Bugatti Veyron’s Parts And Labor Costs Are Insane; A Fuel Tank Will Cost You $43,000!

The cost of Bugatti Veyron replacement parts has intrigued enthusiasts from the moment the French hypercar was released over a decade ago. Crazy figures have been thrown around but due to the limited availability of the car, many details have remained a mystery and become part of popular Bugatti folklore.

Now, thanks to the recent emergence of an EPA certification application from 2014, we know some of the exorbitant costs involved in replacing certain Veyron parts. Unsurprisingly, some of the figures may make your eyes water.

Let’s start with one of the most expensive parts; the fuel tank. If, for any reason, a Bugatti Veyron owner needs a replacement fuel tank, they’ll have to part ways with €17,904 ($20,349) for a new one. If they actually want that tank installed by Bugatti professionals, that’ll add €20,000 ($22,731), bringing the total bill to €37,904 ($43,080). That’s roughly the same price as a brand new Mercedes-AMG A35.

It’s not just a replacement fuel tank that can set Veyron owners back a small fortune.

For example, each of the Veyron’s four turbocharges costs €5640 ($6400) to replace, plus an additional €8000 ($9091) in replacement costs for the labour of replacing a pair. What’s more, each of the two charge air cooler systems costs €7917 ($8996) to replace plus €1800 ($2045) in labour.

What is perhaps even more surprising than the list of certain Veyron parts are the labour costs involved with installing them. For example, the Veyron uses the same boost pressure sensors as vehicles like the VW Golf GTI and Audi A3 and while the sensors cost just €16.50 ($18.75), digging into the engine and replacing them costs €1600 ($1818) in labour each. The camshaft position sensor price is even more extreme. While the part itself costs just €7.92 ($9) and is shared with the Mark IV VW Jetta and Golf, the labour associated with swapping it out for a new one is €5200 ($5909).

If you want to find more crazy prices of Veyron replacement parts, check out the document below.

MY 2011 Bugatti 8.0 liter V16-4V -Veyron – Tier 2 BIN 5 / LEV II LEV


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  • Mr. EP9

    This doesn’t even qualify as rich people problems because the owner will definitely be able to foot the bill.

    • Momogg

      OR, he will buy a new Divo and that’s it.

  • Axel Cortez

    the prices are right, if something goes wrong while doing the work…

  • haji

    If you have to ask…

    • S3XY

      You’re diligent with your money.

    • You are smart? This old macho quote is really dumb.

  • S3XY


    • Mr. EP9

      Not fastest accelerating, sure, but the car held the world record until the SSC Ultimate Aero beat it then the Supersport took it back.

  • Alex

    I suspect this is down to the engineering solutions, which arent meant to aim for cost efficient quick maintenance, but purely for performance. As per an earlier article mentioning how to replace a part thats relatively simple to do on other cars, on a Veyron you have to pull apart half the rear for the same. As for cost on some parts, well they are bespoke, so not surprising.

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