Dodge Gives Retro Sublime Green Paint To 2019 Challenger, Charger

Dodge keeps on with their mission to offer a wide range of eye-catching color options, with the latest addition to be the ultra bright ‘Sublime’ green that’s now available with the 2019 Charger Scat Pack, Charger Hellcat, Challenger T/A and Challenger Widebody models.

The new ‘heritage-inspired’ Sublime option enters a very rich color palette, which includes brilliantly named options like B5 Blue, Go Mango, F8 Green, Plum Crazy and TorRed.

“By bringing back a high-impact color like Sublime across the 2019 Challenger and Charger lineups, we’re continuing to give our enthusiast customers another way to make their muscle cars even more unique when they showcase the legendary Dodge performance attitude,” said Steve Beahm, Head of Passenger Car Brands, FCA North America.

Dodge will display both Challenger and Charger models in Sublime green at their 2019 Chicago Auto Show.

The Sublime paint option was first introduced in 1970MY for the entire Dodge lineup, except the Polara and Monaco. Dodge also produced a limited number of 2007 Charger R/T Daytona models finished in the same color, while more recently it was available for all 2015 Challenger models.

For 2019, Dodge has updated the power output of the Challenger Hellcat at 717hp, while both Hellcat models now feature a dual-snorkel hood. The Widebody option is now offered to R/T Scat Pack models, adding an extra 3.5 inches of width, 20-inch forged wheels shod in 305/35 tires and six-piston Brembo brakes at the front.

The 2019 Dodge Charger range gains a new SXT AWD version and a new GT RWD V6 model. All Charger GTs and R/T models now offer the performance look and features as standard, while Scat Pack and Hellcat versions get more performance features, including Launch Assist, Line Lock, Torque Reserve and After-Run Chiller, from the get-go.


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  • charlotteharry57

    I can’t imagine anyone buying this color or Plum Crazy unless they had one in that color in the 70s. Probably most are taking the Senior Center/Retirement Home buses these days (if they’re still alive).

    • Ben

      Fan of Plum Crazy and Sublime Green, (Male in 20’s)

    • FoxJ30

      If they can sell a Camaro in yellow and a Corvette in red, why not a Sublime Challenger?

  • Six Thousand Times

    Because when you’ve got nothing else…

    • Ben

      +Won the horsepower war (707hp, 797hp, 840hp, 1,000hp)
      +Stuck to true muscle car heritage
      +Have the most talked about halo car (Demon)
      +Has made innovative racing technology
      +The fastest sedan money can buy

      • DMax

        What innovative racing technology has srt developed in recent times? They’re not even involved in any racing anymore. And Tesla SP100D is faster. And horsepower wars? If we’re talking pure hp numbers yes, but ZL1 is still faster than Hellcat with less hp and GT500 will smash too.

        • Ben

          Innovating racing technology would be using the A/C compressor to chill the engine. This doesn’t mean anything to most drivers, but if you’re pushing a vehicle hard on the track being able to cool down quickly so you can get back to work in impressive. We’ve had A/C for how many years in vehicles and Dodge out of all people are the ones to use it for performance, not Porsche, not McLaren, or Ferrari. Give credit where its due. Those brands would rather cut out the compressor and charge you extra to put it back in. Dodge uses it for performance based driving.

          I’m not even going to talk about Tesla being “faster”. Its not, the Tesla is quicker to 60mph or what have you, but its not a performance car. Lastly, you can’t compare ZL1 and GT500 to the Challenger line. They’ve clearly gone down two different evolutionary paths.

          The Challenger has remained a true muscle car, down to its dimensions and weight. That can also be seen in their high performance variants. What did Dodge do when they wanted to make a halo muscle car? They made the Demon, a dragstrip monster. What did Ford and Chevy do? They went to Germany to chase BMW and Porsche around the Nurburgring circuit. I’m not saying one is better or worse, but they’re honestly not even competitors.

      • Six Thousand Times

        All new for 2009!

        • Ben

          Nearly 10 years later and still dominating. #CatchUp

          • Six Thousand Times

            Only if you’re living double-wide. It’s only trick is drag racing and any Tesla can waste it.

          • Ben

            Oh deary me, a muscle car that’s good a drag racing!? How could someone have let this happen!! What was Dodge thinking by honoring their heritage. They should just try to be an American 911 or BMW, obviously. After all, its better to go in circles rather than straight lines, duh. We should all pile into a model three and take a quick couple of passes before the battery goes flat. If anyone’s got a large enough USB cord, I can give it a charge with my powerbank.

          • Six Thousand Times

            If you only have one talent and any Tesla trumps you at that, what have you got? So is that POS Challenger even tops at its one thing? Ha, no!

            I’m guessing you’re the type that looks out at barnyard animals and close relatives with a burning, lustful desire. In essence, the prototype Dodge fan.

          • Ben

            Its very clear you’re not willing to debate like an adult. Because someone likes a car you don’t, they’re into incestuous simpleton or live in a double-wide trailer? You should carry that type of hate speech somewhere else. Its not welcomed here. As for your opinion, I think it’s got more holes than legitimate points. Apparently by your logic every vehicle that doesn’t hold the a lap record is terrible. Interesting. Anyway, I’ll block you rather than stoop to your level by insulting you back.

          • Six Thousand Times

            You trolled me.

  • FordMopar

    I welcome this color! I absolutely hate boring colors!!! It’s fkin’ 2019! Get going on new color palettes like lime green-based light blue. Yellow-based copper color. Anything that we haven’t seen before. Bold colors please…

  • Ben

    Regardless of what you think about the actual car, I think we can all agree that Mopar is and always has had the best palette of color options in the muscle car game. The blues, purples, greens, yellows and oranges are just so lively. I really do wish automakers would bring back more color in their paint options. I swear there must be 90 different shades of gray on the road nowadays. Yes, stand-out colors may not sell as well, but that’s what makes them special and gives them such a uniqueness.

    • FordMopar

      I was looking to lease Charger GT in yellow or Go Mango but it was 100 bucks more per month over ’19 Cherokee Trailhawk which I got couple months ago….. in Firecracker Red. Brightest red out there available for Jeep. I agree with you….. I look at other drivers with same Trailhawk but in black or grey and I shake my head. I’m like, there’s a nice bold blue and olive green, too. Come on people! Ha

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