Chris Harris Drives Rolls Royce’s Cullinan And Can’t Hide His Feelings About It

SUVs. You either like them or hate them, and Chris Harris isn’t afraid to admit that he belongs on the second camp during his review of the new Rolls Royce Cullinan.

However, if you happen to be a fan and want the most plush, most luxurious member of the SUV species, then the Rolls Royce Cullinan is the one to go for, there’s no doubt about that.

Rolls Royce managed to inject the Cullinan with its world-dominating engineering when it comes to cabin isolation, making it the quietest, more relaxing car of its kind to drive. It took 100kg (220lbs) of soundproofing material but it apparently works at making the driver and passengers feel fresh, even after crossing a continent.

Despite its humongous footprint and near-three-tonne weight, the Cullinan is also pretty fast; Not alarmingly so, but as fast as you would want an SUV of this size to be. The twin-turbo 6.75-liter V12 produces 563hp (571PS) and 627lb-ft (850Nm) from just 1,600 rpm, in case you were wondering.

You would expect from a Rolls Royce SUV to make no compromises but the Cullinan appears to have made some, particularly in the luggage compartment area. The British car maker opted for a smaller boot in order to make the rear passengers feel more comfortable while the huge spheres of the air suspension further increase the size of the wheel arch intrusions, leaving you with a boot that’s smaller than what you would normally expect from a vehicle of this size.

Then there’s the issue of the styling; while this is a very subjective matter, the Cullinan’s design has proven to be a controversial topic. Harris has rather strong feelings about it but he can’t help but admire the engineering that went into making this behemoth of an SUV.


  • Matteo Tommasi

    This isn’t good looking, but when the moquette is 3cm thick…

  • Andrew Riles

    Whilst I agree with Chris Harris on the styling, it is unmistakably a Rolls Royce…..

    • dilligaf

      with a big hint of BMW. 🙂

  • Bash

    It’s not nice, but if I’m a filthy wealthy guy who want to make a statement and simply can afford it among my other 100 cars. I would say what the heck. I’ll just get me two of those; just for fun.

  • Alx

    For me the thoughtless ergonomics are a bigger issues in a car as well engineered as this, compared to subjectively unappealing looks.

  • alexxx

    Well…Peugeot 5008 and Kia Sportage are better looking….so yeah…it’s ugly…

  • Necmy

    at least as image i would expect bigger rims+tires just like bentayga. İf a car has high price tag it should have big tires. its god order…

  • NE

    It just looks like a whale, to me Rolls conveys power and grace, the Cullinan says big pimping, the lines of the RR saloon flow and suggest power , I would have given the SUV more RR styling. I’d buy a Land Rover “Range Rover” or the Volvo “XC90 Excellence”. With either of the last two they both fallow the spirt of their brand. But that’s just what I’d do if I had the moola. : )

  • rover10

    He says what I immediately thought when first setting eyes on the thing. A warmed over London taxis is the closest description I can come up with. The delamar is not unlike the old Austin 1800. That was a pig to look at yet its package and ride was very impressive. To ride in was very comfortable with its Hydragas suspension and ballroom interior space, but step out of the thing, and it was hoody time complete with sunglasses!!! I would not by a car that embarrassed me to be associated with. A massive restyling programme is the only way forward, to avoid a repeat of the Rolls Corniche demise.

  • Thomas Welcomer

    Why do most car-folks LOVE Chris???

    This right here.

    What he THINKS and to hell about offending PLUS a reason WHY.

    Yes we enjoy ANY review by this driving machine disguised as an Englishman.

    More please….

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