Honda S2000 Sustains Serious Damage After Dropping Off Workshop Lift

For a properly trained car mechanic, get a car onto a hydraulic lift is one of the easiest parts of the job. Unfortunately, it seems one of the mechanics working at the shop from the clip below forgot some of their basic training.

This clip comes courtesy of TheSupercarSuspects channel on YouTube and shows a bright yellow Honda S2000’s that’s been badly damaged. Sad doesn’t even begin to subscribe it.

While there’s no footage of the S2000 falling off the lift, the uploader says that he only purchased the Japanese sports car a few months ago and that it was in the shop to have a new clutch fitted. Rather than finding a freshly-repaired Honda when he returned to the shop, he saw his prized car resting on its side with significant damage.

It remains unclear just how the car slipped off the lift but one of the gentlemen in the video says that a shop employee initially claimed that the lift broke, but then changed his story to say that the car indeed slipped off. The latter seems the most likely explanation explamatopm, while the first is just another case of someone trying to cover up his mistake.

No matter what made the Honda fall to the floor, it’s obvious that it will take quite a bit of repairing. The video shows that the droptop has suffered extensive damage. The dual tailpipes have been crushed and the rear bumper badly damaged, suggesting that the car slipped off backward before tumbling over to the side, plus it has a broken windshield, destroyed hood, wrecked front and rear quarter panels and heavily dented doors. Fluid can also be seen leaking out from under the hood.

The owner says the car was most likely totaled but it’s hard to know if that’s true or not. Nevertheless, it seems apparent that the mechanic shop will soon be swamped with insurance and legal bills…


  • Bash

    Damn! Walking in to a workshop and seeing your daily average car on its side like that is sure a valid legit reason to go crazy and stand beside the car owner. Not to mention the car is not an average daily one!!!
    I’m sure they’ll fix it. They have to. And that’s the least they should do.

    • bryceee

      You wouldn’t want it back,
      as it would never drive the same.
      Better to get paid out and buy again.

  • NCC 1701-C Dodge Stealth R/T

    Man the incompetence is growing exponentially these days…..

  • Mike anonymous

    I understand that us in the comment sections may make mistakes such as this. But I really feel that for a auto-motive journalism site, that maybe you should look over your articles before publishing them. (I’m not saying it to be rude, but just some advice).

    To catch mistakes such as this, maybe have an editor read over your work for you. Typically it is easier for someone else to catch your mistakes than for you to do so on your own. Anyways hope this helps regarding future articles.

  • OUCH.

    • bryceee

      Good back story,
      sorry your attention span can’t last that long.

  • Mr. EP9

    I’d be so angry if that was my car.

    • Bo Hanan

      One of my worst nightmares.

  • Kyle Newberry

    Well someone lost their job.

  • Paul

    Ooops, what a bummer.

  • Adam


  • I’d like to look at the shop’s surveillance footage.

  • baigow

    Great soundtrack though

  • Dana W


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