019. The electric scooter will debut officially on November 13 at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, where visitors will be able to take it for a test run.

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  • Christian

    I know I troll a lot and all…BUT COME’ON GUYS… Do you think girls wanna see you when you show up to work like this? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a568412963eb7c5892deb2fa89f11eaed1214e94a24679c8db33f86ddcd49a0d.jpg

    • California Guy 90

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Scooters are for kids not for their parents.

    • exeptor

      I guess in some social layers it is better than a fat SUV, but in general you are right – looks odd. Unfortunately with all the regulations I can see a future where this will be the most thrilling type of rides in cities at least. The world is slowly changing and at some point V12 and V8 will go in history next to steam powered vehicles and the only way to actually hear their “songs” will be in the old videos. As for the experience – probably very fast but in a way soulless EVs.

  • California Guy 90

    Grown up people over 20 riding this thing look so ridiculous and awkward. Besides it is so ugly.

    • Adelicia stescov

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