Ferrari 360 Crashes While Racing Ferrari F50 That Cut It Off In Japan

A high-speed accident took place a couple weeks back on Japan’s Tohoku Expressway in the Saitama Prefecture, involving two Italian exotics.

Dashcam footage from a car behind shows a red Ferrari F50 and a black Ferrari 360 Modena blasting through traffic, possibly racing each other. Unfortunately, when the F50 cut across multiple lanes in order to get past slower vehicles, it also cut off the 360, whose driver was forced to steer clear, a maneuver that resulted in a loss of control.

The F50 wasn’t damaged

It was only the black 360 Modena that ended up in a bad way, crashing into the barrier and spinning to a halt with severe rear-end damage to go with its detached front spoiler.

Screen shot Youtube/ANN News

According to TV Asahi, the driver of the 360 wasn’t injured, and while the person driving the F50 carried on their merry way, eventually they did pull over. We suspect the authorities had something to do with that, although we can’t be certain since Google Translate wasn’t as helpful as we would have liked.

Had the two drivers decided to take their grievances somewhere more…legal, like a race track for example, we doubt the F50 would have had any trouble dispatching the 360, seen as how the latter weighs 96 kg (211 lbs) more and has roughly 120 fewer horses.

In the end, let’s hope both individuals learned their lesson and won’t be putting themselves, other traffic participants, nor their highly expensive cars at risk again.


  • Blade t

    This evidence that there is at least one f50 owner that actually drives it..

    • Bob

      It stirred my loins a little too.

    • Munchma Quchi

      360 driver should have held his line and let the F50 wreck.

      • Bo Hanan

        Shame on you!…..
        -I agree.

      • Axel Cortez

        hold the line and just brake a tad and the F50 passed perfectly fine

  • FlameWater

    Now they can put that Ferrari engine inside a Skyline

  • Munchma Quchi

    Those idiots are driving on the wrong side of the road. No wonder they crashed !!!!!

    • Eythan Aldrich

      wrong side of the road my ass(that’s because it’s in Japan)…..I think the one you’re looking for is they’re driving like homicidal maniacs…..

      • Axel Cortez

        sarcasm isn’t your forte

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    1. They shouldn’t have been racing in the first place.

    2. It was a 360, nothing of real value was lost.

  • Ali

    Cold tires, hard braking, no dynamic stability/Traction control and the icing on the cake a “lousy Driver” = lose of control.

  • Bullitt2605

    Stupid hurts.

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