Harley-Davidson’s Electric LiveWire Bike Has 110 Mile Range, Costs $29,799

Harley-Davidson has released the long-awaited technical specifications for its first electric motorcycle.

Jumping right into the details, the LiveWire will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in less than 3.5 seconds thanks to its electric powertrain which can produce 100 percent of its rated torque at a twist of the throttle. That’s common for electric vehicles, minus the handle part, but Harley-Davidson declined to mention the bike’s horsepower or torque ratings.

While the company only revealed a few performance specs, the company did confirm the bike will have an estimated range of 110 miles (177 km) on “urban roads.” When it comes time to recharge the bike, Harley-Davidson says a household outlet will deliver approximately 13 miles (20.9 km) of range for every hour charged. A Level 2 charger doesn’t speed up the process, but a Level 3 DC fast charger will deliver 192 miles (309 km) of range per hour (ie: the bike can be recharged in less than hour).

Besides releasing some specifications, Harley-Davidson confirmed the bike will have a 4.3-inch touchscreen display. Another interesting feature is the H-D Connect Service which uses a cellular connection to talk to the Harley-Davidson app.

This will allow users to remotely monitor the bike’s charging status and current available range as well as find nearby charging stations. The app also provides service reminders and shows where the bike has been parked. In the event the LiveWire is stolen or tampered with, the owner will receive an alert and it can be tracked down via GPS.

The H-D Connect Service will be free for the first year of ownership and the company says the technology makes the LiveWire the “first North American mass-market cellular-connected electric motorcycle.”

Perhaps the biggest revelation was the confirmation that the bike will start at $29,799 (£23,338 / €25,967) in the United States. The LiveWire is currently available to pre-order at U.S. dealerships and the first deliveries are slated to begin this fall.

In related news, Harley-Davidson revealed two other electric concepts. The company didn’t say much about them, but one is a muscular scooter while the other appears to be a minimalist dirt bike.

While the company was tight-lipped on details, they did confirm both were designed to be operated without a motorcycle license. They also have “single-hand-carry battery packs and a style grounded in H-D design philosophies.”


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  • Blade t

    Not bad looking,,I’m sure all the old Harley heads are going to say this is blasphemy. .

  • Jp

    Not bad for a first!! The battery pack looks a bit oversized but I’m betting 10 years from now it will just look like a regular one.

  • ErnieB

    Electric and Harley hardly belong in the same sentence!

  • flyfish

    If this qualifies for a $7500 rebate, not too shabby.

  • TheBelltower

    As much as I can’t stand the farty noise of most Harleys, it’s the sound that alerts me of lane splitting. For safety, this thing will need to have some sort of noisemaker

  • tkindred

    Nice looking Harley. Absolutely detest loud motorcycles so this is cool. Environmentally friendly, quiet, good looking and a super compact people mover. Harley might attract new buyers with this.

    • Same here. Especially detest people using the loud bikes in the city at night. What’s the point?

  • Astonman

    You’re a dying breed to Harley. They have to go after the younger generation who are not into the “Harley Lifestyle”. They’ll still cater to you but they have to grow their brand. Their market is shrinking in the States. Something is similar to Corvette trying to get their average age lower because their customer population is old.

  • Astonman

    That is a beautiful bike! It doesn’t look so modern that it eschews Harley’s heritage. I hope they sell an s load.

  • Harry_Wild

    Top speed got to be in the 200 mph range for nearly $30K!

    • Matteo Tommasi

      As an electric vehicle, won’t go over 100/130 mph

  • drc

    Price is too high at $ 30K, that will make it a novelty bike – most people won’t spend that much for it. Weight (which this article left out) is a manageable 460 lb, so that’s decent.

  • GT

    And many people will have a Harley and and a Leaf on their shopping list…

    • John Smith

      When you say many, like 10, 20 people? I guess many is relative. If many isn’t enough to keep HD in business, I’d say that many turns into not enough people.

  • GT

    Dying breed might also mean sales number projections

  • Astonman

    Not really. I knew potentially he was a young guy based on his picture. I know there’s a small percentage of the younger buyers who like what Harley offers. Overall, I was speaking in terms of the overall segment that likes that lifestyle and style of bikes. It’s shrinking. Harley acknowledge this themselves a few years back and their sales shows it. Actually bike sales in general is shrinking.

  • Astonman

    Not meant to be an insult:)

  • Astonman

    Laughing my ass off! Good one!

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