Jay Leno Drives Mercedes EQC, Learns Pricing Will Be Similar To GLC 43

Germany’s big three premium automakers have been quite slow at bringing electric SUVs to market compared to Tesla and even other traditional rivals such as Jaguar.

Actually, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz haven’t even begun deliveries of their electric crossovers — the e-tron, EQC, and iX3, respectively. The Audi e-tron looks set to win this race, though, as Audi has announced deliveries would begin in early 2019.

What about the EQC, then? Well, it will enter production in spring 2019 and will begin arriving in dealerships by the middle of the year in Europe and in 2020 in the United States. That’s at least half a year away so Mercedes-Benz thought it would be a good idea to keep the EQC in the headlines and allow Jay Leno to film a detailed review.

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Mercedes-Benz shipped a German-spec EQC 400 prototype to California accompanied by testing engineer Bastian Schult who had the mission of answering all the questions Jay Leno might have. As you can imagine, the former talk show host was very curious about the EQC so if you don’t know anything about Mercedes’ first all-electric SUV this is the right video to start with.

He inquired Schult about the pricing and the engineer replied the EQC would cost about the same as a Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 in Europe. The latter starts at €63,546 in Germany, which is roughly $72,650. Still, the U.S. prices for the EQC aren’t likely to follow the same logic.

Jumping to the driving part people are most interested in, Jay Leno says the EQC is totally a one-pedal car (at least in the city) thanks to the brake regeneration function. The lack of engine noise is also a plus but then again that applies to every electric vehicle out there.

Still, Mercedes-Benz paid extra attention to soundproofing since the EQC is a luxury car after all. The quick acceleration is another thing Jay notices when driving the EQC, although it doesn’t exactly blow him away. Check out the video for the full review.

  • Smith

    Wow! The future is ugly. This car is a monstrosity, not an appealing car in any way. And for a mere $75,000, you must be kidding, time to take the bus, a much more stylish form of transportation!

    • exeptor

      Of course it is a meter of taste, but I think that you exaggerate it a bit. Yes, the front is weird and definitely not pretty, also the back seems a bit heavy, but in general it is the standard SUV shape and look. I thought the same for Tesla Model 3 – it looked so strange in picture and in most of the videos, but two days ago I saw it and manage to spend some time in it and it actually looks rather good. I think that it might be the same here as well. And again – the car is not pretty and Mercedes definitely need to take people reactions and create something more appealing in the future EQ models.

  • Sébastien

    After all this is just a GLC with a battery pack… and the transmission/exhaust tunnel in the rear passenger legs 😒

  • Bash

    I think it’s fine and will only get more nicer and sharper and better over time and over the coming few years. Almost all Mercedes products looks kinda plain in their first generation or as a new product but after few facelifts and all, they will get it just right.

  • Christian Wimmer

    The concept looked so much better. This looks rather plain and too conservative.

    I tend to be partial to Mercedes, but I think the Audi e-Tron SUV looks sharper and better.

  • Kagan

    Mediocre design with worse grille! Not appealing

  • DanSemering

    E-tron will be better than EQC. The range , design , quality and reliability are better on the Audi E-tron


  • TheBelltower

    Leno needs to let other people speak. He is too anxious to speak and then he holds the floor for way too long in every interview.

  • steve

    Tortoise and Hare comparison between Tesla and the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Tesla has another year or two of dominance – then things will get interesting, once the mainstream manufacturers bring out their well built and appointed EVs.

  • Philippe

    Mercedes makes a fool of itself with that car. Cramming a battery and electric motors into a GLC simply makes it a bad EV, the cosmetics to the grill do not help.

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