Facelifted 2020 BMW 7 Series Wants To Suck In As Much Air As Possible

Yesterday we brought you what looked like the first undisguised photo of the 2020 BMW 7 Series facelift and now a second image has emerged that makes things quite clear.

Posted on Instagram by a man called Stan Rudman, who says he’s a Miami Herald contributor among other things, the photo reveals the front end of the luxury sedan sporting a license plate tag that reads “The 7.”

The photo looks like the real deal and appears to have been taken during a preview event, just like yesterday’s image. Obviously, the poster doesn’t reveal anything about the whereabouts of the car. The photo description only reads “Super #sneakpeek of the 2020 #7series #750i.”

The massive kidney grilles inspired by the X7 SUV are impossible to ignore. They are bigger than ever and on this particular car are blinged out with chrome. The redesigned headlights match those from yesterday’s photo, but the bumper is completely different.

While the 7 Series in the first image featured a bumper design that reminded of BMW’s 2014 Vision Future Luxury Concept, this new photo reveals a more conventional look with a central lower grille flanked by two side grilles — all in a dark mesh finish. The distinct bumpers are likely due to the vehicles’ different trim lines and that may also be why the bonnets seem to be sculpted differently.

The facelifted 7 Series will also feature a refreshed rear end sporting a new bumper and revised taillights. The interior is expected to gain a new digital instrument cluster and an upgraded infotainment system.

The engine lineup will see some updates as well and is likely to feature powertrains from the new 8 Series and X7. We’ll learn more at the Geneva Motor Show in March where the 2020 BMW 7 Series will have its world premiere.

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  • Blinka Bot

    Behold the Might.

    Very “Chinese”

    • Bash

      Oh wow, someone has just stole my thought!!

  • Nordschleife

    The newest pic just looks like it has a sport package while the first one looks like a base or a luxury focused model. Though I haven’t seen the car in its entirety, I still think this looks like a modernized and very nice update to the 7. It definitely brings some conversation to this segment of vehicles.

  • Maher

    This is how it should’ve looked like since day one. This now looks the best out of the S Class and the A8, and this is coming from a Mercedes fan who never thought this would be possible.

    • Merc1

      You can say that based on one picture of just the front of the car?


      • Maher

        The front design was the 7 series weakness, and this looks much better.
        And yeah, obviously my comment was based on this one picture, is there any problem with that?

        • no25

          There’s no problem with it. This guy gets overly offended when someone mentions Mercedes as being a lesser to BMW, Audi, Lexus, etc.

    • Seats & a steering wheel

      New LS looks better than both IMO…

    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      It’s comments like this which make me despair for the car industry.

  • Fabio P

    blowjober…. car of sh*t

    • Rivaldo

      If you say so…

  • Matteo Tommasi


  • StrangerGP

    It was a sad day when BMW decided some years ago that every new model has to have a bigger grille than its predecessor. The best looking BMW’s were the ones with very small grilles.

  • nastinupe

    I like it. It has more presence than the outgoing model. I need to see it from different angles but I believe that it will work well with such a large vehicle.

    • paulgdeaton

      That is like saying Trump’s ass has more presence than Kim Kardashian’s rump….

  • Blade t

    I don’t mind the large grill , gives the idea of luxury.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    If a baleen whale was a car….

    • paulgdeaton

      And I thought the designers of the Pontiac Aztec had gone to Toyota…

  • Tinky-Winky

    What grille? Look at at that hideous bumper!

  • HG504

    Looks hideous. Q8 looks way better.

    • no25

      You’re comparing a 7 Series sedan to the Q8 crossover? That makes no sense.

    • Cobrajet

      No the Q8 is still worse.

  • alexxx

    At last…this looks very very nice…


    Very good update for gipsys, when they buy it 20 years later in second hand market. Needs old school chrome wheels for complete picture

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    …and people who praise THIS grille are probably the ones who say the Lexus spindle grille is ugly! Lol It’s amazing that you put a BMW or Merc badge on some ugly pile and people will lap it up but a Lexus badge on something as sexy as an LFA, LC 500, RC or even new ES/LS and they are tripping over themselves to rubbish it…brand whores..

    • Marty

      Let me explain the difference between “big” and “big and totally messed up”. The difference is that the latter, apart from being big, is also totally messed up.


      • no25


    • paulgdeaton

      Nope; this and the Lexus are in a close race to see who is the ugliest. A very close race…

  • BlackPegasus

    Well, it’s um…… big. 🤔

  • Marty

    I think they need to make some holes in it if they want it to suck in air.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This is bad. This is really bad.

    I don’t understand what people see in this. This is a terrible design.

  • Kagan

    They want to take up the challenge from Lexus!

  • Dude

    Understated isn’t the best way to make money anymore. The G-Class, the quintessential celebrity car, has proved that. I’m 99.9% positive that this 7 series will outsell the last gen.

  • klowik

    For a top luxury sedan, it should look elegant, a bit conservative and not this sporty., the grille is more suited to an SUV.

    • paulgdeaton

      If it is suited to anything at all…


    • rodriguez256

      You broke your streak.

      • donald seymour

        Wait what?

    • alexxx

      And you were once probably very positive person,now only spreading negativity.
      It is what it is .

  • Six Thousand Times

    Oh God, no!

  • enthusia

    I keep having to double take to make sure this isn’t an SUV and tbh, I’m still not convinced it isn’t

    • enthusia

      i keep scrolling past this article and the thumbnail image makes it looks like that HORRID Maybach SUV concept from last year… the new grille looks like the panamericana grille if you squint.


    previous gen’s facelifts are quite minor but this time it looks like major redesign

  • Chris Bang… no….could it be?

  • Jason Panamera

    Prison car. 🙂

  • Yilmaz Yasar

    Extreior looks amazing but the interior is main problem. İsnt feel like flagship

  • Alx

    I am surprised that I am not offended by this grille, and tbh I think it gives this 7 the stately look that it was missing.
    I am more offended that the contouring of the hood has been lifted straight from the VOLVO design language.

  • lapirk

    merc and audi cant laugh at bmw when their grilles are the biggest on the market

    • Thetruthísntalwayspopular

      They are proportionate to the face of the car though. They also aren’t split down the middle like BMW’s , which makes it look like bugs bunny.

    • alexxx

      Just shows you how people hate just because of …hate.
      This front end looks spot on.

  • lapirk

    this actually looks good. lets wait for the full reveal

  • SteersUright

    Just about as grotesquely showy as the Russian and Chinese markets require.

  • Cobrajet

    The grill size suited fine for the X7. But this is too big for a sedan.

  • Fabián Montiel

    And then the memes became real, this is so awful. It’s horrible.

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