Mercedes-Benz Might Go Lower Than The A-Class With 2022 A-City Supermini

Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler has a lot on its plate these days, such as the expansion of the compact car family and the development of the EQ electric sub-brand.

All this, however, are not enough to stop it from developing other products. AutoBild, for example, reports that they’re working on a brand-new supermini, which will slot under the A-Class and become their new entry-level model.

Referred to as the ‘A-City’, it’s expected to be underpinned by a shortened version of the A-Class’ platform and be offered as a three-door hatchback, although a five-door body style could follow.

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The German website claims that it should have a starting price of approximately €20,000 (equal to ~$23,000) locally when it goes on sale in 2022, or about the same as the new Audi A1 and more than the MINI Hatch.

If it gets approved for production, it could be followed by a small crossover one year later. Tentatively called the ‘A-Adventure’, the subcompact SUV will slot under the GLA and should get a raised ground clearance and plastic cladding.

Normally, we would be skeptical about all this. Nevertheless, it seems to fall in line with a previous report, which stated that the Smart brand might be killed and Mercedes-Benz could replace it with a supermini, a small panel van and an on-demand shared transportation vehicle.

Note: Fourth-gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class pictured

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  • OLO Issou

    Calling it A-whatever will create too much confusion in the huge Mercedes line-up.
    So the right thing is to give it a proper name like the U-class for example as the U could stand for Urban.
    And then it’s crossover version could be called GLU or U-Adventure if they like that so much.
    As for the bodystyles forget the 3 door, it’s useless and dead even in Europe, so 5 door only.
    If Mercedes is able to fit the 4Matic transmission from the bigger A-class that would be fantastic.
    That opens the possibility of a 300 hp AMG 35 version.
    Especially knowing now that Audi killed the S1 as the quattro system couldn’t fit in the MQB A0 platform which underppins the new A1.

  • Dude

    Unfortunately for Mercedes there’s no letter before A so they kinda backed themselves into a corner when it comes to making smaller cars

    • alexxx

      One letter won’t stop them …

    • Cobrajet

      What comes before A is the letter Z.

  • Benedetto Sabatini

    i guess it will be a Renault Clio based Class “0” Mercedes… as the new Smart share the platform with Twingo and Citan share everything but the front grille with the Kangoo

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Given that the Mitsu Lancer Evo will be a 4wd CUV we could expect it to be based on the GLA, and so on. The big Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi-Mercedes alliance can give us many things

  • driv3r

    Actually there have been reports of talks between Daimler and BMW for future cooperation including platforms.
    In the last few months the Daimler-Renault cooperation seems to be on the withdrawal regarding future cooperation products as there haven’t been any announcements. And in the past Mercedes has always stated there won’t be any sub-A-Class models to protect the brand image. So I can’t see Daimler following Audi down the “A1” B-segment road also if you remember that production costs for smaller vehicles are rising because of stricter environmental laws.

  • Cobrajet

    ‘A-City’. No use an actual letter, like Z-class, cycle down back the Alphabet.

    • Benjamin B.

      They mean A segment. The same segment as the Smart ForTwo, which is also from Daimler. I don’t know why Mercedes-Benz needs another slow selling city car. Now maybe a B-segment supermini/sub compact because that vehicle would fit into the lineup very well. Audi offers both A and B segment hatchbacks.

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