Ford Admits It’s Working On A Pickup To Sit Below The Ranger

Ford has confirmed that it is developing a new pickup truck to sit below the Ranger in its family of models.

While speaking to Automotive News during the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference in Detroit, Ford’s president of global markets Jim Farley confirmed the automaker is “investing in more affordable versions of our truck business” and that “you can expect new nameplates below where we compete today.”

Reports about Ford’s sub-Ranger pickup truck first surfaced in December last year. At the time, it was suggested that the vehicle would be based off the platform of the next-generation Focus. While Ford has yet to say whether this will be the case or not, it most likely will be.

A baby pickup for the masses.

Ford isn’t new to the world of small pickups as it previously sold a Fiesta-based pickup in South America dubbed the Courier. The car manufacturer filed a new trademark for the Courier name in July 2016 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and there’s a chance the Courier name will be used by the new baby pickup in question.

When the new Ford pickup launches, it will be sold in a selection of guises and will most likely be sold in markets like South America and potentially, Australia and South Africa. We don’t anticipate a launch in the United States.

Ford hasn’t said when the new model will arrive but last year’s reports indicated a market launch in 2021 or 2022.

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  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    dude if u sold those in north america..i hefty amount of ppl will buy em

    • Anony Mousse

      Probably, but it’s not just about whether it will sell; if it poaches sales from bigger/more expensive trucks that people would have bought anyway then you end up making less money. It’s the same thing with 3 door/5 door cars – people may grumble that they wanted a 3 door, but if the money from those grumblers who buy a 5 door anyway is more than the cost of adding a 3 door for the lost sales to die-hards then it’s just not worth doing it.

      “I’d buy a small truck if it was for sale, but it isn’t so I bought the big one” is exactly why there won’t be a small one for sale.

      • MarketAndChurch

        No small trucks on the market are keeping a lot of buyers out of the truck market entirely. In other words, there are people who would have considered buying a truck, who can’t because all the options that exist are midsize or larger.

        • Anony Mousse

          Of course, without a doubt. But if that market has less value than the loss from people already buying big trucks who then buy smaller ones you make less money overall. By and large carmakers are risk-averse, particularly when it comes to perennially strong sectors such as trucks in the US market.

  • Ben

    Its funny how hypocritical the truck community (mainly the automakers) can be.
    #1 Chevrolet BLASTED Ford for using the tailgate step/cane combo, basically saying it was for women or small men
    #2 Then, Chevrolet and RAM cracked jokes about the Ford being made out of the same material as a can of Coke.
    #3 RAM laughed at Ford about their V6 range topping engine.
    #4 They all, including Toyota, laughed at Honda’s unibody “truck”
    #5 They laughed at Toyota’s (tundra) soft dropping tailgate

    But oh, how the tables turn.
    #1 GMC now has a freaking staircase built into the new sierra’s tailgate.
    #2 Chevy is desperately trying to cut weight from their trucks, but can’t back pedal and use aluminum.
    #3 RAM now has a hybrid power plant as their range topper.
    #4 Now Ford is trying to make a unibody truck like Honda’s Ridgeline.
    #5 Now everyone but Toyota has power operated tailgates.

    Moral of the story, once someone starts laughing at your innovation, they’ll adopted the next refresh and act like it was their innovation.

    • S T

      I still think #1 no matter how it is implemented is a bad place for such stuff, tailgates take a lot of abuse. I think the bumper steps originating on the Avalance were the best option.

      #4 – I really don’t want this in anything more then a very small pickup.
      #5 – again, what the hell do you need a power tailgate for, IMO they will just break and cost a LOT to fix.

      • Ben

        I agree, having a power tailgate is like having a Gucci welcome mat. Its a waste of money and you’re gonna have to foot the bill later on.

  • cbATL

    What size is below a Ranger…El Camino?

    • S T

      El Caminos were larger I’m pretty sure. The old Courier and LUV were smaller though.


    is ford actually reviving an ute?

  • charlotteharry57

    Several other sites are saying that it’s primarily destined for the US. To fill a void in the marketplace. Good.

  • Paul

    I really do hope this comes to the US to fill a void here, because these new trucks are bigger than their predecessors.

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    Sounds like it’ll be as dull as a Skoda Felicia Pickup.

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