Suzuki Turns New Jimny Into A Mini Pickup Truck

Suzuki has sat on the sidelines long enough watching aftermarket companies have fun with its all-new Jimny.

It is now the Japanese automaker’s turn to reveal the first custom concepts based on the diminutive off-roader. Scheduled to debut at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon in mid-January, the two Jimny builds are both quirky and attractive — as are most creations teased for this edition of the show.

The first concept is called Jimny Survive and is based on the JDM model powered by the 0.66-liter turbocharger three-cylinder engine — the one classified as a Kei car. As the name and looks suggest, this is a rugged vehicle designed to operate in extreme conditions.

Notice the protections for the headlights, steel front bumper equipped with a winch and tow hooks, outer roll cage, rear window delete, and aftermarket wheels shod with off-road tires. This Jimny looks like it’s capable of doing some serious stuff, despite packing just a 63 hp (64 PS) engine.

The second custom study is based on the Jimny Sierra, the wide-body model sold in other parts of the world with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. It’s called the Jimny Sierra Pickup Style and it envisions a retro-styled tiny workhorse — notice the wooden panels on the sides.

The Jimny “truck” features a body-colored grille, rugged-looking front bumper with tow hooks, and additional LED lights mounted on the roof. Suzuki doesn’t provide details regarding the bed size, but we wouldn’t count on the Jimny Sierra Pickup Style to carry more than two or three backpacks.

Besides the two Jimny-based concepts, Suzuki will also reveal the Swift Sport Yellow Rev which apparently is all about the yellow paint — exclusive to the show car.

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  • SgtBeavis

    That wood paneling is the best thing about it.

  • Ben

    Damn, amazing just got better! Does anyone know if its just a monetary issue for me to import a new Jimny or red legal tape that would prevent the importation, regardless of cash?

    • Ken Lyns

      Red legal tape. Jimny doesn’t meet US regulations (engine emissions, crash safety, stability control system, etc.). Not sure why you want one? It isn’t all that capable off-road, limited by low ground clearance and small tires.

      • Ben

        I’ve got a proper off-roader, Toyota 4Runner. However, I’d like something a bit smaller for running about. Also…because it looks niffty.

        • Ken Lyns

          Better choices for running about, like 3rd gen RAV4 with 270 hp V6. Can also try importing a 1994 or earlier Land Cruiser 70-series from Mexico.

  • Bash

    Can it get any more cooler!

    • Jay

      Why yes it can. Simply put it in the fridge. 👍

      • Bash


    • Dennis Scipio

      I think the pickup version of the Jimny looks rather cute.

      • Bash

        Absolutely and totally agree with you. That’s my favorite so far. Too bad it’s not real though.

  • Jorge A. Nunez

    They can’t miss this opportunity… name it Timmy

    • Emoto

      HAHAHA! wait, you mean Timny?

  • no25

    Toyota FJ Cruiser, is that you?

    • EM1

      Hopefully FJ Cruiser junior.

  • Andrew Riles

    If Suzuki made a LWB version of the pickup like they did in the 80s and 90s, they’d be onto a winner I think…..

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Awww… <3

  • charlotteharry57

    Can you say “tippy”? Soon to be “topsy-turvy”. Surprised GMC is OK with the name.

  • john1168

    I love these! Too bad they don’t sell them in the US.

  • KareKakk

    So, Hummer H2 and H3 finally gets a baby, and shall be called… Survive?

  • Six_Tymes

    the pickup looks super

  • Paul

    I’d buy that for a dollar. Clowning aside, I think it’s really cool and I wish we could get these little Suzuki’s back in the USofA..

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