Subaru AWD For The Win: Impreza Pulls Out Ford F-350 Stuck In The Mud

During a recent motocross event, a third-generation Subaru Impreza hatchback rolled up its sleeves and helped pull a Ford F-350 pickup truck out of a muddy situation.

For the record, that’s a roughly 6,000 lbs (2.7 ton) full-size truck, being yanked loose by a car that weighs half as much, pushing down some 170 HP, assuming it’s a 2.5i model (it sure doesn’t look like a WRX).

If you’re familiar with the third-generation Impreza, then you’ve probably heard or perhaps even experienced just how capable it is over a loose surface. Its Symmetrical AWD system sends power to all four wheels continuously, with further balance being provided by the low positioning of the boxer engine.

This type of setup is supposed to provide you with increased levels of traction and control, while also helping with fuel efficiency.

Even though it does take some work for the pickup to be yanked free, we reckon the entire rescue operation could have definitely been rushed had there been better synchronization between the two drivers. Still, in the end the F-350 can be seen reaching the safety of the nearby road, before the video cuts off.

So if you’re ever stuck in mud and you need somebody to give you a tow, don’t scoff if that somebody shows up in a small, unassuming Japanese hatchback. If you’re lucky, it might just be a Subaru Impreza.


  • alexxx

    Ladies and gentlemen.Here’s the best all wheel drive car in the industry.

  • Guy driving the F-150 must be some sort of [email protected]

    • Stephen G

      Yes, only people that are severely mentally challenged have ever been stuck in mud/snow.

    • brn

      But what about the guy driving the F-350?

    • ThatGuy

      His also probably a wonderful human that loves to cause traffic in peak time. The kind that have nowhere to go and hate going home, so make everyone’s day the same as their hell

  • Vanishing Boy

    Quite expected. Subaru’s are quite the unsung heroes in the auto world. Just look at the many YouTube videos when:

    – Outback saved Wrangler
    – WRX/STI saved a Cop car (was in a Subie ad too)
    – Crrosstrek Hybrid saved various cars (during a road review)
    – Forester saved a Semi (in Russia)
    – STI saved a F-150
    – etc.

    • brn

      Humans can help push a car out of snow too. It proves nothing.

  • Jay

    But Tesla’s can pull tractor trailers so this is meh.. honestly this doesn’t really prove anything it just needed a pull and just about any other vehicle could’ve done the same..

    • Mr. EP9

      So have a lot of other trucks.

  • anon_64

    A vehicle in the mud pulled by a vehicle not in the mud. Big hype, much wow.

  • Paul

    Well I’ll be jiggered.

  • Billy Pistocco

    I love my 15′ hatchback sport 😻🖤❤️

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Proper tires.

    They are important.

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