World’s Most Ridiculous Tailpipes Make Fart Cans Look Sensible

Hey, buddy, is that thing even road legal? Because seen as how this modded exhaust system is actually functional, it’s safe to say that crashing into the back of this pickup would be…problematic.

The truck was spotted on the I-4 in Orlando by one of our readers, who told us:

“Today while driving on I-4 in Orlando, I saw this pickup with the craziest exhaust. I can only imagine someone sitting around saying, ‘you call that a tailpipe??? This is a tailpipe.’ That just after he managed to take the picture, the vehicle accelerated and fumes came out of this contraption. I’m not sure what the point is but bless the crazies in Florida. ”

What we want to know is why on Earth would somebody ever think this mod was a good idea.

Also, so much for this driver’s contribution to helping out the environment by getting around in something that’s maybe a little less likely to straight up murder the air we breathe. Or at least do it in a way that’s not so painfully obvious, as plenty of other drivers do, unfortunately.

In the end, we realize that this type of mod was unlikely to turn out in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Sure, you could easily install a set of large yet less extreme-looking tailpipes – we’ve seen pickup trucks with side-mounted custom exhausts or even vertical ones like on semis – however nether of those looked quite this silly.

We reckon that the first thing that needs removing is that ginormous white pipe. Not only does it inhibit the truck’s ability to absorb contact during a possible rear end collision, but it also serves no logical purpose.

Thanks to Dave for the picture!

  • KareKakk

    It’s bumper! Doubling as a muffler! 12 points from the Norwegian jury for using whatever lying somewhere in the shed and solving the problem of something.

    • Perry F. Bruns

      I’d have this before Truck Nutz.

  • 63A510

    If you look closely, it’s simply an ornament welded to a hitch attachment. None of the pipes are connected to anything.

    • paulgdeaton

      Did you miss the part that said, “That just after he managed to take the picture, the vehicle accelerated and fumes came out of this contraption. I’m not sure what the point is but bless the crazies in Florida”?

  • Dennis James

    Looks like a sewage waste pipe. Maybe the guy has just bought that pipe from Home Depot and was just carrying it home ? 🙂

  • Ary Wisesa

    Hey, it’s his/her right to do anything to his/her car, as long as the car doesn’t disturb anyone.

    • paulgdeaton

      Not when he/she/it does so in a manner that destroys the air we all have to breathe.

  • Matteo Magrini

    what if it is a fishing poles holder or similar?

  • Howfarr

    Maybe he thinks rolling-coal is literal and he’s just collecting all that coal to burn at home.

  • benT

    plumbers gotta plumb !

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