Byton M-Byte Production EV Showcases The Mother Of All In-Car Displays At CES

As promised, China’s EV startup Byton has revealed new details about its first production model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

As previewed by the namesake concept last year, Byton’s M-Byte SUV will pack a monumental display — and now we learn exactly how big it is. When it enters production in late 2019, the M-Byte will feature the world’s largest in-car display for a production automobile.

That’s a 48-inch Shared Experience Display (SED) digital cockpit spanning almost the entire width of the dashboard — the equivalent of seven tablets or 24 smartphones. The huge screen will act as the primary display for vehicle information such as speed, battery charge, driving range, navigation maps and more. It will also be used to display multimedia content for entertainment, as well as productivity and health monitoring.

The big question here is obviously whether the curved screen will be distracting to use. Well, Byton insists it won’t. “The position of the display has been carefully developed and tested to not affect driver line-of-sight and can automatically adjust brightness according to changes in ambient lighting to avoid further distraction,” reads the press release.

The mega display is controlled using… other displays

As if the humungous dash display wasn’t enough, the M-Byte SUV also packs two additional screens. There’s a 7-inch Driver Tablet placed right at the center of the steering wheel, just above the driver airbag. This screen serves as one of the main interfaces for the driver to configure the vehicle and interact with the SED. Yes, you read that right: the driver will need to use a screen to control another screen. Thankfully, the Driver Tablet doesn’t rotate with the steering wheel.

Then there’s an 8-inch Touch Pad located between the driver and the front passenger seats. This screen enables the front passenger to control the SED and “enjoy the same interactive experience as the driver.” And that’s not all. Rear passengers also have access to independent rear-seat entertainment screens that also share content with the SED. What happened to people talking to each other?

The M-Byte will go into mass-production in late 2019 and should launch in the U.S. in 2020

Compared to the study showcased at CES 2018, the M-Byte production model gains a new wraparound design for the dashboard with the vents, gear selector, and other hard buttons located in the center along with a driver monitoring system.

Speaking of that, the M-Byte offers Level 3 semi-autonomous driving tech with Byton’s eventual goal being to build “mobile digital lounges” that will drive themselves. The M-Byte will be packed full with tech including built-in 5G support and artificial intelligence via the Byton Byte OS that integrates Amazon Alexa.

The M-Byte crossover will be fully revealed in mid-2019 and will enter production in Nanjing, China before the end of the year. Byton will sell two versions, an entry-level RWD model with a 71kWh battery pack enabling 248 miles (400 km) of range and an AWD variant with a 95kWh battery and a range of 323 miles (520 km). The goal is to offer the base model from $45,000 in the United States.

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  • Bash

    Yeah, we seen that before. It’s wrong, a screen that big is just wrong!

  • Dennis Scipio

    That is a bulky-looking steering wheel, especially with that screen on it.

  • RichS

    That would be so safe for driving at night.

  • Will it also have the Chinese Spy Chip, at no extra cost?


  • MultiKdizzle

    Looks awesome. I wish them luck.

  • Jim Jones ©

    I really like the optimism that a mass produced EV for the masses is just around the corner and the tech in the Byton is definitely desirable, although I really don’t see this in its current form ever being allowed on roads outside China.

    With a billion people China doesn’t really care if they lose 10,000, 20,000, more in road fatalities each year…….that level of distraction for a driver will just make Lawyers salivate in anticipation and legislators nervous here in the west.

    I hope we see it but it will never have that many touch screens here.

    • Mike anonymous

      A lot of people have a great many misconceptions about China. The fact that people in china would ‘love’ a vehicle like this is simply wrong. Most people/consumers in China have essentially the same vehicles (apart from vans).

      Common Misconceptions By The Automotive Industry;
      China loves screens everywhere < People in china drive generally normal vehicles (VW, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Etc).
      China loves BIG SUV's < Most People In China drive small SUVs, what's popular here are VANs (theres a big difference between SUV's and Vans.
      People From China Can't Drive well = …Well ok you might have me there, BUT have you even been to china? it's just very different there. If most Foreigners went to China,
      (while many native ‘folk’ may be easily going about their drive) they’d have a hard time there.

      BTW Jim Jones I am NOT saying that that’s what you think ( I actually agree with you for the most part), BUT I’m just pointing out common misconceptions companies assume about china. They make products for the market, but the “don’t do as well as expected” because some of the people designing and building these vehicles such as this ‘Byton’ here seem to have never been to (market of their target audiences, nor) China, or at least been in the drivers seat there.

      • Jim Jones ©

        I don’t have any misconceptions about China (or Asia for that matter) having lived and worked in the region for a loooong time.For the most part these vehicles are impractical and out of the reach of most Chinese financially. But with the rise of the mega cities and a wealthy class of people emerging all Byton needs is a monopoly on one city and it could theoretically suck up their entire yearly production of at a guess 20,000 units?

        Shanghai (being the most capitalist of communist cities) would be a good start for them.

        • Mike anonymous

          By the way I was never saying ‘you’ had any misconceptions. I was pointing out that a lot of ‘automakers’ (are the ones who) have misconceptions regarding markets such as. But you are not wrong at all.
          As for living in the region so have I (I am not sure how long you’ve lived there, you may have been there longer than I have). I’ve been to Shanghai a number of times, but I was primarily living in HK and Shenzhen (during my time there). I think it is certainly cool to see someone else who has also lived in the region.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    “Hello, this is Byton…”
    “Yes, I just bought one of your M-Bytes, and…well, I can’t see out the front of it.”
    “Oh. That’s normal. Have Alexa pull up page 54 of the Owner’s Manual PDF.”

  • Mike anonymous

    I think I said/put it best in my comment on the previous article about this ‘vehicle’…

  • baofe

    I think that is one of the ugliest, try hard, not to mention distracting and downright dangerous interior I’ve ever seen put into a vehicle.

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