Next VW Golf GTI To Have As Much Power As The Current Golf R?

The eighth-gen Golf might have been prematurely revealed, yet it is approximately six months away from hitting production, and it’s logical to expect a launch sometime between this spring and summer.

Inevitably, the Golf MK8 will, later on, get GTI and R performance derivatives as well. And, according to AutoBild, the GTI might get up to 300 PS (296 hp / 221 kW), a significant improvement over the current one’s 245 PS (241 hp / 180 kW).

We’re going to take this piece of information with a grain of salt for now, for one reason: that’s the outgoing Golf R’s territory. The German website didn’t go into specifics, but in all likelihood, the upcoming GTI should maintain its front-wheel drive system, whereas the R will still be offered with all-wheel drive.

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So, when should we see the all-new Golf GTI with the rumored firepower? That would be 2020, as per the quoted report, which also claims that it should be priced close to €33,000 (~$37,800) in Germany, or about the same as the current iteration.

Volkswagen is, in all likelihood, sending of the current-gen GTI with the TCR, a 290 PS (286 HP) version of the FWD model that’s awfully close to the 300 PS (296 HP) R. But what about the rumored Golf R420 that was spied last year and was supposed to use a 420 PS (414 HP) version of Audi RS3’s 2.5-liter five-cylinder?

Maybe that Golf mule was not the R420 after all, then. Guess we’ll find out sooner rather than later.

Note: Current VW Golf GTI Performance pictured

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  • Daniela Wolf

    2,5 litre 5 pot in a Golf would destroy the legend forever!

    • designer_dick

      Enough with the overly dramatic hyperbole – the Golf’s had 5-cylinder engines before, and the MkIV and V R32 both used a 3.2-litre VR6.

  • Bash

    Henceforth, I can’t wait for the next golf R.

  • MarkoS

    Why not a AWD GTI option without all the goodies of the R. I think VW is missing the sweet spot. It already has more than enough HP.

  • Blade t

    The new gti will not have 300hp, they’re not gonna bump it 50hp from the current gti.

  • Steven Sposato

    I’m going to need a new car in the next 6-8 months. I’d kill for them to make a GTI version of the SportWagen with AWD here in the states. I know that’s a pipedream but I’d preorder that damn thing if I could.

  • SteersUright

    They should make the base model FWD and all performance iteration rear-biased AWD.
    While I think there’s no chance a Gti has more than 250hp, especially as Im NOT a fan whatsoever over overpowered front wheels, I have read much that they have wanted to take the Golf R to much crazier thresholds.

  • Germanicus .

    I dunno. 300 Bhp in an FWD car sounds like overkill to me. The VAQ on the current GTI already struggles to keep the car on the road in spirited driving. The Golf R does a much better job.

    • Shahul Usman

      civic type R does it ? I dunno..I agree would be good to have a 250hp gti and a 350hp R awd…

  • heavystarch

    300Hp variants of the GTI have been done in Europe already – Golf GTI Clubsport, Clubsport S and the slightly lower powered TCR variant (286Hp). It’s more likely that the 2020 Golf GTI gets a small power bump to the base version. Right now the 2019 GTI models sit around 220-228Hp. I could see for 2020 VW bumps this to 245Hp give or take 10Hp.

    It is most likely VW will continue to reserve the 285-310Hp range for special Golf GTI editions. Maybe the US will get one of the Euro TCR/Clubsport editions or some special North American variant.

    As far as the Golf R is concerned:
    I’d love it if VW made an outgoing Golf R420 (Mk7.5) as a way to send off the current R model. I really dig the current styling of the Golf compared to the spyshots of the nextgen Mk8.

    However it seems more likely that VW will use the next generation Mk8 Golf platform to introduce a crazy Golf R edition. They could easily offer two Golf R models: Standard model with an up-rated 2.0-liter 345Hp EA888 4-cylinder turbo engine (same as the current model but with a nice power bump to keep up with the hot hatch race in this price class). Then there could be a special edition Golf R420 with the Audi 2.5-liter 420Hp 5-cylinder turbo charged

    I know VW has been talking about using lighter weight materials so that would make both the standard and R420 variants even more remarkable than the current generation.

    Hopefully VW will also consider upgrading the AWD and LSD system. The current Haldex AWD system and differential in the Golf R leaves room for big improvements. Maybe use Audi’s true Quattro system and better electronic LSD that allows for the user to dial in some RWD bias from the system. It would be a very playful platform to bust around the track or some back country roads.

  • Jacob Geertsen

    WAU – A brand new never seen before – borring Golf. Come on VW, change the blind dude making the car look always did

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