And America’s Best Selling Muscle Car Of 2018 Is….

The Ford Mustang was the best-selling muscle car in the United States last year but even more notably, the Dodge Challenger enjoyed its best year of sales since being re-introduced in 2008.

Throughout last year, Dodge managed to shift a total of 66,716 Challengers across the country, beating out the previous sales record of 66,377 from 2015. Compared to 2017, sales were up 3 per cent, a rather remarkable feat when you consider that the Challenger hasn’t undergone any series updates for over a decade.

However, Dodge has managed to keep buyers interested in the Challenger by frequently releasing new and exciting variants, including an all-wheel drive model and the range-topping Challenger Demon, delivering a mesmerizing 808 hp to make it a force to be reckoned with at the drag strip.

As for the Mustang, Ford managed to shift a total of 75,842 examples throughout the U.S. to take the muscle car crown. Interestingly, that figure is actually 7.4 per cent less than 2017 and could be because some aren’t overly keen on the looks of the facelifted model. Alternatively, it is possible that some buyers are waiting out for the impending Mustang Shelby GT500 set to arrive in 2019.

Coming home in third place was the Chevrolet Camaro. In 2018, Chevrolet managed to sell 50,963 examples, a huge 25 per cent decrease on what it was able to sell in 2017. Last year, the automaker introduced a facelift to the Camaro range but many customers were left disgruntled by the new look, forcing the company to begin work on a facelift for the facelift.

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  • SgtBeavis

    The Camaro is in a sad state when a 10 year old design is outselling it.

    That said, the Challenger’s design is ageing extremely well.

    • TheAmerican
      • Jhon electron

        You’r right! The Challenger is a design masterpiece!

        • khc

          When a design is just-right, right from the start, it’s smart to leave it alone (and ignore those who always demand change merely for the sake of change).

          • Jhon electron


    • Michael_66589

      They made look current Mustang and Camaro look so generic and global. Not like us muscle car. Challenger is old as hell but got identity and great design. Also there is lack of V6 for budget buyers in Mustang portfolio.

      • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

        Its been proven that no one cares about a V6.

        The Ecoboost Mustang outperforms the V6 Challenger by a HUGE margin.

        • Stephen G

          i gotta tell you it’s probably about even. When there is a Mustang behind me at a traffic light he is behind me at the next traffic light and vise versa. My Challenger just looks better driving from light to light.

  • ErnieB

    There are only 2 American muscle cars that matter .. the mustang and the challenger.

    • DMax

      Lol, the Camaro matters to the 50k people who bought it last year. Who cares if it sells less that the other two, it’s a superior car in every way except practicality and maybe straight line speed compared to Hellcat. Plus it still outsells all other sports cars.

      • LJ

        It’s the superior car except it’s slower and harder to live with. Got it.

  • Jay

    The mustang is where it’s at. As for the Camaro, after it’s facelift, to this day I’ve only seen two being driven around. It’s worth mentioning that I’m on the road over nine hours a day. The pre facelift mustang is seen quite a bit but not as much as a post facelifted mustang. They’re literally everywhere in Pa, USA.

    • ErnieB

      I like the pre face lift mustang best although the new isn’t bad— still miles better looking than the ugly Camaro.

  • brn

    Isn’t the Mustang also the best selling sports car in the world?

  • Blade t

    How many mustangs crashed at cars and coffee events in 2018 ? 😀😀

    • Mr. EP9

      Too many because their owners are idiots.

    • mihsf

      Hence the high sales, they need to replace the crashed ones

    • LJ

      Can’t crash Camaros if no one buys them.

      • ErnieB

        Very logical response

  • Mr. EP9

    The Mustang is okay, although I’m still not a big fan of the front end. But I suppose that will eventually make its way onto the GT350 and the upcoming GT500 in the form of an inevitable face lift sometime in the future.

    The Challenger still looks good despite its age.

    The Camaro is just ugly all around and they had to make a face lift of a face lift. That’s just sad. At least the ZL1 will remain virtually untouched albeit with different tail lights.

  • Bash

    Isn’t that a great news.


    Time for GM to revive the Firebird….

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Is anyone surprised? It isn’t because it is a good car.

    FCA has $5,000+ laying on the hood of the BASE model before negotiations even start. Americans don’t give a shit if something is good, just as long as they can get it for cheap. Challengers are incredibly cheap.

    • LJ

      The exact opposite is actually true… Americans are willing to shell out more money for a better product.

      Don’t assume that because you’re cheap, everyone else is as well.

  • Henry father

    NO ONE industry in the world is able to offer 3 sports coupe with massive V-8 and all it has these three supercoupes ,and most important,for the price…THE BEST BANG TO THE BUCK of all times … anyone quest?

  • U8INIT

    The Challenger has aged magnificently well…

    • Enter Ranting

      And has the highest quality interior of the three.

  • john1168

    If the rumors are true that Corvette will become its own brand with more than one vehicle, that might give Chevy breathing room to do more with the Camaro so as not to step on the toes of whatever Corvettes being built. If true, hopefully we’ll see much better designed Camaro in the future and hence more sales of it…..maybe…

  • atomicbri

    The crazy thing is the Challenger is selling this amount in just the one body style. Both Mustang and Camaro have the Coupe and Convertible. I wonder if the Challenger would have had a convertible how many more would they have sold?

    • john1168

      I always thought the Challenger would make a fantastic convertible.

    • Bullitt2605

      I thought they were bringing back the Cuda and making it a convertable?

  • Six Thousand Times

    That’s a problem – for Chevy. Your new Camaro can’t outsell a crappy old Dodge. I mean a Dodge for chrissake.

  • bd0007

    The problem for the Camaro was the move to the Alpha platform (which also had impacted ATS and CTS sales).

    The interior was tight/claustrophobic w/ the rear seats pretty much useless except to carry some stuff.

    Didn’t matter that the Camaro was the best handler of the 3 when it was impractical (practicality is something that the ancient Challenger has w/ its spacious rear compartment).

    • Bullitt2605

      I am a Mustang guy and trust me the back seats may be more useful than the Camaro’s but that sure doesn’t mean there useful for anything other than very short distances. The Camaro is often the better performer of the two but has never been the better seller except briefly when it came back on the market. The Mustang is simply a better day to day car.

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