2020 Corvette C8 Rumored To Make Surprise Debut On January 14

Hardly a week goes by without the forums digging for something new or simply fabricating stuff about the upcoming Chevrolet Corvette C8.

Hold on to your chairs because this time, a Corvette Forum user called “Zerv02” claims the mid-engine Vette will make a surprise debut on January 14, the first media day of the Detroit Auto Show. “Surprise unveil on the 14th, stay tuned,” he wrote on the forum on January 3.

If the username sounds familiar to you, it’s because Zerv02 is the same guy who launched the shocking rumor about the Corvette C8 having a base price of $169,900. With that in mind, we should take his latest “intel” with a grain of salt. Especially since Zerv02 claims both the coupe and spider versions of the C8 Corvette will debut at the alleged unveiling event later this month.

The trouble is there’s no GM press conference on January 14 at NAIAS. The automaker’s only event is on January 13 for Cadillac. Unless GM plans to pull a “Ford GT” and surprise everyone by revealing the Corvette C8 in Detroit, though a more plausible scenario would be a teaser formally announcing the car and pointing to a reveal date.

Either way, it’s hard to take this new rumor seriously given that not so long ago a report said the 2020 Corvette would have its debut delayed by six months because of issues with the electrical system. Of course, Chevrolet could show the mid-engine Corvette already and still have time to solve the alleged electrical problems before the start of deliveries.

Don’t get us wrong, we’d be delighted if Zerv02 was right — partly because we’d finally get to see Chevrolet’s most-anticipated car in ages and partly because that would put an and to the never-ending stream of rumors and speculation.

There’s only one way to find out whether Zerv02 is right and that is to stay tuned to Carscoops, obviously. Until we get something new to report with regard to the Corvette C8, we’ll leave you with a batch of new renderings courtesy of Chazcron from the MidEngineCorvetteForum.

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  • lagunas3ca

    “massive grain of salt” is a contradiction ffs.

    • DMax

      It’s called oxymoron ffs.

  • Rzrlf

    The fact that you have to resort to the same reditor with 0 credibility is a reach.

  • Hitchens2

    This has to be the only website that would report on what one guy (who is very likely wrong) said on a forum. What kind of source is that? Anyone can say anything. Makes for sensationalist headlines though

    • Kate E

      They’re trying to meet news reporting quotas regardless of the garbage

      • Mr. EP9

        I wouldn’t even call it news, they’re just pushing out articles for the sake of it.


  • Kate E

    This site is becoming a troll factory full of fake news.

  • Mr. EP9

    I know this site has zero credibility and wouldn’t know the first thing about proper journalism but damn is it so obvious with these C8 stories. Rumor mills and baseless speculations and you’re running with it. Pathetic.

    • ErnieB

      Shit up

  • SpongeBob99Swell


    …something fishy is going on here…

  • DMax

    Whenever it debuts, my body is ready.

  • getoffme

    Compare this article to a Supra one and you’ll see immediate differences with the comment section.

    “Not interested anymore”

  • JBsC6

    Looks good. Hope this story for a January reveal is accurate.

  • john1168

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t know who this zerv02 is and don’t follow him but I find this statement along with his previous price estimate statement on this C8 to be rather outlandish.

    As for this article being “news”, it’s not. But a lot of other automotive blog sites are posting this info as well so there you go.

  • ErnieB

    This is the car of 2019! Now.. redesign that ugly camaro..

    • Zandit75

      Fanboi found.

      • ErnieB

        Yup.. but really more of a ford guy, just think this c8 will be pretty awesome..


  • ron98

    i hope not like that

  • StrangerGP

    Confirmed to be ugly.

  • Bash

    Not a surprise anymore and frankly I’m still not feeling it and honestly don’t care anymore.

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