2019 Nissan GT-R Lands In U.S. Dealerships For A Tad Under $100,000

Godzilla is getting a year older as Nissan has announced the 2019 GT-R is now available at select dealers in the United States.

The entry-level GT-R Pure starts a tad under six figures as it has a base price of $99,990. The model carries over and features LED lighting units, a carbon fiber rear diffuser and 20-inch alloy wheels that are backed up by a Brembo braking system.

The cabin should also be familiar to GT-R fans as Nissan declined to mention any changes. That being said, the model comes nicely equipped with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and leather / synthetic suede heated front seats with power adjustment. Drivers will also find carbon fiber trim, a dual-zone automatic climate control system and a six-speaker audio system. Last but not least, there’s an 8-inch NissanConnect infotainment system with GPS navigation and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Moving up to the $110,540 GT-R Premium rewards buyers with an active sound enhancement system and an 11-speaker Bose audio system with active noise cancellation technology. The model also has a titanium exhaust and a larger color palette that consists of seven different options (as opposed to three on the GT-R Pure).

Buyers looking for something more performance-orientated can opt for the GT-R Track Edition which starts at $128,540. As the name suggests, this model features a number of track-focused upgrades, including a NISMO-tuned suspension which is lighter and stiffer than the one used on the aforementioned models. The car’s body is also more rigid, and the model comes equipped with a carbon fiber rear spoiler, as well as wider 20-inch NISMO wheels.

Regardless of which model is selected, all three have a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine that produces 565 hp (421 kW / 572 PS) and 467 lb-ft (632 Nm) of torque. It is connected to a six-speed dual clutch transmission which sends power to an all-wheel drive system.

Meanwhile, the range-topping GT-R Nismo starts at a whopping $175,540. There’s a good reason for this as it features an upgraded V6 engine that develops 600 hp (447 kW / 608 PS) and 481 lb-ft (651 Nm) of torque. While this is only 35 hp (26 kW / 35 PS) and 14 lb-ft (19 Nm) more than the rest of the lineup, it’s just the tip of the performance iceberg.

To reduce weight, the GT-R Nismo has a number of carbon fiber components including the bumpers, trunk lid and rear spoiler. The car also has a larger V-Motion grille, carbon fiber side sills and black mirrors with red accents.

Other special touches include Recaro sport seats, red contrast stitching, a unique suspension and 20-inch lightweight aluminum wheels with a metallic black finish.

Note: Prices exclude a $1,695 destination fee

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  • lagunas3ca

    Quite an increase from $69,850 back in July 2008.

    • Dennis James

      It was a bargain back then, but it had less power and a huge transmission issue, and your warranty was void if you used the launch control :))

  • Craig

    I still love it. [price aside] That said though…. I would imagine -given all these years – that it’s a remarkably reliable car. [Is it?]

    • TheAmerican

      As long as you leave it stock. That may seem like a “well no shit” answer but a lot of people tend to modify this car. I’m not sure how true it is but I’ve heard that the electronics are really finicky and even something as simple as changing tires will make the electronics unhappy.
      I DO know that the transmission isn’t the most reliable though.

      • Fled

        After a 2012 overhaul of some of the oily bits (engine and more importantly, transmission), they have been more or less quite reliable with only the earlier transmissions prone to going, especially those that made generous use of launch mode. 2012+ GTR is still an attainable and reliable super car given the depreciation curves.

  • TheAmerican

    So it’s $10 under $100,000….

    • javier

      right, they should have priced it at 99,999.99, so cheesy

    • Bash

      Yeah, it’s like I’ll take one and,,, you can keep the change. lol

      • DantesLegions

        except there’s taxes, you know…

  • lagunas3ca

    Back then you could never buy one from a Nissan dealer for under $100K anyways. But yes, there is not one single exclusive sports car that can match it even up to a more realistic price point of $120K.

  • Merc1

    Who in their right mind would buy this relic at this point, with all the other great sports cars on the market now? 175K? A fool and their money are soon parted.


    • Seats & a steering wheel

      The $175k Nismo is a unique race car like driving experience with massive performance and by all accounts an epic drive. Some people don’t WANT to be part of the crowd in their same same Audi, Bm or Merc…

    • javier

      yea the base model with a junky 6 speaker stereo is a stretch or spend 10 more and get a bose lol

    • Beastage

      cars like? there is nothing that will best the GTR at this price range.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    Still one of the world’s greatest and unique Supercars that is still relevant 10 years later. I’d have one in a heartbeat..

    • brn

      It has it’s place in history, but I’d never want to own one.

  • TheAmerican

    I looked it up and it showed the inflation amounted to $82k.

  • nastinupe

    I’ll pass. 600 hp isn’t even really special anymore. Give me a slightly used Audi RS7 Performance with 605 hp over this any day.

    • Beastage

      the gtr is still quicker by far off the line at will demolish the audi at the bends.

      • nastinupe

        Meh… I’m aware that the RS7 isn’t as quick or can hold the curves as well, however, the interior and exterior looks 10 times better and the build quality is night and day.

        I’m not sure if you’ve ever driven an RS7 Performance but trust me, you definitely would not miss the GT-R.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    11 years is too long Nissan. Not good enough.

    But damn, it has aged well. Still looks new. I’d take one no questions asked.

  • ErnieB

    This looks way better than that new Porsche 911 .. like others have said I’d take this over and sports car in this price range.. no need to change much .. maybe update the interior a bit more.. don’t mess with greatness!

    • Matt

      ‘Way better?’….that is debatable.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      way better? style is subjective… but the Porsche 911 of ANY year, of any generation is better looking that that bulky, boy racer Nissan GTR.

  • Blade t

    Still love it. The used ones still hold their value ,but Nissan it’s time for a new gtr. I’m just scared how much a new gtr would cost lol..

  • Emoto

    Wow, that is one awful looking car! Zero grace in that design. Just another mash-up of disparate parts. Yuk.

    • Abu Sayyaff

      What a tasteless MF you are … Corvette Fanboy

    • AntBee

      This design has been around since the GT-R was introduced outside of Japan, so you are awfully late to the table. This design has also been taking names and whoopin’ a** since it came out!

      • Emoto

        Performance can be objectively rated, and that’s fine. The “Styling” on the other hand, is so incredibly bad, so completely lacking in beauty or grace, that I find it incredible that a company the size of Nissan, is not capable of giving the car good performance AND a good appearance. Sad.

  • FlameWater

    Thank you Nissan for giving the average Joe Blow something to still dream about having one day.

  • AntBee

    That is not nice.

  • AntBee

    WOW! That interior is something else, it looks like it came straight out of a fighter jet! I love the GT-R, but Nissan, where is the new “Z!?” I hope it gets the 3.8 V6, but I know it will be detuned, which is only right, cannot have it eating Godzilla’s sales.

  • Emoto

    I’m glad you like it. The good news is that I won’t be competing with you to buy one. It is all yours, my friend.

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