Google Maps Starts Showing Speed Limits, Warn About Fixed Cameras

Google Maps has become the default navigation app for millions of drivers around the world, despite automakers themselves frequently offering their own navigation systems in new vehicles.

However, one key feature which Google Maps has lacked compared to other navigation systems, including dedicated GPS units, is the ability to display the posted speed limit on roads. Additionally, it didn’t alerted drivers as they approach fixed speed cameras. This appears to be changing.

Android Police recently received a number of tips from users across the United States that Google Maps recently started displaying speed limits. The new feature has been confirmed to work in at least New City City, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

Is Google Maps showing speed limits in your city?

Interestingly, it did have a speed limit feature all the way back in July 2017 but it only ever worked in the San Francisco Bay Area and Rio de Janeiro.

Google Maps now also notifies drivers through an audio warning as they approach a fixed speed trap. Users can also view known speed traps on a route they intend on taking.

The curious thing about the delay in Google rolling out speed limits and speed camera warnings for its software is that Google-owned Waze has been providing information like this to its users for years. The key difference between the two is that Waze is powered by crowdsourcing, allowing users to share up-to-date information, such as road conditions, to other users.

Google has yet to make an official announcement regarding the introduction of these new features, though we guess this will happen as the service becomes more widely available.

Images via Android Police

  • Liam Paul

    waz maps does so much more for warnings etc

    • Jay

      Google owns Waze, they are keeping the features separate for a reason.


    Waze is a little bit better. Gives me an update were the cops at.

  • BlackPegasus

    I use Google maps to find the location.
    I use Waze to drive there..

    • Bash


    • like most people probably. But Maps has better GPS when it comes to indicate the road.

  • DetrinKD

    Wow. Didn’t know Google owned Waze. But I noticed the speed limit being displayed here in Houston this weekend.

  • Speed camera warning in Google Maps working here in the UK.

  • atomicbri

    I am in the Tampa Bay area in Florida and it is showing up on my Google map app. I just assumed it was an update for all.

  • I’m surprised Waze and Maps never merged… Google Maps’s GPS and Maps with Waze informations would be the best GPS. Waze looks like it was designed for kids. Too much info badly sorted. As for Apple Plan… Asked to go in a lake and take a street in the wrong way. Never used it after that.

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