Hyundai And Kia Considering Mini Crossovers, Nothing’s Sure Yet

Hyundai and Kia are considering the addition of a couple of tiny crossovers in Europe, which would slot under the Kona and Stonic.

This was announced by Kia’s Europe COO, Emilio Herrera, who told AutoNews:

“We are considering launching a crossover smaller than our Stonic, although there is no firm plan.” It “makes sense and I would love to have it”, he concluded.

Fueled by the realization that some consumers are shifting from small cars to crossovers and SUVs, the intention is shared by Hyundai as well. The brand’s COO for the region, Thomas Schmid, thinks that such a vehicle should be front-wheel drive, as “no one needs four-wheel drive in this segment”.

Speaking on the subject with the news outlet, JATO Dynamics analyst Felipe Munoz believes that a new crossover segment might be born in Europe, one for crossovers with an overall length of less than 4,000 mm (157.5 in).

There is already one on sale today, the Suzuki Jimny, but it uses a ladder-on-frame chassis and comes with all-wheel drive, which makes it a small off-roader rather than an urban crossover.

Also, the mini crossovers could eventually replace city cars, said Munoz. Right now, Hyundai has the i10 and Kia the Picanto in this class, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll give their place to crossovers or be sold alongside them.

Other manufacturers would gladly cash in on the new segment, and one of them is Jeep. The FCA-owned brand has a new crossover in the pipeline that’s more compact than the Renegade and will launch by 2022.

Note: Hyundai Kona and Kia Stonic pictured

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  • erly5

    Whilst this crossover craze is getting out of hand, this may be the way forward for manufacturers to make some money in the city car segment, as city cars are not that profitable and sales are slowing.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Not many city cars ever have been profitable.

    • Mill0048

      I can see another benefit for a crossover city car: it can afford more interior space for people and storage. Could potentially be a win-win.

      • Ilbirs

        Let’s be more precise: more interior space for people and storage contained on smaller external dimensions, being the resource on the hand of the customer to combat the bloating trend that took by assault every segment to a point that a current-gen Civic is barely smaller than a fifth or sixth-gen Accord.

        • Mill0048

          Totally, most cars just keep getting bigger and bigger. Just looking at the same footprint, interior packaging can be enlarged on a crossover since the suspension and wheels don’t intrude so much on the passenger compartment. City cars (as the rest of the world defines them) tend to be pretty tiny and could benefit from all the extra space they can get.

    • Yavor

      What facts do you base that statement on? Daimler thinks that it’s worth investing into city cars by making a city MB car smaller than the current A class.

  • Bash

    What’s the COO?

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Chief operating officer.
      Or in Scotland, a bovine animal.

    • Paul

      It’s the sound a dove makes.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Yes. We can never have too many crossovers…

  • Paul

    I like that Yellow Kia version of it.

  • bd0007

    Hyundai already has an A-segment CUV slotted for the US market; Europe (if they get one – which seems likely) will be getting something different.

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