Subaru WRX STI S209 Limited Edition Confirmed For Detroit Show

Subaru will launch a more track-focused version of the WRX STI in the United States next year, with the special edition to make its world premiere at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, on January 14.

Named the Subaru WRX STI S209, it will be offered in a limited number, though the Japanese company refrained from telling us how many will be put together or for that matter, any other specific details such as how much power it will have.

What we do get is a teaser image. It shows the grille of the car, with the ‘S209’ badge sitting on the lower left side, and some red detailing meant to emphasize its sportier character. Elsewhere, we expect it to get a slightly updated body kit and a massive rear wing, as revealed in a previous teaser video.

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In the power department, the 2020 Subaru WRX STI S209 will probably have at least 325 horses. This will place it above the Type RA version of the car, whose 2.5-liter engine produces 310 hp. Nevertheless, it’s still inferior to the 380 hp expected from the Japan-only TC 380, and its 2.0-liter boxer engine.

Pricing for the first Subaru WRX STI ‘S’ sold in the United States, after the S207 and S208, could start at $45,000, or perhaps even more. Keep in mind that the Subaru WRX Limited currently has an MSRP of $41,395, while the base WRX STI can be had from $36,595.


  • dolsh

    $45k seems like a *really* expensive way to get to 325 HP. Can’t help but think it should be $10k less these days (likely holds true for all the STIs now).

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Considering it is a limited edition it would probably have a cult following and be instantly collectible. So $45k is not bad?

      • dolsh

        I don’t think that makes $45k better…but may provide reason why it’ll sell out easily.

        • Andrewthecarguy

          Yep. In this day and age though, $45k is the new $40k.
          A fully loaded KIA Stinger approaches $50k, though dealers are discounting them.

  • Bash

    Interesting but not really waiting for it.

  • Blade t

    45k for an sti ? No thanks..

  • Craig

    Subaru needs to get serious. Or just forget the idea altogether. Perhaps it should just make underpowered, CVT equipped family wagons.

  • Trackhacker

    I love all the negative comments. You do now that keiichi tsychiya drove the s208 and said it was the best awd on the market and felt incredible on the touge. I don’t know ow what you people expect from the STI. It’s the same pathetic negativity for the BRZ. I owned a BRZ and loved it. Don’t agree with the negativity from car enthusiasts towards there cars. You should all focus and complain more about how unreliable luxury cars have become.

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