First McLaren Senna Destroyed By Fire, Was Owned By YouTuber Salomondrin

The first recorded incident of a McLaren Senna burning down occurred this week.  The exotic hypercar was owned by YouTube personality Salomondrin and it was destroyed by a fire in Los Angeles.

There are limited details about the incident available at this early stage but a series of images of the car were shared across Reddit. They confirm that the hypercar is indeed the one which Salomondrin, real name Alejandro Salomon, took delivery of just a few days ago.

Speaking briefly about the incident on his Instagram story, Salomon denied claims that he crashed the car or that someone else crashed into it. This statement seems to be backed up by the images of the car which don’t show any obvious signs of a crash.

Instead, the pictures just show what appears to have been a fire that was triggered in the engine bay and soon spread throughout the hypercar.

Images of the car’s rear show that much of the fascia, decklid and engine bay are nothing but a melted mess. The fire also spread into the cabin which has also been destroyed with melted plastics and damaged carbon fiber immediately visible.

Interestingly, much of the car’s front appears to have been untouched by the blaze, indicating that fire crews arrived on the scene quite quickly and were able to extinguish the flames before the entire car was engulfed.

Salomon’s McLaren Senna is immediately identifiable thanks to its silver paint scheme that includes accents finished in yellow, green, and carbon fiber.

Carscoops has contacted Salomon for additional information about the incident. We will update this story when we hear back.

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Images courtesy of Imgur

  • Captain America

    That’ll BUFF OUT…..Right?

    • tkindred

      Looks way more serious than that. Might need some Bondo.

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Couldn’t have happen to a nicer guy!

  • Jason Panamera

    It’s Farshad’s persian oil what really caused this fire.

    • Six_Tymes


    • Honda NSX-R

      HAHHAHHAHHHHHAHAHHA!!! I wish I could like your comment more than once 😂 👍👍

      • Jason Panamera

        Make 2nd account then 🙂

        • Tim Manning

          Done 😉

  • Six_Tymes

    no one was hurt, that’s good. poor car.

  • Mr. EP9

    I wonder, how he’s taking the news?

    • BlackPegasus

      He’s in his studio coming up with a clickbait video that will get over a million views.

      • S3XY

        And you and I will watch it

  • BlackPegasus

    No worries here folks. Salomondrin will make a YouTube video about this incident and earn enough ad money from youtube to buy a new one for freee.

    • Mr. EP9


    • ace_9

      I don’t think it’s possible to live a life, where buying a Senna is one of the attainable things, just from youtube ad revenue… It is the impression that many youtubers want to achieve to hide the real – main source of money. Besides, he does not even need money for a new car. I presume it was well insured.

      • Jason Panamera

        As far as I know he had millions before making youtube contemt.

        • ace_9

          Yes, that’s what I was saying and I would assume so. I say “assume”, because I didn’t really hear about him before this article… I HATE narcissists on youtube, so I don’t know practically anyone who behaves that way.

    • Kate E

      It’s a publicity stunt

    • BMichaels

      he’d need a almost a billion views.

    • tj

      youtube views will not cover it

  • ace_9

    Well, he will just buy another one. But manufacturers should probably start integrating automatic fire suppression systems. It could have detachable bottles with fire retardant to get rid of some weight during performance driving done by professional drivers and car reviewers. And then, when the car will be actually sold to the good people with more dirty and blood money, that they can handle, it will be nicely protected and a few kilograms of additional weight would not matter anyway.

  • robotlogic

    Suicide by fire seems to be the supercar way.

    • Six_Tymes

      can you blame the cars? being driven by dbags

  • Bash


  • Blade t

    Wow that’s crazy, just watched the delivery video last week. I wonder how much insurance pays on a new exotic like that..

  • S3XY

    See, gas car fires happen all the time that it’s just a common thing and it’s no big deal.

  • donald seymour

    Anybody thinking insurance scam?

    • Mr. EP9

      I don’t see insurance covering the entire cost of the vehicle. I don’t think Salomondrin is that stupid.

      • Kate E

        It’s called clickbait scam

    • дапвт

      Insurance scams are done by people who barely afford a car. It’s not done by someone who buys a new supercar every 4 weeks.

      • BMichaels

        pretty sure he finances or leases his cars which would make sense since he doesn’t even own his house only rents.

        • Matt

          no one in their right mind buys a supercar outright if theres a choice. The money is more valuable then the interest paid over a financing term. Also the interest is a tax write off anyways if he purchased it under a company.

  • eb110americana

    Hmm, this makes me like the Senna a little more. Feature: spontaneously combusts when driven by obnoxious douche bags.

  • i hope nobody got injured.
    karma? when you talk trash about other car manufactures!

  • Zandit75

    I’m wondering if he was sitting there showing off how the engine revs??

    • gbacoder

      Trying to get it a flame form the exhaust? A few too many flames occured. Whoops.

  • GobbleUp

    Lame vid coverage bro.


    Wouldn’t associate McLaren with quality control issues.
    Oh wait…

    • gbacoder

      Ferrari have a worse than 1 in 500 fire ratio, that’s for sure.

  • SteersUright

    So pompous in all of his videos…cant say I really care.

  • VSD 奥け遺

    You know this makes me scared for Shmee150, because he ordered a Senna AND a Ford GT, which one caught on fire after 40 miles.
    But you know if you mistreat your car there’s consequences.
    #PrayforShm-I mean Salomondrin aha

    • 12333444333

      I cannot understand your garbled post

      • VSD 奥け遺

        Shmee ordered a Senna and a new Ford GT, the GT has been know to have caught on fire more than once.
        If you can’t read I’m sorry that’s not my fault.

    • tj

      well Shmee got the newer build of the Senna 281 maybe so im sure it has a better build quility than this one which was an early production one

  • BlackRock

    100% on purpose
    This guy is after more subscriber and viewership, and I’m sure this burn “accident” is meant to bring him more fame

  • Bad Hombre

    In his latest video, he claims he paid an extra $500K (aftermarket premium) because McLaren wouldn’t sell him one. Eff Solomondrin…his arrogance precedes him.

    • ygoman

      he’s arrogant because he paid the market price for a car he wanted? You’re an envious little moron

      • Bad Hombre

        Not because he overpaid for the car…that’s the price to play. He’s cut off all comments from his YouTube channel…that’s arrogance.

        • ygoman

          he turned off comments because morons like you came in with negativity for no reason other than to be negative… and how does turning comments off make him arrogant? It’s his channel, he can do whatever he wants with it… you’re an idiot

          • Bad Hombre

            Is Solomondrin so weak he appointed you his defender? I don’t comment on his channel…I like to read what others have to say…and, I’m not so soft as to be offended by comments…as is Solomondrin. It’s the subscribers hat got Solomondrin to where he is…the channel will ultimately suffer without subscriber engagement.

  • Stan Marantz

    Since he could careless about his American You Tube channel, I can careless about him and his cars. I’m sure he has a video about what lead up to this fire, but if none ever surfaces than I would say he was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. The only one if feel sorry for is the car.

  • haji

    Now that we have only 498 left, the premium will increase even more!

  • gbacoder

    The vibator he bought the day he picked up the car had an electrical fault. It ignited some masks stored nearby.

  • Shtekeris

    Oh man, some of the comments… Just, whatever guys. It’s his car, his channel, whatever happened happened. As for the Senna, it’s sad either way. Though let’s be real, super hyper duper cars are not that great with quality. Ferrari, lambo, Mclaren, every one of them has issues regularly. I don’t even get why are they so expensive and admired. Most of them seem unreliable as f*** and cost sh*t ton of money to maintain. You can get about 40 Type-R’s for that money or something, and you still don’t have a road to go full speed with that.

    • Silimarina

      This type of cars are pushed to the limits of engineering. Let’s not forget that normal cars also go up in flames, but they don’t make good headlines because no one fu*king cares. Plus this type of cars go up in value, not down like normal cars. You can double your money with a car like this after few years. So yeah go drive your 40 type-r’s and lose 10-20% value each year

  • tj

    looks like this car model is cursed!

  • Silimarina

    Yeah but in a Toyota you will be miserable and you will lose money. With this type of cars you make money(if they don’t cache fire),the value of this exotic cars go up, not down like most cars.

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