Watch A Dodge Charger Hellcat Go After A Porsche 911 On The Nurburgring

Watching a Dodge Charger Hellcat being driven on the Nurburgring isn’t itself a common sight, but finding one that’s being pushed hard on a public TF, now that’s really special.

We’re mostly used in seeing Hellcats either drag-racing or doing burnouts so you could imagine our surprise when we came across this onboard video on the Bavarian Motor Works channel, showing a rather skilled driver negotiating a Charger Hellcat around the holy grounds of the ‘Ring with speed and precision.

The lap was done during what looks like a public session, with the Hellcat blasting down the narrow track, passing various European cars while carrying three people.

Despite the rather hefty weight figure, the big angry cat manages to impress with its ability to navigate the demanding track. Sure, it’s not a Caterham but it isn’t a one-trick pony either. That last bit was confirmed when an unidentified Porsche 996 -we think it’s a GT3 but the uploader believes it was a Turbo- passed the Hellcat but never really got away.

As it turns out, the Charger Hellcat is more capable that people give it credit, plus it’s really cool to see an American muscle car getting pushed to its limits on a track like the Nurburgring.


  • Christian

    nice CGI…

    • Bash

      Oh stfu, that’s almost my car.

      • Mr. EP9

        He’s trolling.

        • Bash

          Now I know. lol

      • Christian

        You know its fake… A Hellcat that taks turns? COME’ON

  • Very Nice… The GT3 is Movin…

  • Knotmyrealname

    No helmet and riggers gloves…. Cool.
    But there’s no telemetry of how fast he was going. It could have been pensioner’s day on the ‘ring for all we know.

    • Joe Average

      Speedo right there in front of the driver… 160 kph = 100 mph. Maybe you are talking about the other “him” aka the other cars?

      • Knotmyrealname

        Sorry, looking at a small screen.

      • kachuks

        Right around the 2:00 mark, he takes it to 192 kph.

  • DMJ

    Very good driver. You need to have good hands to keep a heavy RWD 700hp car controlled at Nurburgring, going full throttle.

  • Six_Tymes

    This car has always handled well. the haters spread dumb crap about it not being able to handle, that apparently this site believed it. its a full sized car that has always handled well, with power to back it up.

    • DMax

      Yeah it can actually go around a bend, so that is good lmao. You don’t know what good handling is if you think Charger is any good.

      • Craig

        And what you basing your opinion on? A ‘once-around-the-block’ test drive?

        • DMax

          How about this very video. It took it over 9 minutes to complete a lap for a car with 700hp. I think there was a video by Motortrend where a BRZ or Miata went faster around Streets of Willow.
          I’m not bashing the car, it’s great for what it was made for – drag strip. But saying this archaic platform fatty is a good handling car is preposterous. The only good handling muscle car is Camaro, even Mustang is only good with Performance Pack.

          • Craig


    • Craig

      I absolutely agree.

  • Bash

    I love this, the fact that I own a charger SRT makes me happy watching it.

    • Craig

      So do I. I guess you have to own an SRT to fully appreciate it.

  • Mr. EP9

    Really good driver with lots of experience and it shows.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    the charger hellcat is one masterpeicd

  • Ed Ward

    Chrysler at its best.

  • Maisch

    I dont want to be that guy, but 9min BTG isn’t exactly record braking speed. It still will feel really fast when your there. But if it were a mx5 or Suzuki swift it would be impressive. Yes i driven there myself faster than this. Or maybe i missed something in the video 🙂

  • Transpower

    I think helmets should be required for this road course…..

  • Bobby Freeman

    Lmao how cute. Btw the 2016 mustang gt350r I think it was beat Porsche in lap times….. Not impressed

    • Silimarina

      The Gt350R is a capable car, but it is 0.8s faster than the old gt3 with +80hp more, and I think it has more slick tires.

  • Bo Hanan

    For the record the 911 Turbo walked away from the Hellcat when it was at 162 KPH. Just sayin…

  • GobbleUp

    So stupid, no helmets and at least 3 people in car.

    Would never drive that POS on the Ring. LoL.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I only know that Porsche came, passed him and disappeared in the horizon in front of him…And it all happened when he thought he was going fast…

    • Galvanics

      Watch it again, he’d let up on the accelerator to let the guy pass. You can hear it when the pass happens and you can hear the driver of this car discuss at the end. The Porsche driver was clearly more skilled than this guy, though they’re both obviously good. That said, this car (Dodge) is a pretty big beastie. I’m surprised this guy could keep the 911 close for as long as he did. It’s not like the Dodge was set up for this and, yeah, that price differential…

      • Wandering_Spirit

        I am not disagreeing with you. My point is that those cars don’t really hold the road as a Porsche or other non American supercars do in general. The Porsche driver is indeed skilled (you see it how he barely uses the brakes to enter turns and how fast the insertion is, with the car literally being sucked into the turn, stuck on tarmac, something you can only do if you understand car dynamics very well). The Dodge driver is so so…but my half-sarcastic sentence was aimed at the fact that despite all the power those cars have, their best place is the quarter mile, on a straight. This is the result of two entirely different driving and racing cultures.

        • Galvanics

          The fact I pointed out negates how your comment exaggerates the ease with which the sports car passed the sedan. It wasn’t actually easy.

          Indeed the two cars have totally different design targets (again, a big family sedan vs a car designed purely as a sports car.. and a top tier version of it to boot!). I’m willing to bet that the sports car has better tires as well.

          An honest assessment would acknowledge that the sedan punches very much above its (figurative) weight on that track. That’s in light of the design target, size, and of course, price. That Porsche costs several times more than the Dodge. As I consider it, I’m willing to bet the sedan’s driver would do much better with a car more suited to the task. If you can skillfully operate something that’s less suited then you’re likely that much better off with something that is suited to the situation.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            I agree on the Vette. It’s one of the sole ones i’d buy today. Maybe also a last generation Mustang (better suspensions compared to old models).
            I don’t agree it wasn’t easy to pass it. The Porsche just appeared…and disappeared…with him trying to tail. I agree his skills were lower. But if you look well in the video, the weight and the balance of the car (or the limits in those areas) appear clear at every turn.
            I agree it’s designed for a different target (and i said that when i said that it is also two different cultures in terms of driving traditions)

            I think i am fair enough. The article deals with these two cars. I discuss these. But even if it wasn’t so, the car is hailed as an example of performance car in many outlets. We can’t choose an identity for a car each time we feel like we should change identity, turning it into a sedan or whatever else. It is more appropriate to say that is an hybrid case of a sedan with a supercar engine and a mixmatch of components to complete the thing. Also, it is not uncommon to see comparatives between fast sedans and sports cars proper (BMW vs Porsche being a classic).

  • john1168

    Great run! That Charger did surprisingly well with 3 people in the car. The Charger is a very heavy car but I don’t think it gets enough credit. I realize the basic platform is quite old but for it’s size and weight, I think it does very well and is an excellent performance value.

  • drc

    Porsche turbos don’t have wings like that – GT3.

  • AirieF3nix

    He was going relatively fast during a straight and the Porsche overtook him at that moment with not much effort, after that the 911 proceeded to stay in front during three corners (literally impossible to push it there) and then it just flies away (the Dodge driver even says “I’m not gonna catch him”).

    How is that equivalent to “never got away”? It got away and with relative ease. Am I missing something?

    PS: not trying to criticize neither the driver nor the car, they both have done remarkably well, it’s the writing of this article the one thing I don’t like.

  • Stefan

    What would be interesting would be to know his lap time, not that he can pass some nice cars with unknown skill-level drivers.

    AFAICT the best time the Hellcat has done the ‘ring is 7:51, which is behind all of the cars it was passing in this video.

    • Dennis James

      So what does this tell you ? Many cars are great at the ring when being driven at the very limit by professional drivers, while this particular car is consistent even if driven by an amateur. That’s what sheer power tends to bring you, especially combined with some half-decent handling capabilities. And that’s why higher power is always better for the average driver. You get more of your money’s worth for more of the time.

      • Stefan

        It levels the playing field and tells me the capabilities of the car in that context. I’ve seen professional drivers in crappy cars beating amateurs in fancy fast cars.

        I guess it depends on what you mean by “better”. Amateur drivers aren’t faster around the track in cars with emphasis on power over handling versus the reverse except on tracks with long straights. If you mean “more fun” then of course that’s subjective.

        The article suggests that the Hellcat has comparable capabilities as those cars on this track. It doesn’t.

  • JBsC6

    AMERican muscle car at the ring is cool….old storylines of american muscle cars not handling well are worn out and no longer true even for the heavyweight hellcat. Thanks for the story and video.

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