The Grand Tour Has Been Renewed For Season 4, But Its Drastically Changing Formats

The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime with an all-new season next month and it appears this won’t be the last time we see the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

In a tweet noticed by Jalopnik, the show posted a message from Amazon saying “We’re excited to announce that we have renewed The Grand Tour for season 4, and [are] proud that Prime Video will continue to be the home of Jeremy, Richard and James for years to come.” The tweet went on to say the upcoming season will “see the guys ditch the tent to take on big adventure road trips that we know Prime members will love.”

The latter part of the message is a bit cryptic, but The Sun reports the show, as we know it, is effectively over. Instead of doing traditional reviews and studio segments, upcoming seasons of The Grand Tour will reportedly consist of at least four specials per year for the next two years. In essence, after season 3, the show will revolve around a handful of “big budget specials” rather than ten or so hour long episodes.

Speaking with the publication, Clarkson said “It’s a really sad day. I will miss the banter with each other and with the audience.” However, he acknowledged things need to change as “we’ve been doing that show for effectively 17 years — sitting around in studios, watching cars race around the track.”

Upcoming seasons are expected to focus on long road trips which are among the most popular with audiences. That’s a pretty big change, but Clarkson said “There are only so many times you can watch a BMW go round the track — what more can you say? It’s got four wheels and a seat.” He also joked “I’m 58 and I’m too fat to be climbing on to the stage.”

  • I also like the tent, and the celebrities racing each others was fun.

  • Mike S

    Top Gear, as we knew it, is gone. Those three WERE Top Gear; the current crop of hosts at The Beeb haven’t got what it takes to make us forget about Clarkson, Hammond, and May. Anyway, it was, pardon the pun, a good ride. Nothing lasts forever. I do rather miss the beautiful British honeys surrounding our three numbskulls every episode; that tent thing just didn’t have the same appeal. The studio audiences will miss them, too, I’m sure.

  • StrangerGP

    Not for me then. I always liked Top Gear (and some of The Grand Tour) for single car reviews. Skipped most of the rest including (heavily) scripted ‘race across the country’ episodes.

  • I have to say I’m completely ok with this. Always enjoyed these top gear and grand tour specials where they go on these long road trips. I find this is a smart move because today in the time of youtube you are bombarded with all kinds of car reviews and this segment just doesn’t make much sense on a TV format where you watch something you already saw months ago. And the road trips are always super interesting, there is always this brilliant British humour and something you can’t see anywhere else. These adventures are the real bits that show the friendship between them and their personalities, and where I laugh my ass off. Can’t wait!

  • SgtBeavis

    I really don’t have a problem with this. I’d like to see a new episode every quarter. Their specials have always been the best thing to me and they always go all out. The only part I have enjoyed of GT’s audience segments have been Conversation Street. That I will genuinely miss.

  • drc

    These guys DO have the special sauce, the problem with their shows is they have become too scripted, which makes them come off as clowns. You watch the older stuff, where it was more ab lib and guys messing with cars, its very good. Maybe they can find the magic again….

  • Enter Ranting

    Clarkson is only 58?! He looks like 108.

    • Fabián Montiel

      That’s exactly what I thought. He looks way much older.

      • benT

        He looks like …?

  • DMax

    I actually welcome the change, I like the specials. People say it’s scripted, well duh, you know that movies are all scripted right? Lmao. I hope there won’t be any celebrity interview crap, always hated that part and fast forwarded.

    • Unpopular opinion but early adventure weren’t feel scripted like now.

  • Six Thousand Times

    That makes a lot of sense. The lads were at their best on epic adventures.

    • benT

      Rating boost for sure if they do. and stick a TV in the zoo.

  • I genuinely fall asleep last time I watch TGT (or TG to be fair).

  • Shahul Usman

    Nice, like the top gear USA format was with Rut/Tanner &Adam.. im excited for the new season and then the season 4 specials.. my all time fav top gear was the Africa special (river nile search with the wagons)

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