Chrysler Crossfire Cuts Across Two Lanes Of Traffic And Smashes Into A Barrier

The Chrysler Crossfire is the epitome of the ill-fated “merger of equals” between Chrysler and Daimler-Benz, but there’s one less of them on the road thanks to a driver whose skill didn’t meet their expectations.

As you can see in this dashcam video, a Crossfire was cruising in the left hand lane when a slower moving Chevrolet Impala changed lanes in front of them. Instead of slowing down, the Crossover’s driver decided to cut across two lanes of traffic to get ahead of everyone.

This turned out to be a horrible decision as the driver lost control after successfully darting between two other vehicles. There’s no word on what caused this to happen, but it’s possible the driver simply overcorrected.

Regardless, the Crossfire rapidly smashes into the concrete divider. This spews wreckage across the highway and the car eventually comes to a stop in the center lane.

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The driver of the Crossfire slowly exits the vehicle and we can get a glimpse of the model which has suffered significant front end damage. As a couple cars stop to check on the driver, the owner of the dashcam-equipped vehicle calls the Ohio State Highway Patrol to report the crash.

There’s no word on the condition of the driver, but the accident occurred two years ago and recently resurfaced on Reddit.  However, the fact they got out of the vehicle suggests they were unharmed or only received minor injuries


  • Jason Miller

    Considering the audio was cut before the camera car caught up to him and then came back after, along with the speed of the car increasing before the incident, going to have to say they were racing. Camera car let off because they were catching traffic and the Crossfire decided to be a douche and paid the price.

    • chuck2

      x2.. Look at the speed they both came up on traffic and the rate the stripes began to pass. They were both on it.

  • E Gold

    What a tosser. I cannot imagine why it would even rotate like that. Not a sharp bend at all. I reckon the squarehead dropped his phone and/or his vape 🤗

  • no25

    ahhhh the Crossfire – definitely on the list as one of the cars people may have forgotten existed.

    • Jay

      Not for me a coworker of mine has two of them. Ones an SRT.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Funny how you see this sort of attitude the world over. People hanging in the ‘fast’ or overtaking lanes and then getting all p1ssy because someone dared ‘undertake’ them, even though they are going slower and should be in the primary lane.

    • Jason Miller

      They were racing.

      • Knotmyrealname


      • JL T0x

        Nah, doubt it. Typical silly hwy situation in Ohio – this video is in Akron. Somebody driving slow in the Left/Passing lane. They then speed up (abruptly) to not let anyone overtake & pass them. Why?! I have to go around these jerks – holding up traffic – maybe 5x going to work & 10x coming home everyday.

  • baigow

    Definetely they were racing

  • Tan Lee

    One less Crossfire on the road. I feel good about that😊

  • Jay

    I think he would’ve had less issues had he said call the police.

  • Big Black Duck

    So it was a …Misfire?

  • Major Lee Gassole

    I never want anyone to get injured in these types of incidents, especially the passengers who have no control over the driver or anyone else in the area. I can, however, appreciate the instant karma for driving as recklessly as this. Completely at fault and they will pay the price(s): price of a new/used car and paying off anything remaining on their car loan, massive insurance price hike for them, legal fines, and hopefully losing their license… permanently.

    Some teenager came flying towards me the other day on our narrow two-lane road in a WRX. Covered in tacky mods and driving in my lane so he could hit the apex around the corner. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw him starting to slide around the corner after our close call. He got it under control, but just missed going off the edge of a hill and into a boulder-strewn river. I hope that clenched his sphincter long enough to get him to slow down from now on. I know that won’t be the case, but one can hope.

  • DMax

    We have a lift off… oversteer

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