SUV Driver Misjudges Exit, Smashes Into Concrete Divider And Flips Over

If you find yourself in doubt about anything when driving, for instance if you’re worried you’ll miss your exit, the best thing you can do is not panic, or else you risk making bad decisions.

This crash occurred recently in San Francisco, California, and as you see courtesy of somebody’s dashcam, the driver of that SUV steered directly into the center divider.

At first, it almost looks as if the car is slowly inching towards the divider, which might indicate that the driver was aware of the fast-approaching exit. Then again, if they were, why wouldn’t they steer in the right direction? We could speculate and throw all sorts of scenarios out there, from texting to nodding off, or perhaps some type of medical issue, and we’d be none the wiser.

Either way, the impact was so violent, it caused the vehicle to flip over. We can only hope that its occupants were wearing their seat belts, the airbags deployed and that nobody was seriously injured.

What made this worse is that, in that part of the road, it was nigh impossible for other motorists to pull over and help, so the occupants of the SUV would probably have to wait for emergency services to arrive.


  • D3X

    Passenger small overlap crash test…. made real goddamn.

    • D3X

      Reason I mention this is that IIHS and NCAP have been cracking down on this because of the severe discrepancy between Driver and Passenger sides crash results.

  • jason wu

    Is that the exit to Treasure Island? If not, it’s very similar to that exit which is easily missed.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      More like Davy Jones’ locker!

  • Sébastien

    Doesn’t take much to caused a vehicle to flip over… Even less when it’s high like a SUV.
    Laws of physics always win.

  • LJ

    Navigation: Take the exit on your left, back there.”

  • robotlogic

    It’s simply amazing just how horrifically bad and devoid of driving skill some drivers are.

  • There might be an issue with light when driver comes from shiny sunny day into a dark low-light tunnel, for someone it may take few seconds to get used to new light conditions but the tunnel on the video has too short way for left turn.

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